best golf balls for 70 mph swing speed

Best Golf Balls for 70 mph Swing Speed – Find the best golf ball for your needs

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One can get really discouraged by slow swing speeds in golf. While most people tend to see this as a limitation, this is just another thing you could improve. Given the right set of equipment, it is possible to overcome anything that tries to pull you down. We have brought you the best golf balls for 70 mph swing speed. 

The right golf ball for this particular situation will not only deliver the extra push to your performance, it will also render you adequate skills with thorough practice. Some of the renowned golf ball manufacturers have put in their best work into creating perfect balls to aid those with slow swing speeds.

At the end of the day, golf is another game people play for fun. A minor limitation in skills should not deter anyone from enjoying the game. We have not only brought you the best golf balls to counter slow swing speeds, we have also listed some informational points in the end so that you decide upon the best option for yourself.

The best golf balls for 70 mph swing speed

Best for extra distance: Titleist Pro VI Golf Balls

Titleist Pro VI is the best option if you are looking for affordable golf balls that will greatly improve your performance with a swing speed of 70 mph. Coming from a trustworthy and renowned brand, these special golf balls are best known for their ability to cover extra distance while executing a mesmerizing flight. 

The structure of these balls is truly perfect for delivering high velocity performance that golfers with slow swing speeds require. The compression for these balls is kept low by the virtue of their urethane elastomer cover which is quite thin in comparison to average golf balls. The reduced thickness of this cover provides adequately low compression for best coverage of extra distances. 

Moreover, the cover and the overall construction of the ball renders excellent spin and control on the greenside. Unlike most golf balls meant for extra distance, this one has the ability to roll no further once it is on the grass. This unmatchable control is very much admired by golfers.

While you may not be able to execute fine trajectories in your shots owing to your slow swing speed. This ball will let you create enough drive to deliver mind blowing trajectories in shots. This special feature lets you execute amazing flights and cover more distance. 


  • This soft feel ball is capable of covering extraordinary distance along with the best flight
  • Excellent control is offered on the greenside
  • These golf balls come from a renowned brand best known for good quality and trustworthy performance


  • You can find cheaper balls for the same attributes 


Titleist Pro VI golf balls are built to cover the extra distance that golfers with slow swing speeds wouldn’t normally achieve. While you may find cheaper balls with the same prominent features, you might not find the superior quality these unique golf balls render.

Best for high velocity and accuracy: Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Supersoft golf balls are best known for the amazing velocity they render to shots along with the unbelievable accuracy. For slow swing speeds, these balls are a boon. The unique features of these golf balls will visibly improve your skills as a slow swinger and greatly improve your game. 

The best feature of these balls is their versatility. This is owed to their reliable construction that has paid significant detail to the best aerodynamic characteristics. The surface of these golf balls is covered in special hexagonal dimples that help in reduction of drag and improve the performance of the ball in flight. 

For covering extraordinary distance at high velocity, the core of these balls has been made to be especially soft. Such that the overall feel of the ball is very soft and an adequate amount of spin is rendered to the shots. Also, these golf balls are unbelievably durable in construction. You’d have noticed that most golf balls do not last for a long enough time and soon demand replacement. 

Callaway Golf Supersoft golf balls consist of a special trigonometry cover which not only makes them durable but also increases the compression and softness. Owing to this excellent design, there’s no chance of the usual scuffing. Best of all, these balls are available in bright and vibrant colors that significantly improve visibility and improve the quality of the game. 


  • These balls are meant to attain high velocity for covering extra distance 
  • These balls are extremely versatile in function and admirably durable in structure 
  • The bright colors enhance visibility and improve the game 


  • All players don’t like the softness of this ball 


These are a set of sturdy and dependable golf balls that’ll render you extra distance and ultimate performance on the course. With an improved aerodynamic design and a particularly soft core, these balls are meant to take any slow swinger’s golf to another level.

Best ultra-soft feel: Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls

This very well engineered golf ball is meant for slow swingers that aim for fast velocity. While executing low spin in your shots, these balls will improve the distance you cover and also provide adequate control on the greenside. But the best thing about these balls is their amazing ultra-soft feel. So if you are a slow swinger who admires the feel of golf balls on the putter, you must go for Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis golf balls. 

The excellent construction of these balls renders low spin and high velocity. This is mainly owed to the dual soft fast core of these balls which is also graphene infused. With a considerably reduced spin, these balls are rendered high launches which in turn enable them to cover more distance. 

