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Best Golf Ball for Women – To best nail the gentleman’s game

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Although many brands don’t make separate golf balls for different genders. But the physiological differences between men and women define the requirement of different sets of balls for each. Women have lower swing speeds on an average. This creates the need for golf balls that can provide the most extra leverage. People with different stature and build require balls that can best suit their capabilities.

This is why we have brought you the best golf ball for women. These balls are custom made to provide women with best extra leverage for their low swing speeds and avail better control while landing. Moreover, all of the selected golf balls in our list promise to render incredible ball flights and cover additional distance. 

Now you won’t face any trouble while delivering the best quality shots. These special golf balls are meant to improve your game and help you enjoy the fun of it. We have also provided a helpful guide at the end so that you choose the golf ball that best aids your skills.

5 best golf ball for women 

Best overall: Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Balls

best golf ball for women

This is considered as one of the best golf balls for women. Many golfers will recommend this to you if you are new in the game or working on the improvement of your skills. One of the best features of this ball is its adequately low compression. The soft core and the thin outer layer serve in providing soft feels and appropriate qualities for best coverage of extra distances. 

The low spin rendered to the shots serves in greatly enhancing the accuracy. These balls also render higher control over the shots. Furthermore, the bright colors of these balls also improve the visibility and allow the golfer to aim well. Colored balls also have lesser chances of getting lost. These golf balls are available in pink, white, and yellow colors. 

The increased height in flight and the best coverage of extra distance is a result of the large number of dimples present on the surface of these balls. The admirable softness of these balls also contributes to extra coverage of distance. At the same time, these balls are reasonably firm for the best in class performance. The best part is, these golf balls are genuinely priced so that beginners can practice without worrying much about losing many balls on the course. 


  • The bright colors avail higher visibility and there is a lesser chance of losing balls on the course
  • These balls are reasonably priced so that beginners can effectively learn without worrying much about losing many golf balls 
  • The incredible softness and the best in class construction of these balls allow them to reach higher and longer distances


  • Many users report that these balls are not very durable 


These golf balls are equipped with every feature that would best enhance your performance in the game. Moreover, the bright colors make it impossible for them to get lost. Also, they are reasonably priced so you can effectively work on your skill set without worrying about losing them.

Best in soft feels: Callaway Supersoft Ladies Golf Balls

These are the softest golf balls in this category. While offering reasonably low compression, these balls are very well capable of achieving extra distance and attaining high flights. The admirable softness of these balls is very well known so they are widely recommended to women golfers. 

Besides, the special aerodynamic design for these balls makes it possible to execute high launches and cut through air with minimum resistance and maximum speed. This is popularly known as hex aerodynamics design and is a special attribute of Callaway golf balls. Over the top, these balls avail maximum control to golfers on the greens. 

The outer cover for these balls is made of tri-ionomer so it provides a soft feel and enables the ball to cover the most possible distance. This is also owed to the lower spin and the considerable reduction of drag which allows extra distance coverage. The flights of these balls are unbelievably straight and this is all owed to the excellent craftsmanship in design.

These best properties serve to boost the player’s confidence and enable them to perform even better. It is not possible to come across many such high quality balls for such a low price. Even the structure of these golf balls is very durable as compared to other golf balls in this category. 


  • These balls feel very soft and the shots cover great distances at admirable speeds
  • These high quality balls are also quite durable 
  • These balls are available for a very low price 


  • Some users have reported that the distance coverage for these balls is not very excellent 


These balls are the best option if you are looking for good quality and affordability. Good lengths distance can be covered, however, some amount of spin demands more accuracy and control on the part of the player.

Most popular: Volvik Crystal Women’s Golf Balls

These are one of the most popular golf balls meant for women. You’d have heard many brands boasting about their soft feels on being hit. Well, few are able to provide these qualities in reality. Volvik Crystal golf balls are meant for those who love soft feel in their golf balls. The impact on hitting is soft and so is the sound while putting. 

The amazingly soft feels are rendered by the surlyn and zirconium covers. These covers serve to amplify the hit owing to the low compression and soft structure. A nice sense of rebound is felt on hitting these very special golf balls. 

The 392 dimples on the surface of these balls serve to provide lesser air resistance which results in increased speed and more distance coverage. Get your hands on these balls if you desire adequate softness along with high flights. 

