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Know The Best Driver Under $100 – Good Is Not Necessarily Pricey!

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Being a golf player is something which has to do a lot with selecting the right kind of golfing equipment – your game is definitely enhanced through the techniques and approach you have, but without the assistance of your tools, things might go the unexpected and undesired way.

Also, considering your golf gears involve many aspects like performance, durability, quality, and last but not least – the price! Especially, if you are a new golfer and possess a kind of apprehension about spending more and hindering your pockets – it becomes quite a task to get the right kind of quality, performance at a price that fits in your budget. To address this kind of situation, we have come up with some good recommendations for the best driver under $100.

The driver is nothing but a kind of club used in the game of golf. In comparison with the usability of other clubs in a golf bag, a driver is mainly used to enable the player with maximum distance. So, when you are required to hit the golf ball far and make it reach on to the green, a driver becomes the obvious and foremost choice amongst the other available golf clubs.

Though there are many features in a driver that are needed to be kept in mind before buying one (we will have a look at this in the later sections), there are certain construction aspects that differ a driver from other golf clubs in a kit bag. We must have a brief glance at this as well!

A driver, due to its ability to provide distance to a golfer, is the longest club you will come across – the other clubs are smaller due to their respective features and offerings. Apart from being the longest club, the head of a driver is the largest one as well. The structural properties of a driver cater to the purpose of getting the golf ball to achieve the maximum distance efficiently, of course, when hit correctly with all the required technicalities intact.

We have seen, though briefly, how important a driver is – and due to this reason, its cost is usually higher. But that does not mean that a golf newbie has to hamper his/her pockets and go for something that might be substituted with a driver that is well under budget. Now, the big question arises – what to look for while buying a driver? Let us see some of the crucial points for the same.

What things to look at while buying a driver?

If we talk about the experienced golf players, they would have definitely crossed the stage of identifying the best golf gears for themselves – including the drivers. And they would also go for the drivers that are a bit expensive so that the performance is not even slightly hindered. But on the other hand, if you are a beginner or an amateur, it becomes very crucial to recognize the ideal driver for you, especially at an early stage of your golfing career. And as the driver is one of the most important golf clubs to aid you through the green, you must begin your hunt as soon as possible!

The game of golf has seen many technological advancements getting induced in it – be it the infrastructure or the gears used to play it. One instance of this is the betterment of the drivers. As we discussed earlier, the drivers are the longest clubs that have large heads. But this does not mean that they are hefty and harder to swing. With time and technology, the drivers have got lighter in weight while the performance surges – proving to be one of the biggest aids for a golfer in attaining the maximum reach and distance on to the green.

Driver Heads

Now, let us come across the corners that are very essential while selecting a driver. First of all, let us talk about the head. Always remember to go for a head that has 440 to 460cc of volume; the bigger the clubhead, the better the impact! Also, larger heads can help the player in boosting the shot. Mainly, there are a couple of shapes available in heads – round and square. To choose one, you are advised to try both before buying yours – this will make your decision easier and fruitful.

Driver Color

Contrast is an important factor in having a clear and unobstructed sight – because if the color of your clubhead coincides with the green background, it may have an adverse effect on your visual clarity. So, instead of selecting the color that looks appealing, you must opt for the one that provides a contrast that complements your game.

Driver Loft

A very important factor in determining the trajectory of your shot is the loft offered by the driver. Though the loft depends much on the swing speed one possesses, it is the angle of the head that also contributes to the degree of loft produced. So, it is suggested to go for a driver that creates a loft within a range of 8 to 14 degrees.

Driver Material

Coming to the material that is being used in the construction of the driver, we have a good range of options that the manufacturers provide. Materials like zinc, steel, aluminum, titanium, etc., are usually used in the curation of the driver. The drivers made from titanium are the most pricey ones and very categorically boost your game with great driving performance. Still, if you are a beginner and hold some apprehensions about spending too much, you must go ahead with the other options.

We looked at some of the primary factors that are needed to be considered while selecting a driver. Apart from the features mentioned in the above section, there are some other points too that should be kept in mind to have a comprehensive idea about the driver you are going with – like driver shaft, drover weight, driver adjustability, etc.

Now, as we have seen the essentials pertaining to the golf driver – we shall jump onto some of the best suggestions on buying the best driver for under a hundred dollars.

