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Best Golf Balls for 10 Handicap – Get the much required extra push 

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10 handicap is a tricky place to be in. You are almost a single handicap golfer but you aren’t. This might not strike your mind at once. But the best way to improve your performance is certainly through the right equipment. A golf ball meant for adding extra advantage will take your game to another level at your current skill set. 

Sticking with the equipment that brought you up to the 10 handicap is not the best idea. At this stage, you need some extra push that is well rendered by our collection of the best golf balls for 10 handicap. Whether you aim for extra distance or additional backspin on the greenside, these most capable golf balls have it sorted for you.

We have kept in mind your need for affordable good quality balls so that you don’t have to worry every time they get lost. Losing golf balls is truly a part of the learning process. The golf balls in our ultimate collection are all reasonably priced and well-meant for best use by 10 handicappers. 

5 best golf balls for 10 handicap

Best In Performance: TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

TaylorMade TP5 golf balls are best known for their specially designed core that allows maximum transfer of energy for imparting maximum velocity to shots and covering admirable distance. Unlike most golf balls that boast of extra distance without actually enhancing performance, TaylorMade is well known for covering maximum distance and creating amazing trajectories in shots that most premium quality balls cannot achieve.

While the trajectories shot through this ball may be low in comparison to certain other contenders, the distance attained by this ball ought to be exceptional with every shot. Even the backspin rendered by these balls is very much admirable. Improved backspin keeps the ball in the air for a longer duration and improves the overall aerodynamic function. 

By virtue of the lower resistance availed by extra spin, the shot cuts through air at high velocity and gets you commendable performance. Such shots also land faster on putts. All these admirable qualities are a result of the special five-layer construction of this ball where different layers are meant to serve different distinguishing functions.

Each layer has a different size, a different material of construction, and different compression. If you are looking for tour-like quality balls that can attain awesome velocities without compromising on other areas, TaylorMade TP5 is the perfect set of golf balls for you.


  • This ball can attain extremely high velocity owing to its special five-layer construction and superior aerodynamic design
  • The backspin is greatly enhanced by the special structure of this ball which enables it to execute cut through air shots
  • The visibility for these balls is greatly improved 


  • These balls are fairly expensive in comparison to other similar contenders


These balls have been proven to be equipped with superior technology to best attain the most admirable shots with greater velocity. You may want to consider other options if this ball deems too expensive.

Best in soft feel: Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

This may be known as the best golf ball for the ultra-soft feels. It is not easy to come across good soft feel balls that don’t compromise on other important features. The superior soft feel for these balls is a result of the special dual softcore. The exemplary tour-like feel for this ball is accompanied by large velocity and low spin features in response to swings by 10 handicap players. 

You wouldn’t find another soft golf ball capable of covering such a large distance and rendering such effective control on the greenside. Such admirable performance is a result of the special four-piece construction. The low spin rates rendered by these balls are capable of covering significant distances for the same amount of effort. 

The soft feel for this ball is a result of the admirably low compression. Moreover, the tour-quality soft urethane cover provides excellent control on the greenside. Gone are the days when you had to compromise on distance while choosing a golf ball for adequate softness. Now you can compress the ball like a pro and attain every distance you have imagined with your 10 handicap skill set.


  • This ball is very soft and gives tour feels
  • Unlike most soft balls, this one can best attain maximum distances and high velocities and low spin rates 
  • You get a high amount of control on the greenside.


  • Many users report that these balls didn’t turn out to be as soft as they had expected 


This ball is one of a kind in its ultra-soft texture and superior capabilities in covering distance and rendering effective spin. They may not be as soft as the softest golf balls you may know of, but they definitely give tour-feels and render excellent performance.

Best for high velocity: Titleist Pro VI Golf Balls

This very renowned brand has produced this excellent tour-quality golf ball for those who aim for high velocity at 10 handicap. While executing the best in class performance in speed, distance, and spin, these balls have a very soft feel. This is mainly a result of the special 2.0 ZG process core that provides you adequate compression for best coverage of maximum distance at high speed. 

More consistency in flight is enabled by the intricately detailed 352 dimples on the cover. The dimples are tetrahedral in shape and render the best aerodynamic features to these balls. Your short game control is maximized while rendering more consistency and precision. You’ll see that these balls will render additional spin to your short game.

For long game, these balls will give you lower spin and a lower ball flight but still cover maximum distance. While these balls may be way more expensive than other similar contenders, they are definitely worth the price considering their excellent capabilities in distance and speed in combination with the soft feels.


