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5 of The Best Golf Ball for Slow Swing Speeds – To get the maximum out of your efforts

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It is important to choose the right equipment for your particular swing speed. While swing speeds are not easy to determine, a wrong judgment could adversely affect the quality of your game. It has now become easier to accurately gauge swing speeds through professional fitting and opportunities at modern clubs. 

You may want to work on increasing your swing speed, but working on the maximization of efforts at the same speed is just as good. A good golf ball can definitely affect your performance. We have brought you a selection of the best golf ball for slow swing speeds. This is because the speed of the shot is directly influenced by several other important factors. 

One must pay attention to the angle of attack, the centeredness of contact, and the compression of the ball necessary to achieve the set distance. Keeping all the other aspects in mind, you can certainly perform like a pro while staying at your optimum capabilities.  

5 best golf ball for slow swing speeds 

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

best golf ball for slow swing speeds

Callaway Supersoft is the most recommended brand of golf balls for slow swingers. While most golfers attain high swing speeds as they progress, it is not the optimum requirement for attaining maximum distance, velocity, and control. Given the right ball and a hold upon other important attributes, slow swingers can perform just as well. 

The most important aspect of these two-piece balls is their extremely low compression. This quality renders them very soft and ideal for picking up speed in response to slow swinging clubs. Not only this, these balls come equipped with the special Callaway HEX aerodynamic design which allows them to cover extra distances while executing gorgeous trajectories. 

The distance covered is further enhanced by the low spin quality of these balls. This attribute also improves the accuracy of your shots while maximizing your performance. All these features are a result of the optimum construction of these balls which aims to provide maximum result for slow swingers. 

The cover for these golf balls is made of a special trigonometry blend. Furthermore, the core is constructed out of polybutadiene. This combination results in an ultimately soft ball that best enhances performance for slow swing speeds.


  • The compression for these balls is very low 
  • The soft feel and the low compression work together in maximizing the attained distance
  • The progressive HEX aerodynamic features allow you to make high and straight shots


  • These balls are more expensive than other comparable options 


These excellent golf balls will add the requisite pump to your game by bringing out the best results for your efforts. Available in bright shades like lime, turquoise, and orange, these are the best golf balls for making high speed, long, and accurate shots.

TaylorMade Project Golf Balls

These are easily known as the best golf balls for attaining maximum distance with the most control. Best for golfers with slow swing speeds, these balls are built to render several essential attributes that take your game to another level. 

These balls are the best in design and include a 322 dimple pattern that greatly reduces drag and increases the accuracy of your shots. The soft core and low spin qualities of this ball further enhance the distance covered on being hit at slow speeds. One special quality of these balls is the ability to render extra spin on the grass. This versatile function proves beneficial for several golfers. 

The structure of these golf balls is very well meant to always attan long shots in response to your short swings. The inner core is essentially soft to render optimum compression. The outer layer consists of a urethane cover. The resultant shots are long and well in control owing to the optimum ball structure. 

Most players agree that the best thing about these balls is the optimum control they provide to the game. The ability to provide spin when needed and the special aerodynamic design are qualities worth investing in. This may not be the cheapest option available in the market. But these are definitely the most dependable golf balls in this category.


  • The soft structure of this ball coupled with the impressive pattern of dimples and aerodynamic design provides excellent control on a good distance coverage
  • This ball is very versatile in rendering optimum spin 
  • The accuracy and the control rendered by these golf balls is incomparable 


  • Some players report that the spin is greatly reduced for long distance shots 


These best in quality golf balls are all set to provide you the best distance with unimaginable accuracy and the most versatile spin. While these golf balls may not be very cheap, they certainly deserve the price.

Callaway Golf ERC Soft Triple Track Golf Balls

This is for golfers who only aim for the maximum possible distance. This is one of the rare varieties of golf balls that render the maximum possible distance while being unbelievably soft in feel. The quality of these balls can be well gauged by the fact that they are the only set of equipment named after Callaway’s founder. 

The most significant feature of these golf balls is the triple track technology that renders them optimum alignment. You wouldn’t believe the degree of accuracy and the level of alignment this special feature makes these balls execute. There is a thick red line in the middle with thin blue ones on either side of it. 

This design is based upon the Vernier Visual Acuity concept which is popularly employed in aircraft carriers. Unbelievable alignment is obtained owing to this special attribute. Most golfers will recommend this ball to you if proper alignment is your top priority. 

