best golf ball for 100 mph swing

Best Golf Ball for 100 mph Swing Speed – For the best long-distance strokes

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Having a high swing speed is an asset in the golf world. While harboring such good skills for the game, you wouldn’t want to compromise in the perfection of your gear. This is why we have brought you the best golf balls for 100 mph swing speed. It is possible to select the most appropriate equipment in this sport. 

For high swing speeds, there are special clubs and proper golf balls meant to render the extra distance such excellent skills deserve. Get ready to play with the golf balls that best match your performance. Know that playing with the wrong golf ball could greatly retard your game. 

You need tour-level balls with just the right surface coverings and adequate compression to attain the said speed. Our selected set of golf falls have the best in class construction, the best designs of dimples, and the perfect spin rates. We have also assimilated a set of essential points you need to keep in mind while selecting the right golf ball for your 100 mph swing speed. 

The best golf ball for 100 mph swing speed

Best overall: TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

best golf ball for 100 mph swing

These amazing golf balls from TP5x are best known for their groundbreaking performance and owing to the specialized construction. Coming from a renowned golf brand, these balls much uphold the good work this company is well-known for. Best for golfers with high swing speeds, you must have a look at the exceptional features of this piece. 

There are five unique layers in its design. And the subsequent layers increase in thickness. This unique construction enables the ball to store more energy in response to being hit hard. Along with the firm and strong Tri-Fast core, the exceptional performance in response to 100 mph swing speed is also a result of the excellent HFM mantle layer. 

The five layers for this ball increase in thickness progressively. But the HFM Mantle layer situated right beneath the cover is unbelievably adept at storing energy. This part is exceptionally played by this layer owing to its thin structure and stiff nature. The material of construction for this layer is a proprietary polymer which is called HFM. You’d notice imperceptible improvement in the performance rendered by these balls in response to different swing speeds. 

The dimples for these golf balls have a low-drag design that serves to keep the flights straight. One of the significant features of these balls is that their direction isn’t affected by the wind. The result is, higher flights with gorgeous trajectories and effectively reduced backspin. The cover for these balls is made of urethane and is essentially soft and durable.


  • The progressively increasing thickness of layers increases the energetic response of these golf balls
  • The special HFM layer is the most dependable part for storing energy
  • These balls execute straight and high flights 


  • The movement of these balls on the greens in quite compromised because of the low spin 


This is one of the most trusted golf balls recommended by golfers with this particular swing speed. Known to be durable and the ultimate best in performance, you must definitely go for the most dependable option.

Most popular: Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Balls

Bridgestone Tour B XS is one of the most popular options in this variety after TaylorMade TP5x. This is essentially owed to their special gradational core and unique seamless cover technology. Best in covering extra distance at very high speed, this is one of the best known golf balls for swing speeds around 100 mph. 

The gradational core for these balls is responsible for improving the amount of distance covered. This is because of the impressive hardness of such a core that doesn’t get compressed as much and thus reduces the sidespin. This results in a greater coverage of distance. Along with that, the shots go wonderfully straight. This special core is more firm towards its middle than toward the edges. 

Best of all, the unique SlipRes urethane cover for these balls is responsible for a good amount of spin. This cover feels soft and is also very durable at the same time. Moreover, it has a special dimple-in-dimple design design that cuts through air at unbelievable speed. This is not the most amazing feature of these golf balls. The best part is their indiscernible seam. 

A well distinct seam can at times disrupt the airflow and cause an abrupt change in direction of the ball during flight. So you get the fastest shots that cover admirable distances in straight and piercing trajectories. Moreover, you get a wonderful amount of spin and reliable durability in these golf balls. This is why they are extremely popular.


  • There is a special gradational core that provides ample speed and direction to the shots
  • The seamless cover maintains consistency in flight
  • Flawless trajectories are executed owing to the dual dimple technology 


  • Some users prefer more advanced models owing to rapid enhancement in features over the years


Bridgestone Tour B XS golf balls are perfect in providing the most distance and speed and great value at affordable rates. Go for the most exceptional performance from a very trustworthy and reliable brand. All for economical amounts.

Best for perfect velocity: Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls

best golf ball for 100 mph swing

This is essentially the best known golf ball for achieving high velocities in covering admirable distances for 100 mph swing speed. The name may imply ‘soft’ but this low compression really works wonderfully well in delivering the best known velocity to your most amazing shots. 

The effective softness is rendered by the dual density core which responds differently to different swing speeds. These golf balls are compressed easily when the swing speed is low so that a great velocity is then produced. But in response to faster swings, these balls are less deformed and a straighter flight is executed. Moreover, the effective velocity in response to all types of swings is high. 