You’d greatly admire the amazing control on the greenside that is rendered by the superiorly thin urethane cover of these balls. This cover not only provides an unbelievably soft feel, but also generates excellent control on the intensity of shots. 

Overall, golfers generally prefer this ball owing to the ultra-soft feel provided by the thin cover as well as the low amount of compression in the core. Truly, this is one of the softest golf balls you’d come across.


  • This is one of the best golf balls for truly soft feels 
  • High velocity, low spin and excellent control is provided 
  • Slow swingers can achieve great distance with this ball 


  • Golfers may prefer cheaper options that improve performance in the same way


If you love soft feel golf balls that best enhance your performance on the course, you must go for Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis golf balls. While these may not be the most affordable option out there, these balls certainly provide the softest feels.

Best for extra spin: Wilson Sporting Goods Smart Core Golf Balls

These balls will render you extra spin if you want it to be a part of your game. The unique construction of these balls makes them deliver the best in class performance with amazing aerodynamic capabilities. The best features of these balls include the low compression, the most effective dimple pattern, and the ability to cover large distances. Moreover, these golf balls are quite affordable. 

These may be amongst the softest golf balls. With a compression of 29, these balls certainly have the best feels and the most reliable performative abilities for slow swingers. If you admire soft feels in golf balls, you are certainly gonna love this one. 

Along with a shallow pattern of dimples, these balls house a large core which aids in significantly improving the distance and increasing the velocity of performance. Furthermore, the excellent two-piece construction of these balls provides a low spin rate that straightens the flight and achieves every feat a slow singer wants to nail.


  • These balls have the softest feels 
  • No other 2-piece golf ball is capable of covering such long distance 
  • The low compression of 29 makes it possible for these balls to achieve extra distance 


  • These golf balls are more suitable for long game and not quite appropriate for short game 


Wilson Staff DUO golf balls are amongst the best options for slow swingers owing to their excellent distance coverage. Some features of these golf balls are rare and best in class and quite a treat for the amazingly low price.

Best for extra control: Callaway Supersoft Bolt Matte Golf Balls

These are the best golf balls when it comes to performance, especially owing to the excellent control they avail for their superior aerodynamic design. While covering the longest distance, these balls render the most enhanced spin and effective control on the greenside. 

While these balls are widely recommended to slow swingers, they can be employed by any decent golfer to attain merit in the game. You can especially improve your short game performance because of the dependable three-piece construction and better reliability of these golf balls. The soft cover for these balls greatly reduces the spin while increasing the effective control on the greenside. 

The best in class aerodynamic design for these balls is very efficient in creating an optimum lift and providing a low drag. Such that the flight of these golf balls is superior and well in the air for achieving long distances. Moreover, these balls are available in packs of fifteen with around five different color variants that include orange, red, and yellow. One must note that these balls are excellent for long distance games and greatly improve the control. 


  • These balls are very excellent for covering long distances at high velocity 
  • The amazing short spin rendered by these balls is very effective in improving long game performance
  • Best of all, these golf balls are not as expensive as their contenders


  • These golf balls are not appropriate for short distance golf game


If you are looking for good quality golf balls that avail extra control while improving the performance of slow swingers, there is no better option than Callaway Supersoft Bolt Matte golf balls. These will not only improve your long distance performance, but will also do so at very affordable prices.

Know how to select the best golf balls for 70 mph swing speed

One must pay attention to certain essential criteria while selecting the perfect golf ball for swing speed as low as 70 mph.

Go for golf balls with adequately low compression

The balls with low compression tend to be softer and get deformed easily on being hit. This means a greater distance can be achieved by the impact of the hit on the ball. One important aspect of low compression is the increased flexibility of the ball so that it doesn’t break down in response to the impact and instead executes greater velocity.

Select balls that are meant to cover extra distance 

If you are a slow swinger, you must want to increase the distance you cover with each shot. Some golf balls are specifically designed for enhanced distance by increasing the velocity of shots and enhancing their flight. This is owed to superior aerodynamic capabilities and effective dimple designs along with reduced spins and soft structure.

Select the equipment that fits your budget

Golf may be one of the most expensive sports in the world. But that doesn’t mean quality golf equipment cannot be purchased at reasonable prices. Go for the golf balls that deliver the best performance at the most affordable rates.


We have brought you some of the best golf balls in America for golfers with swing speeds as low as 70 mph. Each of the above golf balls is meant to avail extra distance, superior velocity, adequate spin, and good feels to the game. We have brought you balls in all price ranges so you can select the one that suits you the most. Never let your slow swing speed stop you from enjoying the game.

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