The structure of these balls is meant to execute high velocity excellent launches with low spins. These three-piece balls have a soft core made of graphene. This essentially strong and flexible material is responsible for the gorgeous trajectories at low spins. 

Furthermore, the polybutadiene cover for these balls combines the good attributes of both urethane and ionomers. Unlike most other golf balls, this excellent choice of material increases the capabilities while bringing down the overall cost. Such that, a very durable and high quality golf ball is available for a fairly low price. 


  • The good quality materials and the effective design makes these balls cover the best distance with maximum accuracy
  • No other golf ball is as well equipped in offering the best alignment
  • Moreover, this is a very durable set of golf balls available for a fairly low price 


  • Many users have reported that the alignment lines on these balls are not straight at times 


This is the best choice if you aim to attain the best possible distance along with the best in class alignment and accuracy. Moreover, it is almost impossible to find such durable golf balls for such low prices.

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

This is the best quality option for those who want affordable golf balls that will render best results for the given swing speed. Gone be the stress and fear of losing fairly expensive balls on the course. There is no other set of golf balls as low in price and as promising in quality and performance.

The compression of 60 allows you to maximize your distance. Most golfers will tell you that Srixon Soft Feel golf balls have the perfect compression one requires for making long shots with slow swing speeds. This ideal compression is rendered by the special core with an energetic growth gradient. This core is soft at the center and firm on the outside. Besides, the soft cover for these balls provides an amazingly soft feel while making every distance scalable. 

You’d be surprised to know that these soft golf balls also render effective control on the greenside. While they may not avail you the low spin most golfers desire out of long distance balls, these definitely equip you with the best known control on approach shots. The 338 dimple pattern for these balls is meant for attaining optimum velocities while executing the best in class aerodynamics. The optimum distance, the effective control, and the soft feel rendered by these golf balls is incomparable. 


  • The special ultra-soft feel for these balls works best in maximizing distance and control while providing a very soft feel
  • The shots are also known to be fairly accurate and the greenside control is superior 
  • These balls are also very economical 


  • Some users report that these golf balls are not very durable 


These are amongst the most popular golf balls for golfers with slow swing speeds. These are quite affordable, best in quality, and are known to have the ideal compression best suited for slow swingers. 

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls

If you are looking for best quality golf balls that avail the softest feels while rendering excellent performance for slow swingers, no choice is better than Titleist DT Trusoft. These balls have super-soft feels and they are capable of attaining maximum distances with optimum spin. Most golfers will readily recommend this option as soon as you mention soft feels.

The best in class performance for these balls is a result of the excellent construction which includes a low compression core and the pure ionomer cover. Titleist has worked admirably in increasing the spin because these balls are typically associated with low spins and lesser versatility. These balls instead avail the best possible control on the greenside. 

One must note that it isn’t easy to attain all the best aspects of performance while creating an essentially soft ball. This ball is unbelievably versatile and satisfies all requisite criterias in performance while creating a good balance. You’d be pleased to know that these balls are extremely popular in most golfing circles for their admirable versatility and best known performance in response to slow swing speeds. 


  • These balls render incomparably soft feels to your game while achieving optimum distances 
  • This is one of the most versatile golf balls in this category
  •  You get all the best in class features for your requirement at the best price


  • These balls are inadequate for players who want more spin on the greenside 


Titleist DT Trusoft golf balls are best known for their super-soft feel along with a good balance of all essential performance criteria for slow swingers. These balls are available for a very low price and the quality rendered is unmatchable.

Know how to select the best golf balls for slow swing speeds

Slow swing speeds require low compression

There are some important features your golf ball must entail for optimum performance in response to slow swing speeds. Low compression is the chief essential criteria for attaining good velocities and maximum distances.

Understand your priorities 

If you aim to attain the maximum possible distance, select a golf ball built for that purpose. Also note whether you want effective greenside control and how much spin you desire.

See that your ideal golf ball fits in your budget

It is important for golf balls to be affordable. Mainly because you keep losing balls on the course and constant purchase of new expensive balls could lay heavy on your pocket.

Select a ball based upon your handicap

Your handicap is a clear indication of your skills. For attaining perfection in shots in terms of distance and control, it is essential to go for golf balls that render versatility.


We have brought you some of the most popular and widely recommended golf balls that will greatly level-up your game. Get ready for the best in class shots no matter what your swing speed.

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