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Best Driver for Amateur Golfers – Review For This Golfing Season

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Golf has gained a lot of popularity in the past decade, as more and more people have taken it up either as a pastime or as a sport for the profession to join the big leagues. However, it can be tricky and tough to get a hang of it in the initial phases.

If you are one of those enthusiasts who have decided to take up golf this season but are a little apprehensive about it, we hope that by the end of this article you will be able to have a clearer idea on which is the best driver for amateur golfers!

Choosing the Best Driver for Amateurs

The popularity of the sport is not the only thing that has evolved over the past decade; the technology and thought which has gone into the designing of the golfing equipment has also bettered to suit the preference of its users. 

As the features incorporated in the drivers vary from one to another, we must first brief over what you, as an amateur, should be looking for in a driver considering the fact that your primary goal is to maximise the swing speed

Material of Your Golf Driver

The material with which your driver is made plays a significant role in how it impacts your game. Here we are considering the material which is used for both, the club head as well as the shaft. Understanding this is necessary because ultimately, it is what is going to determine your performance. 

Titanium is the general preference of an average golfer, mainly for two reasons: one, it makes the driver strong and sturdy, and two, it does so by not adding on to the unnecessary weight. This is important because it is because of this lightweight feature of these materials that there is a significant increase in the speed of your swing and launch.

Other basic alternatives to titanium when it comes to the material of composite club heads, users go for carbon, steel, aluminum, zinc or the alloys which can be formed from the same. These alternatives mentioned later are cheaper than titanium made drivers but then again, titanium offers the best results especially if you are a beginner who needs to start easy. 

For the shaft, you should select between steel and graphite. As a beginner, the graphite is preferred since it provides a variety of flex. Meanwhile, the steel is for low handicappers because it helps them control and increases precision better.

Length of the Driver

The next important feature for you to keep in mind is the length of the driver, which for obvious reasons, affects the speed of your swing and launch. As you might know, your driver is the longest club in your golf collection and equipment. 

It all usually comes down to your personal preference but ideally, men go for the drivers whose lengths vary from about 45 inches to 48 inches, and women go for those drivers whose lengths vary from 43 inches to 44 inches. Sure, there is not a whole lot of difference in the two ranges, but that’s the interesting part! 

Ever slight increment or decrement adds to the impact that it has on the swing speed of its user. After all, it is also what determines the amount of control you have on your shot, thereby affecting the direction and speed of your shot. 

Shaft of the Driver

Quite similar to the previous point, the shaft of the driver also chips in how you hit your shot and how it ends up. If you run an eye over the available options present in the market today, you will see that these different options cater to the different suitability criteria of people. 

Typically speaking, beginners and amateurs tend to get the most out of shafts that are made of materials such as titanium or graphite. These are the general materials that help you enhance not only the speed but also the distance that the ball covers. However, if you are going for more affordable alternatives to the same, steel shafts can also help you achieve a good distance in good speed. 

Lastly, the flex alternatives that you get on the shaft also feed into your game accordingly. If you are one of those who are just getting started in the sport, the ideal shaft type to go for is the one with regular flex.

Loft of the Driver

Again, in parallel with the two previously mentioned pointers, the type of loft angle offered by your driver factors into how accurately or closely your shot resembles your requirement or desire. Meaning, obvious as it is, the loft makes a difference in how you hit your shot, and how it gets directed then on. While the usual range varies from about 8º to 15º, and picking the right kind might seem like a tough choice, here is a simple trick to see what sounds like the best solution to your desires: lower the angle of your loft, lower will be the flight of your ball; similarly, higher the loft angle, higher is the flight of your ball. 

Ideally, for an amateur, you should prefer the drivers that offer you lower angles of loft, but of course, you can select ones that you see fit for yourself. 

Size of the Club Head

For the popularly desired forgiveness and sweet spots, the general trend of golfers is to go for the drivers that come with a fairly large club-head. While one one hand a 460cc sized club-head offers you a shot at maximizing your forgiveness on those off-centered shots, comparatively smaller club-heads help you hit those longer shots on the other hand. This is quite the popular opinion amongst those golfers who have been involved in the sport for a long time now. 

Weight of the Driver

While the typical scope of weights present in the drivers start from around 270 grams and broaden upto a range of almost 310 grams, you may even discover uncommon specials that offer you weights lowering down to 260 grams, so as to truly inculcate the feature of lightness in the weight of the driver. 

The first-class drivers will in general have relocatable weights that can be moved from the front of the club-head to its rear, contingent upon your comfort and the sort of shot you desire to hit. This brings about an impact on the swing speed and along similar lines, the distance secured. 

For an amateur, the ideal inculcation of weight in your driver should be towards the lower side of the available range. The simple reason behind which being, the lighter the driver, more enhanced will be the speed offered. Similarly, more prominent will be the distance off from the tee.

Feature of Adjustability

Lastly, we have the feature that kind of encompasses all the ones that we spoke of before. Since as a beginner, you are still trying to get a sense of the game and thus the style in which you would probably choose to play comfortably, customization or adjustability becomes your strongest weapon. 

