best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed

Best Golf Ball for 85 mph Swing Speed – For extra distance and the best feel

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You obviously desire a golf ball that’ll render you the best possible distance along with a soft feel on the hit. However, we seldom come across such specialized golf balls that cover the dream distance while making the right sound. Golf balls need to possess adequate compression in relation to your swing speed. Only then will they shoot to your well-aimed distance with a little clunk on the club.

Most golfers with 85 mph swing speed desire a golf ball that covers extra distance for their moves. Others want additional spin. And some only crave for a softer feel on the hit. Whatever your chief requirements in a golf ball may be, we have brought you a selection of the best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed.

It can be a little difficult to judge the requisite hardness of golf balls on your own. Our carefully curated selection will help you decide upon the ones with the best suitable medium compression. We have also provided a helpful guide in the end to best aid you in making the most suitable choice.

5 best golf balls for 85 mph swing speed for the year 2020

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed

These three-piece tour level balls are best known for their amazing quality that grants a tour-like of all, they are very genuinely priced. Meant for long low spin shots, the core for this ball is adequately built to cover the maximum possible distance on every hit. 

The soft urethane cover further imparts an effective side spin that helps on the greens. Moreover, the cover’s effective softness imparts incredible grip to the ball on the greens. So that they are more efficiently rolled onto the target. 

For those with handicaps between 8 and 18, this is the softest ball for the feel and the distance. Although there are cheaper options that will also provide you adequate distance but none will give you a feel as soft as Snell. Also, this ball appropriately meets the standard its brand name has set in the golfing arena. 

Best known as an affordable tour-quality golf ball, this ball will work best when shot directly onto the green as well when it is bounced short of the target. If you are up for unmatchable performance with the softest feels on the course, you should definitely go for Snell MTB Black golf balls. 


  • The essentially soft urethane cover for this ball makes it feel very soft while gripping the grooves adequately
  • For availing the best distance while offering the best quality performance, this ball is very much affordable 
  • You won’t easily a get a tour-level ball for such low price 


  • The extra spin rendered by this ball can make the game a little tough for high handicappers


This tour-level golf ball is the best quality performer you can avail for this price. Built for covering maximum distance with additional spin and the softest feels, this is essentially the best contender in this list for the given swing speed.

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

This is the best option in the given list if you want to attain the top velocities for covering the maximum possible distance. While this ball will serve essentially well for golfers with swing speeds between 85 and 90 mph, its matte finish also renders a softer feel.  

Watch your ball gripping onto the greens in response to your best shots. These golf balls are built to cover the most distance at the maximum velocity while imparting a certain softness to the whole game. Best for long and firm shots, this ball is available in bright and vivid colors which make them easily traceable on the course.

While it is perfectly satisfactory to watch these balls cover the distance in the air, it is more than a relief to know you’ll not lose a ball every time you visit the course to play golf. These balls are more bright than you think. Few balls are as easily traceable along their whole flight. Moreover, their excellent grip on the grass makes every shot deserve admiration.

Now watch all your shots gracefully cover every imaginable feat. granted the confidence of seeing your bright golf ball cut through air and demand all commendation is extremely gratifying.


  • The bright coloration and the excellent matte finish makes these balls very discernible during the play such that it is impossible for them to get lost
  • The excellent grip of these balls on the grass makes the run very smooth
  • These balls have the requisite softness and the adequate compression in the core for best coverage of great distances at big velocities 


  • Some users are not quite used to playing with golf balls with a matte finish 


This is the best quality golf ball for a good grip on the greens and a soft feel through while covering the best distances. The best thing about this ball is its great visibility on the course owing to its essentially bright colors.

Callaway SuperHot 70 Golf Balls

These golf balls are known to have the best compression for adequate performance for 85 mph swing speeds. The three-piece design makes it possible to cover the most extra distance while giving the best feels. The softness of this ball is quite appropriate. It is not more soft than the new essentially soft golf balls, but enough soft to drive the shot as well as possible.

Moreover, the special HEX dimple design for this ball works best in adequately reducing the drag and taking the flight higher. This in turn makes the descent of the shots more steep. Such shots are also easily stopped by the greens unlike most inferior quality golf balls that keep rolling endlessly.

