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Best Counterbalanced Putter – Strike It Your Way!

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The concept of the best counterbalanced putter has really been a point of debate for golfers around the globe. “That weighting really helps some golfers” – this statement has often been considered as just a belief by some, while many have really vouched for the counterbalanced putter helping them improve the game and emerge as better golfers. Whichever way the belief goes, the rising presence and acceptability of the counterbalanced putter cannot be avoided.

It becomes essential for golfers to understand their style of game in an in-depth manner, and this approach is the key to choosing the correct gears – putters to be precise here in this context. For those who really believe in the usages of a counterbalanced putter, they need to mine out the perfect option from the available bunch. For this purpose, we have curated a list of the top five counterbalanced putters which would widen the horizon of your choices and ultimately help you with selecting the one which suits you the best.

Going into the best suggestions, we will talk about the features offered by them along with the drawbacks. Laying emphasis on the minute details of these counterbalanced putters will be essential as it will give you, the buyers, a clearer picture of the putters that will complement your game, raise your technicalities, assist in having better strokes, and make you enjoy the game more.

Prior to going for the best counterbalanced putter, it would be insightful to learn about the basic differences between the counterbalanced putter and the standard putter. Let’s have a look at that first!

Counterbalanced Putters Vs. Standard Putters

As the counterbalanced putters are gaining much recognition and acceptability, there are certain golfers that don’t welcome this idea and stick to the conventional approach of the standard putters. Though modern players around the globe have given a nod to the counterbalanced putter saying that the ingrained counterbalancing technology and important physicality shifts have surely boosted their performance. 

The traditional folks on the other side have a comparatively different say of not really appreciating the extra weights put in the putter. They believe that it might hinder the right kind of balance to be sought while striking.

Let’s look at the key differences between these two types of putters and understand those aspects which modern players are getting attracted to in the counterbalanced putters.

  • Counterbalanced putters are a bit heavier than the standard putter – this is achieved through extending the shaft length: In some instances, the counterbalanced putter weighs almost 50 grams more than the standard one – and to make up for this extra weight, golfers put some extra weight above their hands.
  • Counterbalanced putters provide more stability than the conventional ones: It is believed that the counterbalance technology increases the Moment of Inertia (MOI) of the putter, which in turn results in offering more stability to players and their strokes.
  • The what counterbalanced putters are perceived: Though top manufacturers of the counterbalanced putters market the product as an alternative to the standard putters, the unmissable fact is that golfers are looking at them as a better option than the conventional putters. 
  • Gauging performance between the two is inconclusive and unsubstantiated: This debate on who’s performance is better, is narrowing down to personal preferences, adaptability, and irrational belief. When several counterbalanced putters and standard putters were tested practically by various golfers with an aim to analyze the differences between these two gears, it was found that preferences and conclusions were varying on the bases of personal style of playing.

Recommendations for Best Counterbalanced Putter

Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Versa Putter

best counterbalanced putter

For the golf folks who don’t have any budget concerns and want to just go for the best counterbalanced putter, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Doube Wide Versa Putter becomes an obvious choice. Odyssey being the most acclaimed golf gear manufacturers, you can easily bet on this product.

Enabled with the new Stroke Lab Technology, this putter’s weight is optimally distributed with its shaft being stiffer than the ordinary putter shafts. Apart from the above-average price, this putter gives no space to apprehensions about buying it. Be it professionals or amateurs, the advantageous aspects offered by this product from Odyssey is renowned.

Now, let’s head towards the pros and cons of this product for getting a better perception of it.


  • Stroke Lab Technology – the weight in the multi-material shaft of the putter is optimally distributed.
  • Personalized approach – head and grip of the putter have changeable weights.
  • Great feel at impact – due to the Microhinge face insert.
  • Lower torque – the Stroke Lab shaft has lesser torque which provides enhanced control over the putter’s head.


  • Not too pocket-friendly – this counterbalanced putter’s price does become a point of concern for some people.
  • Black finish – Some golfers might not praise the black finish of the putter.


Undoubtedly, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Versa Putter is one of the finest! For the ones who are inclined towards using the counterbalanced putters are sure to get captivated by this product from Odyssey. The features offered by this putter are regarded as great by the users, and as mentioned earlier, the only issue this product faces is not being economical. Still, if your pockets are okay, go for it!

TaylorMade Big Red OS CB

Being a prominent name for manufacturing golf drivers, TaylorMade Big Red OS CB (oversized; counterbalanced) has been popular among the golfers’ community – especially for the players who use counterbalanced putters.

There are three models in this category – Daytona, Monte Carlo, and Spider. Each of them has some minute yet unique attributes which are curated for players with different abilities, style, and preferences. It’s interesting to know that despite its consistency being often questioned, some people boast of this putter’s near-to-perfect alignment. As this product’s reviews are a bit at the polarized angle, let’s have a look at its pros and cons.