  • These balls will render you the fastest shots possible on soft feel balls 
  • You’ll be able to cover greater distance with low spin and attain more consistency in flight 
  • These golf balls are unbelievably soft in texture 


  • These balls are way more expensive than other comparable golf balls in the same category


You wouldn’t find soft balls as capable as these. Although these golf balls are fairly expensive, they are well worth the price owing to their promising performance that greatly elevates the game for golfers with 10 handicap.

Best in quality and affordability: Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

There is nothing better than Volvik Vivid golf balls when it comes to quality performance and affordability. The best attributes in performance are executed in the high launches, lesser spins, and greater lengths of distance covered by these balls. 

These three-piece balls contain a superbly resilient core equipped with Volvik’s special nanao bi high energy. The excellent performance of this ball is a result of the efficient distribution of energy in this core. This further results in more distance coverage and lesser spin. The compression for these balls is medium and the soft-feel is incomparable. Golfers with slow swing speeds and those with 10 handicaps can benefit the best out of these ball’s attributes. 

Moreover, the bright and vivid colors and the matte finish plays a role in creating better visibility and ensuring that you don’t lose your golf balls as frequently. These balls are available in colors like red, green, pink, yellow, purple, blue, and white. The dull matte finish for Volvik Vivid golf balls is the first of its kind in the world. The 332 dimple pattern provides excellent aerodynamic qualities for high launches and best trajectories. 

Furthermore, the matte finish essentially improves striking owing to the lesser glare and improved concentration. Best of all, these admirably amazing balls are available for a very economical price. These balls are quite cheap for their excellent quality in comparison with other balls in this category.


  • These balls are quite affordable and also best in quality
  • The quality of performance is consistent and best in this category
  • Longer distances can be covered with these balls even in response to low swing speeds


  • Some users do not find the bright colors or the matte finish very pleasing

Best for extra spin: Snell MTB Red Golf Balls

Snell MTB Red golf balls are made for that extra spin along with a more rigid feel on the driver and the long irons. The excellent spin control for these balls is a result of the additional spin control layer that gracefully improves middle and short iron play. This ball is essentially firm in texture. While this may not be easily perceptible but this is very well evident in the resistance to compression. 

This ball goes admirably high in flight and the approach shots were especially higher. While some golfers may deem the spin for these balls to be especially high, it is simply essential to the performance rendered by these balls. Looking at all other amazing attributes of these balls, it is understandable that the distance covered is also admirable. 

Furthermore, these balls are known to execute the best in class durability. All superb capabilities for these balls are owed to their commendable structure. These four-piece balls have a 338 dimple pattern on the urethane cover. This renders excellent short game control and the best feels. The spin for these balls is greatly enhanced by an inner mantle layer. 


  • These best in quality tour-like balls are known for rendering excellent spin to approach shots
  • The control on short game is commendable and the rigid feel is incomparable
  • The incredible spin also contributes in achieving the best distance and speed


  •   Some users report that these balls often go short off the tee 


These high quality tour balls are greatly admired by golfers. While these are the most exceptional balls in rendering the maximum spin, they are also admirable in covering great distances at high speeds. The dual feel technology for these balls renders them unmatchable capabilities for both long and short shots.

Know how to select the best golf balls for 10 handicap 

Upgrading to the best golf balls for 10 handicap will have you looking at premium quality golf balls that are all relatively expensive. You better keep some essential criteria in mind while making the best choice.

Know how much distance your ball can cover 

A 10 handicap player requires the perfect golf ball that can help him achieve the maximum distance for his skill set. A good quality golf ball that serves adequate distance can take you into the single digit league sooner than you think. 

See whether your ball provides adequate spin 

Go for premium quality balls that provide you much extra spin to make cut through air shots. The spin capabilities of the ball greatly depend on the structure of the outermost layers. Know that golf balls with better spins stop faster on the greens and provide you with more control. 

Check whether the feel rendered by your ball is adequate

It is essential that your golf ball renders optimum feels to best gauge the quality of your shots. The feel of a golf ball on the putting green best describes the characteristics of each shot. 


We have brought you some of the best known golf balls for attaining optimum performance for 10 handicap players. Our list includes golf balls meant to render high spin, great velocity, softest feels, best quality, and the best overall performances. 

Be considerate to the amount of money you wish on spending upon golf balls. Most golf balls for 10 handicap players are premium in quality and expensive. But you will lose relatively lesser balls now that you are close to entering the single digit league. So go for the best quality golf balls that uplift your game and spirit to the new level.

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