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Best Driver For Left Handed Golfer – A Golfing Delight For Lefties!

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Some time ago, being a left-hander in golf was considered to be a kind of a setback, mainly because of the golfing equipment and gears that were meant to cater to the needs of right-handed golfers only. This had definitely created a scenario for the left-handed golfers to either convert into a righty one (which many players actually did) or adjust to the gears curated for the right-handers.

But, as the times changed and golf, as a progressive sport, evolved into a game that ensured fair provisions to every player out there – the golf manufacturers started taking this issue seriously and made fruitful efforts towards making good quality golf gears for the southpaws (left-handed people). And here we have recommendations of the best driver for left handed golfer.

If we talk about the time when manufacturers were very apprehensive about creating golfing gears for the lefty ones, it was out for some really market-related reasons. Do you know, even now, merely ten percent of the golf players are lefties! Now, you can easily make out the reason why manufacturers did not take many steps towards solving these issues.

From the manufacturers’ perspective, the reason looks a genuine one. So, does that mean left-handers would have nothing to play with? Absolutely they would have! This age is of modern golfing where every player, irrespective of being left-handed or right-handed, is well-equipped and enjoys sheer contentment with all his/her golfing gears and equipment.

Now, a question must have arisen in your minds – are golfing gears meant for left-handed different from the ones meant for the right-handed? The answer is simple – aesthetically, there is no difference but the only dissimilarity is in terms of the orientation approach. If we take an example, the putter for the left-handed ones would just be oriented in a particular manner but the other components such as grips, or shafts – stay the same in both cases. So, it was just a matter of recognizing some issues faced by the left-handed golfers – and emerging with some of the high-quality gears for them – which today’s manufacturers have done efficiently.

Before moving ahead on to some of the best recommendations for the best driver for the left-handed golfer, we shall have a brief look at the factors that are needed to be considered while selecting a driver for left-handed golfers. From the construction to the performance, we shall very briefly analyze them for a better understanding of the products that we will go through in the subsequent sections. Also, we must understand that though there are comparatively fewer options for the left-handers, it does not mean that they have to compromise with the quality. Options may be fewer but top-notch quality does exist.

How to select a driver for left-handed golfers?

As we have previously hinted, aesthetically and constructionally, other than the orientation there is no other difference between a driver for left-handed and for right-handed golfers. So, we will briefly have a look at the features that are must to ponder upon before choosing the driver.

One thing we must agree to is that it is not necessary to spend more to get a better-performing driver. Of course, more money does guarantee you great quality, but the features that are offered by them are not necessarily solving your purpose. So, it is advisable to understand the pros and cons of the product before buying it. The compatibility of the driver with your playing style is the most crucial thing!

Okay now, we must come across some of the factors that are essential in determining the decision of buying a driver or not. First of all, it is the size of the clubhead. This one is really important. Look for the maximum size (440cc to 460cc) – this would enable you to experience the best addressing, ball speed, and greater distance.

The second thing that must be kept in mind is the material. The heaviness and performance of the material shall bring a very categorical difference in your game. There are a couple of scientific aspects – like the Moment of Inertia (MOI) and Centre of Gravity (CG) – along with other several factors that are vital in a driver, for both left-handed players and right-handed players.

Topmost Suggestions for the Best Driver for Left-handed Golfer

Best overall features for lefty players – TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)

best driver for left handed golfer

One of the best options, probably the topmost, for lefty golfers is this beauty from TaylorMade. We earlier discussed the relevance of the size of the clubhead – and this driver truly exemplifies it. From providing solid golf speed and having a much bigger sweet spot – the TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc) emerges as favorites for left-handers around the world. One of the most acclaimed aspects of this driver is its sleek and modern design that helps the golfers to gain maximum speed and distance. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this product to attain a better perception of the same.


  • Enabled with Speed Injection System – giving an amazing pace.
  • Appropriate face angle – ensuing that the ball-hitting is off the center.
  • Ensures straighter shots – by reducing spin.
  • Enlarged sweet spot.


  • Some players have expressed that the weight of this driver is more than required.
  • The price of this driver may become an issue for some.


If we consider only the best driver for the left-handers, the TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc) is surely the one that makes its way to the top. From giving amazing speed to maximized distance, this one is a sheer delight for the lefty golfers. If a bit of weight is not a major concern, give no second thought and bring home this master driver from one of the top names of golf gear manufacturers – TaylorMade.