While the structure of this ball may not impart it more extra spin, it definitely provides extra bounces on the greens which work relatively well for covering extra distance. One must note that this ball does not have a urethane cover like most other golf balls meant for covering extra distance. This one has a surlyn cover instead that does not manage to render additional spin. Know your priorities well before selecting the most appropriate ball for yourself.


  • This ball is capable of covering very large distances 
  • The three-piece construction essentially increases the height of your shots 
  • The height scaled is further enhanced by the special HEX dimples


  • This ball is not particularly soft for working around the grass 


This ball is essentially perfect for delivering the highest shots that are bound to cover every desired distance. Moreover, these very special golf balls are available in sets of 15 at very affordable rates.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed

This is known as one of the premium quality golf balls very widely used by golfers with swing speeds in this range. Unlike many other popular golf balls, these are essentially trustworthy. This is mainly because of their real tour-like softness. No other ball will render you a comparable soft feel on the club face and overall course throughout the game.

The best part is, the softness rendered by this ball is so good that you don’t believe it’s low price. The distance covered by these balls is admirable and so is the grip on the greens. Moreover, you’ll be overthrown by the amount of softness this ball executes even while landing on the chips.

You’ll also see that the spin rendered by this ball is unmatchable. If you want to add more roll, softness, and an enhanced spin to your game, this is probably the best option. The covers for this ball are very durable and do not flake easily like most golf ball covers.

Note the fact that this ball is very well known for its groundbreaking durability. Few golf balls ever keep the promise of durability that is usually employed as a marketing gimmick. Also, the visibility for this ball is truly excellent. The bright color is easily discernible and very beneficial if you frequently lose balls on the course. Even the alignment on the ball’s side is easier than usual.


  • This very soft ball is admirably soft even while landing
  • The durability for this ball is incomparable 
  • The easy alignment makes it one of the best contenders in this list 


  • This set of golf balls is slightly more expensive than other comparable balls of this type


This golf ball is many times a favorite for many golfers. In delivering the best distance and achieving the best spin while executing unmatchable softness, this ball is incomparable.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

You have probably played with this ball before or best heard of its attributes from fellow golfers. Srixon Soft Feel is best in class for a reason. For a very genuine price, it gives you the longest distances and best soft feel on the grass. The compression of 60 makes this ball very adequate for middle range handicappers with swing speeds around 85 mph.

The best performance delivered by this ball is a result of the decreased thickness of its cover. This really enhances the grip of the ball on the greens and the soft feels off the face of the insert putter. Even the spin rendered by this ball is very appropriate. This best performance is mainly a result of the enhanced softness of this ball.

Rest assured that this golf ball is known for consistency in performance. No other golf ball has such a long record of delivering the best in class performance for all sorts of golfers.


  • This ball has a soft cover that provides a considerably soft feel around the grass and the putter face 
  • The best performance for this ball is know to be consistent 
  • Even the price for this set of golf balls is very adequate


  • Some people believe that more advanced balls with better performance capabilities are now available at this price 


This is one of the most popular soft feel golf balls for golfers with moderate handicaps. Through these years, it has remained one of the top contenders and one of the most trustworthy sets for quality golf.

Know how to select the best golf balls for 85 mph swing speed

Look for the softness of ball you desire 

Know that the best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed will not necessarily be very soft. Moderate softness is most adequate softness for such a game. The softness of your ball will determine the compression it undergoes when hit at your given swing speed. This will further define the distance covered and the executed spin.

Urethane covers on golf balls provide the most spin while surlyn covers give a slightly harder feel for reducing the amount of spin.

Know whether you require colored balls for better visibility

Colorful balls surely provide more visibility than plain white or yellow golf balls. These can prove to be very beneficial for you, especially if you keep losing balls on the course. Know that you’ll never lose a ball again while playing with bright and traceable colors.

Check the durability 

Know that urethane covers for golf balls are more prone to scuffing and damage than surlyn ones. If you are looking for golf balls that stand a chance for many rounds to come, definitely go for surlyn covers.


For 85 mph swing speeds, the best known golf balls are the ones that possess the adequate amount of softness for the best coverage of distance and spin. All five of the above listed varieties are best known for their ultimate performance on the course. Get your hands on one of these for the best in class tour-like feels on the course.

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