Best of all, the feels of these golf balls are truly soft owing to the smooth urethane cover and the soft mantle construction. Amongst the best golf balls for 100 mph swing speeds, this is probably the one with the softest feels. One additional excellent feature for these balls is their unique triple track alignment. 

This may seem to be a very simple arrangement. But the blue and red track lines on these golf balls provide exceptional help in best visualizing the direction of progression of these balls. Also, the spin for these balls is quite admirable and well suitable for golfers who play at this speed.


  • The smooth mantle and cover for these balls provides ultimate softness 
  • The dual-core densities render fast velocity to shots in response to all swing speeds
  • The triple track alignment lines on these balls greatly aid in accurately putting


  • Some users feel that these golf balls are too soft for their requirement


These golf balls are very soft in feel and offer excellent performance in response to virtually all swing speeds. While availing high velocities and covering the best distance, these balls also provide the perfect spin for effective control on the greenside.

Best for perfect spin: Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

If you are up for the best possible spin, these are the ideal golf balls for you. Titleist Pro V1x golf balls will not just provide you with the best performance in response to this swing speed, they’ll also cover the most distance while sharply cutting through air. 

While being one of the softest golf balls in this category, these are also one of the most well constructed. The extra spin serves to cover extra distance and gain the best speed for the best swings. For this purpose, the construction of these balls is commendable. The outermost layer is a thin urethane cover which serves to provide the best spin.

The maximum distance coverage by these balls is owed to the special mantle layer. The core for these balls is very firm to greatly reduce the spin speed while working on longer clubs. While extra spin is rendered while scoring shots. This feature works excellently on the greenside. Out of all other contenders, Titleist Pro V1x spins the most. 


  • This is one of the softest golf balls in this category
  • The extra spin helps in covering the extra distance 
  • There is no better choice for exceptional spin on the greenside


  • Many golfers report that these balls don’t help in exceptionally improving the distance covered 


This is the most amazing choice if you want good quality golf balls for 100 mph swingers and your main priority is excellent backspin. No other contender provides as much softness while delivering the performance that this one does.

Best for extra distance: Pinnacle Rush Golf Balls

For the best coverage of extra distance, we recommend these excellent golf balls by Pinnacle. This is the perfect mid-compression golf ball a player needs for their 100 mph swing speed. Not only does this help in achieving great distance, this ball also avails exceptional swing speeds and offers great versatility in performance. 

Overall, the performance rendered by these golf balls is excellently versatile. You wouldn’t come across such a high-energy core at this price. Each full blown swing will take your ball farther. Even the dimple pattern used in these balls is quite extraordinary. The special icosahedral dimple pattern minimizes the vacuum created behind these balls during the flight.

This serves in greatly reducing the amount of drag so that the ball can attain more speed in response to each hit. 


  • Faster and longer movement is possible because of the special high energy core for these golf balls
  • The performance of these balls is essentially versatile 
  • The unique and advanced icosahedral dimple pattern serves to reduce the drag and further improve the velocity


  • Many golfers prefer to go for more popular golf balls


The advanced design and the reliable features let these golf balls deliver exceptional performance. There is no match in versatility once you play with these.

Know how to select the best golf balls for 100 mph swing speed 

Playing with an imperfect set of golf balls can gravely affect your performance. It is important that your selected set of golf balls are built to work superbly well for your swing speed. For 100 mph, there are certain essential considerations in golf balls which include their covering, dimple design, spin rate, degree of compression, and the type of construction.

Note the type of outer covering 

If you require more spin in your shots, you must go for golf balls with surlyn covers. While you must select urethane covered balls if you require lesser spin and extra softness. Surlyn covers are known to impart additional speed to golf balls while urethane covers provide the best feels. 

Go for high compression golf balls 

A tightly compressed golf ball would provide the ideal velocity a golfer with a high swing speed wants to attain out of every shot. This is because the pressure inside the ball is further intensified because of the strength of the hit. 

Go for advanced dimple designs 

Best designed dimples on golf balls play more than one important function. Serving with the best aerodynamic principles, these can effectively reduce your drag and greatly enhance the velocity and the overall quality of your performance.

Select multi-layered balls that enhance various aspects of performance

One must select the advanced multi-layered golf balls that greatly improve the spin, velocity, height, direction, and the flow of trajectory, in addition to covering extra distance.


We have brought you some of the best known golf balls that are sure to enhance your game in every aspect. While TaylorMade TP5x and Bridgestone Tour B XS are the best of the lot, one may go for any golf ball in the list owing to what best suits their priorities and budget.

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