  • Slim Width
  • Simpler design
  • Enhances the ball’s alignment with the putter.


  • Using this product may end up your wrist being stiffened initially. As a result, the shot intended to go straight might get on the right side.
  • Uncertainty – Inconsistency seems an issue with this putter as a result of an oversized golf club.


If you are a golfer who loves to play with simple and traditional aesthetics and also look to have perfect alignment, the TaylorMade Big Red OS CB is meant for you. The flaws of this product (which we mentioned above) should not be ignored while considering – though its benefits are evident too.

Tour Edge Golf Counter Balance N2 Putter

A good roll is something which is sought by the putters – irrespective of the player’s choice between a counterbalanced putter and a standard putter. The face insert provided in the Tour Edge Golf Counter Balance N2 Putter is a good option to get your rolls better. The tiny grooves of this putter’s face insert are the ones that initiate the rolling of the ball instantly. The players that seem to go for budget-friendly counterbalanced putter options can have a definite consideration for this product.

The kind of grip is an essential aspect for a golfer to choose the putter; oversized grips are gaining unambiguous acceptability. This counterbalanced putter comes with an oversized grip which reduces the chances of the wrist breakdown.

Let’s jump onto the catch and look at the pros and cons of the Tour Edge Counter Balance N2 Putter!


  • Enables good roll – through the face insert.
  • Lowers the risk of wrist breakdown – due to the oversized grip.
  • Escalated Moment of Inertia – this counterbalanced putter is engineered such that it offers higher MOI to the golfers.


  • Too simple in design.
  • It doesn’t offer all the new technologies that its competitors do.


Mainly, this counterbalanced putter gains importance due to being favorable to pocket. Probably the simplest of the lot, this product adheres to the traditional aesthetics of the putter. Still, the offerings like oversized grip and face insert are unmissable.

Bettinardi BB32

Forgiveness is a pivotal aspect while considering a putter and as a golfer, if you seek to work upon the same and upgrade skills, then the Bettinardi BB32 is definitely a wiser option. The reason behind improved forgiveness is the heel-to-toe weighting offered by this mid-size mallet putter.

Going into the technicalities of the factors which make it mid-size is this putter’s half-moon shape. Experts believe that putting abilities can be handsomely enhanced, of course after really adapting to this putter, with this half-moon putter which aligns well with the target line. Though golfers often express about the long time to get used to this product from Bettinardi, once you get going and attain the smoothness of operating this tool, putting performance gets evidently improved.

Going through the pros and cons of this product will be a good idea!


  • Forgiveness – the forgiving nature and stability of this putter remain the highlights.
  • Heel-to-toe weighting.
  • Half-moon shape – making it a mid-size putter.
  • The Bettinardi BB32 is a single-piece construction.
  • Improves alignment with the target-line.


  • This putter takes a long time in getting adapted by the golfers.
  • Price remains a moderate concern while considering this option.


This counterbalanced putter by Bettinardi stands out with its forgiving abilities. Despite the fact that players take a long time getting used to it, this product remains preferable for the features it offers. This mid-size mallet putter is backed by heel-to-toe weighting – enabling players with forgiveness and stability.

TaylorMade White Smoke MC-72

Be it the shorter putts or the longer ones, excelling in it is important for any golfer. And this counterbalanced putter from TaylorMade can surely assist you in achieving the same. Talking about the face of this putter, it has a white insert and a black head – providing a contrast that undoubtedly overwhelms.

The TaylorMade White Smoke MC-72 is enabled with Pure Roll Surlyn face insert, which makes the process of rolling the ball a breeze. Along with dealing with the issues with the three-putts, even the performance for distanced putts can get upscaled with this ultra-stable putter.

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of this counterbalanced putter – having a point-wise look!


  • Improved contrast enabled by the black head and white insert on the face (soft insert).
  • Good counterbalance – provided by the 15-inch grip that weighs 130 grams.
  • Higher Moment of Inertia.
  • Enhanced stability.
  • This putter proves to be ascending your performance with longer putts.


  • Golfers feel there might exist issues with short putts.
  • Not a great feel at impact.


The TaylorMade White Smoke MC-72 has undeniably good counterbalancing features, however, if the ‘feel at impact’ is something you seek, this might disappoint. Apart from this, this putter is a comprehensive product in escalating your performance, especially with the distanced putts. The features we discussed above definitely make it a good choice – for professional as well as amateur golfers.

We Saw It All – Let’s Conclude!

As the debate in perceiving the existence of the counterbalanced putters remains intact, the advantages proffered by its unconventional approach is not short of any acclaim or popularity. We mined out some of the best available options of the counterbalanced putter for you and discussed the offerings of each. It’s utmost advised to go through them, analyze their compatibility with your game, and then make the final choice.

The counterbalancing feature has been turning out to be a popular preference for golfers around the world. Though curated with a modern approach, the basics of applicability remain the same.

Know your game and make the wisest choice!

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