It determines how versatile your driver is, evidently so, because then you can manually change the features to suit the way you play the sport which can be differing in the beginning. 

For an instance, by changing the position of your weight, you can relocate the centre of gravity present in the club-head, thereby achieving a clearer sense of judgement as to how your fades, neutral shots or draws would end up.  

Another example is when drivers allow you to adjust the hosel that makes one way in which you can change and adapt the angle of your shot with respect to your requirements at the time of launching itself. This enhances your maximization not just on the forgiveness of your shot but also the distance it covers, thereby giving you an upper hand over your competitors. 

Best Driver for Amateurs

PGX Offset Golf Driver

best driver for amateur golfers

Several professional and experienced golfers have observed that the PGX Offset Driver is one of the best drivers for amateurs out there who are just getting into the sport and want to focus on their offset performance more than anything else. To cater to precisely that, this driver is designed and manufactured in such a way that you get a better conception of your shot with respect to judgment.

As far as its appearance and looks are concerned, it comes in a combination of white and lime green, with a matte finish which is preferred and liked by many golfers, and needless to mention, a sleek and slender design.

Since you are an amateur who is still trying to get a hang of the sport, the possible range of shots you can hit, so on and so forth, practicing is the ideal way to perfect yourself. This journey is ensured by the PGX driver in all its durability and sturdiness, needless to mention, the offset design of it which helps you garner the same advantages and purposes. 

This further gives way to the maximisation of forgiveness on the off-center or misplaced shots that do not go as straight in direction as you would like them to go.  So, the driver fixes and corrects that misjudgment or mishit, mainly owing it to the fairly large cub-head of 460 cc.  


  • The entry-level driver remains true to your requirements by doing away with all the extravagant or sophisticated features that are quite unnecessary in the initial stages. 
  • Price considered, it is very much affordable.
  • The color combination helps you be precise in your  judgements and shots, due to the green color that acts as the indicator.  
  • The 460cc sized club-head gives way to a sweet spot which is considerably larger than many other alternatives out there. 
  • It is very long lasting, sturdy and durable
  • It is light in weight, which can impact your swing speed positively


  • Might only be useful while you are an amateur
  • The loft angle is available only in variations of a 10.5°, or at a 12°, which can be a minus point as compared to other options..
  • Keeping the flex options on the shaft in mind, this driver only comes in a regular flex that could be an issue especially if your swing speed is not in the higher ranges. Although, you can get rid of that problem by approaching a professional who can help you replace it with a shaft of your choice.  
  • Lacks adjustability

Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Callaway, as you might know, is one of the most promising company that is involved in designing and manufacturing the best golf equipment that there is. Though quite old a model, Callaway’s Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver is still just as relevant for the amateur golfers as any other. 

It incorporates the most impressive and revolutionary technology in the drivers they create. Let us take the Jailbreak Technology for one; it enhances the impact your swing has on the ball, and helps you maximise on your forgiveness without having to put in as much of an effort. 

Appearance wise, it is basically a driver composed of two sleek and slender rods, aligned parallelly and weighing about 3 grams. As most of the drivers out there, this one is made up of titanium as well, which all in all, adds not just to the stability of your driver, but also its flexibility. Additionally, the club-face offered is 20% thinner than the models released previously which gives you a better sense of accuracy in your judgement.

In addition to that, the Callaway’s Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver also comes with a fairly easy-to-use adjustable weight of 17 gram that can be relocated in the back of the club-head. This feeds into the enhancement of not just the speed and distance, but also the stability and control that you have over your shot. 


  • The 20% thinner club-face offers stability and better forgiveness
  • The jailbreak technology helps you with the impact of the swing and launching
  • Looks stylish and sophisticated 


  • Not the newest product in the market
  • Lacks a few adjustibility features

TaylorMade Men’s M2 460cc Driver

Just like Callaway, TaylorMade is another promising and popular brand of equipment amongst the golfing community that designs and manufactures models that suit every requirement of every different kind of golfer. 

The Men’s M2 460cc Driver, in which case, is the best of their options for those who are just getting a hang of the sport. In fact, the professionals and experienced players have also found that it is a very versatile driver and can benefit from it as well. It has proven to be the best driver in the market if you are one to hot those slicers since the inertia it generates is huge and gives you greater control over the speed, distance and direction of your shot. 

It comes in a multi-material crown design, just like its predecessor, which leads to a greater sweet spot and guarantees that extra forgiveness and impact on the club face. Additionally, it also has an adjustable loft angle to suit your preference.


  • Has an adjustable loft to suit your preference or change in the pace of your game
  • Offers a considerably large sweet spot 
  • Has a multi-material crown design that gives you an edge over the others
  • It is a very versatile driver and can be used by any golfer irrespective of your game level
  • Ideal if you are one to hit slicers


  • You might not receive it with a headcover


As an amateur, there are two things you need to consider before buying a driver for yourself. One is the number of features that are adjustable or customisable, and two, the worth that it carries based on the price tag. 

Ultimately, you should make the choice based on how committed you are to the game, and go according to the suitable settings or options available in the above mentioned parameters, like the material of the driver, the length of the shaft, flexibility, loft angle, weights, club-heads and adjustibilty. 

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