With Anti-Slice Technology – PGX Offset Golf Driver

From the renowned manufacturing house of Pinemeadow, this driver is not just for the lefties but for the righties too! Yes, this fact makes it even more interesting. Induced with the contemporary Anti-Slice Technology, the PGX Offset Golf Driver enables you to deal with your slices in the most efficient and effective manner – this aspect is one of the most appreciated and popular features of this amazing driver. Being a very comprehensive driver, it has all the essentials – like large clubheads, extended forgiveness, etc. We must look at the list of the advantageous factors and drawbacks of this driver – through pros and cons.


  • Anti-Slice Technology – reducing slices for better performance.
  • Much bigger clubhead (460cc) – enabling players with maximized distance.
  • The larger sweet spot for better shots.
  • Improved forgiveness – dealing with the mishits.


  • Cost of the driver – this may emerge as a point of concern.


The PGX Offset Golf Driver has everything that a left-hander (even right-hander) would wish to have in a driver. If you are looking forward to reducing the spin and aiming for straighter shots, then this might be the one for you. It is advisable to consider this driver as your next one!

For Fantastic Power – Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Obviously recommended for the professionals, but the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver is recommended to the ones who have just started out with golf as beginners, or the player who has a high golf handicap value. The particular aspect that makes us say this is the enlarged sweet spot of this driver from Cleveland. Apart from this, another great thing about this driver is that it enhances the COR – Coefficient of Restitution. When such technical features are embedded into a driver, it becomes a good choice to go with. Let us see the pros and cons of this driver.


  • Turbocharged Cup Face
  • Enhanced COR – Coefficient of Restitution
  • Provides amazing feedback
  • Larger sweet spot – oversized clubhead.
  • Shaft made of graphite – weighing less.
  • Enables betterment of swing speed.


  • No cons as such; the price of this driver may look one!


The Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver is a super-performer! With everything placed in the right proportion and in the right manner, this driver is something you must consider. There is hardly any drawback in this driver, on the other hand, the offered technology is purely unmissable and unignorable. Go for this one if its price is under your budget and would not hamper your pockets.

Best Speed – Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver

Though this driver hails from a renowned brand like Wilson, the potential of this driver is a bit underrated. With the perfect weight and an amazing design that is curated to enhance your game – the speed and distance offered by the Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver is something that would be cherished and leveraged by left-handed golfers around the world. To lay more emphasis on its weight, this driver is a good option for beginners (or golf amateurs) as the new players will always look to have something lighter in weight. To come across the good and bad of this driver, let us make a list.


  • Amazingly light in weight.
  • Design is suitable for all players.
  • Increased speed and distance.
  • Better crown – with the larger sweet spot.


  • A bit pricey – this driver’s cost may be an obstruction in buying it.
  • Some golfers have expressed that the grip of this driver is not too good.


The Wilson Staff Golf Men’s D7 Driver and the features that it extends are potent enough to captivate and convince you to go ahead with it. While some have expressed disappointment with this driver’s grip, one can always try himself/herself to know the best. From being perfect in weight and design, this one’s a great choice for beginners as well. With a much larger sweet area, this driver from Wilson will have a positive impact on your shot.

For Best Paced Shots – Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver

One special mention has to be made. Callaway is a company that has been actively manufacturing golf gears for left-handed players – and of great quality and performance. Left-handed players around the world have appreciated the products put out by this company. The Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver’s most amazing highlight remains its design – players across the globe have appreciated it and regard it as one of the best designs.

Offering a much bigger crown spot, this driver from Callaway also provides splendid forgiveness that is sure to make your game a level ahead. From having an outstanding design to possessing an optimum weight, this driver will give an enhanced control over the shots. Let us dig deep and look at the pros and cons of this driver for left-handed players.


  • Best-in-class design.
  • Embedded modern technology.
  • Much larger crown spot.
  • Promotes shot stability and control.
  • Improved stick’s airflow feature
  • High-paced head speed.


  • Price – the cost of this driver has been an issue expressed by players.


From enabling you to make a long and fast shot with the utmost stability and firmness to offering the perfect weight and size – the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver is definitely a good contender among the others in the race. If its price fits well in your budget, do not hesitate in buying this great driver meant for left-handed players.

Let’s Conclude

As we know, great options are very limited when it comes to buying an ideal driver for left-handed golf players. Still, the scenario is not too bad and we have some really impressive products to choose from. In this article, we came across the top five recommendations for the best driver for left-handed golfers – and analyzed the strong points and the probable problems of these drivers. We advise you to go through them again, check their pros and compatibility with your own playing style, and then make the final call of buying one. Happy Golfing!

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