Top Recommendations for the Best Driver Under $100

For Anti-Slice Technology – PGX Offset Golf Driver

This driver under budget is a great option when we consider the forgiveness it provides. Apart from being a forgiving one, the PGX Offset Golf Driver is known for producing a remarkable distance. According to some golfers, one of the most appealing things about this driver is its subtle yet classy look. But, the feature that really stands out is the Anti-Slice Technology that aids the players in dealing with the slices.

Let us look at the pros and cons of this product from PGX to have a better analysis.


  • Complements the mid-swing speed players.
  • 460cc clubhead – giving extraordinary distance.
  • Provides amazing forgiveness.
  • Anti-Slice Technology


  • If you are a player who swings fast, probably this driver is not for you. Or, you may take some rounds to get comfortable.
  • Comparatively weaker shaft.


One of the best options available for you to get a driver for under a hundred dollars, the PGX Offset Golf Driver is a pure delight if you are a mid-swing speed player. Go for it for amazing forgiveness and distance.

Best Ball Speed – TaylorMade SLDR

This one from TaylorMade is something you might be looking for to enhance the ball speed. An amazing option to restrict your spending to under a hundred dollars, the TaylorMade SLDR is available in two options – 460cc and 430cc. The rarity this product offers is the provision of over 20 adjustment settings.


  • Increased distance.
  • Enhanced forgiveness.
  • The surge in the loft.
  • Weight configurations available.


  • The increased focus on the sliding weight.
  • Too much change in weights can affect adversely.


The TaylorMade SLDR is a good option if you are seeking to focus on the ball speed. One of the best products available in the market, this driver’s features make it more valuable than a hundred dollars for sure.

Best Forgiving Driver – Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

best driver under $100

Incredible forgiveness! Yes, this driver is synonymous with it for sure. Furthermore, golfers have expressed that they get an amazing feel with this driver. The Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver comes with four shaft options – being utmost configurable. And if you stay updated about the clubs from Callaway, you must be knowing about the epic Jailbreak Technology that this driver embeds in itself – providing stability and offering flexibility.


  • Jailbreak Technology
  • Amazing feel and sound
  • Variety of shafts
  • Increased forgiveness – Through stabilized thinner face


  • Some players feel the length to be longer than needed.
  • More adjustability time.


If you are a beginner and want to start off with the very best, the Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver is for you! Look out for the splendid Jailbreak Technology and some amazing great-performing shafts to choose from.

Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Golf Driver

Want to fix your slicing and get ahead with other aspects? Go on and bring this driver! We have included this in our recommendation because of the good range of options this driver provides in lofts and shafts. As a beginner, this can be very useful as you can try out different things and use the ones that work for you on the actual green. The Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Golf Driver has a very closed clubface – making it an ideal driver to go with.


  • Titanium Material – best quality and performance
  • 7-degree closed clubface
  • The 460cc head
  • Offset clubhead
  • Multiple lofts provided – 12 and 10.5 degrees
  • Enhanced forgiveness


  • Players who tend to hit the shot straight might refrain from using this driver.


It is hard to believe that such a product can cost less than a hundred dollars. But for all the beginners out there, here’s the driver that one must get to feel how an ideal driver should be. The Orlimar Men’s Slice Killer Golf Driver, with its outstanding features, is definitely a must-buy!

For Increased Forgiveness – Ram Golf SGS 460cc Drive

Beginners, watch out for this one! The Ram Golf SGS 460cc Driver possesses some of the very acclaimed and appreciated qualities in comparison with its contemporaries. One of the prominent features is the large 460cc clubhead that just purely pampers you with forgiveness. Also, this driver helps you keep the ball straight through its steel shaft – and these features make this driver a very good option to buy, especially under a tight budget of hundred dollars.


  • Steel shaft – helps you keep the ball straight.
  • Oversized clubhead – bestowing amazing forgiveness.
  • Improved accuracy
  • Durable all-weather grip


  • As it has a steel shaft, the advantages of a graphite shaft are missing.
  • Golfers have expressed that the weight of the steel shaft is a bit on the heavier side.


Amateur golfers can easily get impressed by the Ram Golf SGS 460cc Driver and the features it comes with. If you are okay with the steel shaft being somewhat heavier than the usual ones you can go with this option and improve your accuracy while getting your shots straighter.

Let’s Conclude!

If you are just starting off with golf, this article will give a very good idea of the best budget-friendly drivers. And we already looked at them! You must analyze your game, your preferences, your comfort, and then do the compliance-check with all these drivers. Well, even if you buy one and do not get satisfied with it, don’t get disheartened! Trial and error go on in sports – you shall try other options, put them into enough practice, and then make the final decision of selecting the driver you want to use in the actual competition.

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