These balls are best suitable for women golfers with intermediate and low swing speeds. Even beginners can very well depend upon these balls to develop their skills and gain proficiency in the game. Moreover, these best quality golf balls are quite affordable. Such that beginners can rely on them and never worry about losing them in their trials.

The cover for these balls is soft as well as durable. One of the best features is the bright coloration for these balls that provides excellent visibility. These golf balls are available in a wide variety of colors to best suit your taste.


  • These balls are capable of shooting up to large distances at admirable speeds
  • The visibility for these balls is greatly improved by the bright and discernible colors
  • These golf balls are best suitable for women golfers with slow and intermediate swing speeds


  • These golf balls are not fit for women golfer with high swing speeds


These balls are definitely perfect for women golfers with low and intermediate swing speeds. If you love soft feel balls that serve to boost your performance, you must definitely go for these very capable and colorful golf balls.

Best for tour-feels: Wilson Ladies Tour Velocity Golf Balls

These amazing golf balls are meant for delivering excellent performance in response to all swing speeds. Laden with a superbly energetic core, these balls are meant to scale every distance you aim at. The best known feature of these balls is their excellent speed. The energetic core gains marvelous velocity on being hit and takes the ball up to admirable distance.

The performance of these balls is also very much aided by the special dimple pattern on their surface. This unique aerodynamic wonder serves to significantly reduce the air resistance and ensure that your ball flies a commendable high towards the target. Another excellent property is the reduction of spin by the special dimple pattern. 

All these features serve to enhance the performance rendered by these balls while improving your confidence in the game. Moreover, you get very soft feels while making these long distance hits. This is essentially because of the soft and powerful core. 

You will also be amazed by the high accuracy these golf balls render to all shots. You wouldn’t find better two-piece golf balls for slow swinging women than this. Moreover, a set of these golf balls is reasonably cheap as compared to its contenders.  


  • These soft feel golf balls render excellent performance for all swing speeds
  • The soft mid-compression core for these balls is highly energetic and delivers excellent speed in shots 
  • These balls are the best in quality and quite cheap in price 


  • Many users report that these golf balls are not very durable and tend to get scuffed easily 


These balls are widely recommended to those who play golf daily. While these may not uplift your game entirely, they’ll definitely provide tour-like feels, good distance coverage, and best quality performance for a reasonable price.

Best for beginners: Wilson Staff Zip Women Golf Balls

These are the most widely recommended golf balls for beginners. When you are just starting out at golf, you need some leeway in control to best develop your skills. Women who are just beginning at golf can depend upon these golf balls for their admirable softness and the best in class control. 

These balls have a special panhead dimple design which effectively reduces drag and enables them to travel faster in flight. With such effective control over your shots, you can manage to scale the best possible distance at high speed and with greater accuracy. 

The amazing features of these balls are owed to their special core design. Their interior blended core renders effective speed to shots while increasing the ball’s overall durability. The core for these balls is made of compression rubber to best distribute the energy supplied by a hit. This further improves the speed and the ultimate performance that can be achieved with this ball. 

Rest assured for the best flight trajectories and a great build up of confidence in your new game. These balls are also very affordable for best use by beginners. 


  • The special interior blended core for these balls increases the velocity of shots
  • The shallow dimples on the ball’s surface effectively reduce air drag
  • These balls are essentially durable and cheap and best meant for beginners


  • These balls are not very soft in feels


These are the best golf balls for women who have just begun playing golf. You’ll not find just as affordable balls to freely lose when you are just learning the game. 

Know how to select the best golf balls for women

Because the game of golf is chiefly focussed on men, it can be tough to find good quality golf balls for women. But we have managed to bring you five of the best available options. Your particular choice of golf ball will now depend upon your priorities.

Go for low compression rates 

Select golf balls with low compression rates. This is because you require soft and low compression balls to deliver long distance and high speed shots with maximum accuracy. 

Select golf balls with the right amount of dimples

The amount and type of dimples upon your golf ball can severely affect your game. The number of dimples on your ball define the reduction in drag and the kind of trajectory your shots will execute.

Pay attention to the ball’s construction

Most low compression balls are two-piece and are relatively easier to play with. The material of construction of the ball will affect its durability and lifespan. Prefer surlyn on the outer layers because it doesn’t scuff easily.


We have given you detailed explanations of the five best golf balls for women. Your particular choice will now be driven by your specific interest, priorities, and skill set. Whichever brand you choose, remember to make a good name in the apparent game of men.

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