best golf balls for 90-95 mph swing speed

Best Golf Balls for 90-95 mph Swing Speed – Make the best out of your skill set

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You must have been witness to the magic a good golf ball can bring to someone’s game. It is no surprise that ideal equipment can take your game to another level. People with lower skill sets can execute better performance with the help of golf balls that are meant to attain better distance and ideal spin. 

Handed the right ball, you can become unstoppable on the course with that swing speed of 95 mph. We have brought you some of the best golf balls for 90-95 mph swing speed that you can use to uplift your strategy. If you aim for excellent control on the greens, want good distance coverage for your swing speed, and desire for lesser drag, we have carefully compiled the best possible options for you. 

All five of our amazing golf balls are built to render the most impressive trajectories and mind blowing velocities to your shots. We have also compiled a list of essential facts to consider before selecting an ideal golf ball for your set priorities. Get ready for the most amazing times on the course. 

The best golf balls for 90-95 mph swing speed 

Best overall: Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Golf Balls

Most golfers will strongly recommend you Callaway Golf Superhot Bold golf balls. This is because of the renowned brand and the excellent characteristics of structure and performance the ball has to render. These golf balls come laden with the unique Callaway HEX aerodynamics features to provide you excellent coverage of distance. 

This is in turn achieved by the enhancement of spin and the improvement in control over the ball. The increase in spin is especially beneficial for the short game while the effective control is very beneficial in each strike. Furthermore, these balls are neither too soft nor too hard in feel. Their feel can be best described as moderate and it works essentially well for this swing speed of 95 mph

When you compare your performance with these golf balls to another ordinary golf ball, you’d notice that this one makes your shots more straight owing to the lower spin. These golf balls have a three-piece structure and include an ionomer cover that works best for delivering long distance shots. You’ll get longer shots than you’d expect owing to the greatly reduced drag rate and an overall enhanced lift tendency that keeps the ball in flight for a longer duration. 

On the other hand, the softness of the cover renders you additional spin when you are working on the greenside. Moreover, the bright colors of this ball are very easy to spot at long distances. 


  • The special characteristic features of this ball provide excellent coverage of distance and admirable control on the greens 
  • The reduced drag and the ideal response to this particular swing speed makes these balls execute incredible flights
  • These balls are very high in quality and also quite affordable 


  • The colors of these balls may be bright but they can at times be difficult to locate if they land in the greens


These golf balls are moderately soft and perfect in capabilities for achieving the best performance in response to the given swing speed. Unlike most golf balls, these will work exceptionally well in both short and long distance shots.

Most popular: TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

This ball is extremely popular due to its very special characteristics and incredible performance on the course. Used by excellent golfers such as Rory Mcllroy, these are easily amongst the best golf balls ever made. For 95 mph swing speed golfers, these balls are a stairway to another level of game. 

This five layered ball is quite well known for its unique structure and especially regarded for the mind blowing performance it executes. Most golf balls usually include only two cores and one additional cover at most. TaylorMade TP5x has a three layered core with varying amounts of compression at each depth. As you head deeper into the core, the level of compression gradually increases. This rise in compression has effective significance in the energy distribution within the ball. 

Owing to the difference in the amount of compression at various depths, greater energy will be transferred to the ball on the hit and more velocity will be achieved in turn. Moreover, the cover for these balls have a dual-spin function that is also owed to its special construction. It involves the use of ultra-soft cast urethane along with a semi-rigid inner cover. These materials tend to pull away from each other and in turn create an enhanced spin for the ball on the greenside. 

You’ll also get more control on the movements of this ball than elsewhere. Best of all, the performance of this excellent ball does not depend upon the types of golf clubs you employ. Each pack contains twelve golf balls and the overall price is quite genuine.


  • You’ll get the best distance coverage along with excellent spin
  • For the swing speed of 95 mph, these golf balls provide admirable distance no matter what clubs you use
  • For the best quality performance, the price of this set of golf balls is very reasonable 


  • Some users report that the shots executed with these balls are not necessarily straight 


TaylorMade TP5x golf balls are best in delivering the ultimate gorgeous shots that only high-end golfers tend to execute, this is owed to the very special structure and dynamic attributes these balls get to the game.

Best distance and accuracy: Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

Bridgestone E6 Speed golf balls are built to deliver the best in class distance and speed along with unbelievable accuracy. The breathtaking performance of these balls is mainly the result of their special multi-layered design. The most exceptional aspect of their performance is the absolute minimization of spin so that the maximum possible distance is scaled in the right direction.

It is a fact that good coverage of distance in the correct direction is only best possible when the spin is adequately low. Moreover, a high velocity is rendered to every shot. One special characteristic of these golf balls is the presence of a delta dimple design. This effectively reduces the air resistance and makes it possible to cover more lengths in response to equal effort.

Even the flight of the shots is very much enhanced such that they go on for extra distance in the air. Much of these excellent qualities in flight are owed to the exceptional dimple design and commendable aerodynamic attributes for these balls. Moreover, these are amongst the softest golf balls. Besides, the option to use a bright yellow color further increases visibility and ensures adequate performance even with changes in weather conditions. 


  • These balls are excellent in delivering long and straight shots that attain high speeds and cover the maximum distance
  • Adequately built for golfers with 95 mph swing speed, these balls are also very durable 
  • As compared to other golf balls in this category, these are quite affordable 


  • Many users report that these balls didn’t turn out as durable as they had expected 


These golf balls are perfect in delivering the most straight and accurate shots for the best possible distance. Greatly admired and recommended by golfers with swing speeds in this range, these balls are also very reasonably priced. Moreover, they are known to be essentially durable.

Most trusted: Wilson Staff Duo Soft Golf Balls

This is amongst the most trustworthy brands for golf equipment. Most senior golfers will recommend this brand and for obvious reasons. Winner of the 2019 Golf Digest Hotlist Golf award, this brand is very well meant for players with 95 mph swing speed.

The compression for these balls is just 29. This makes for a very soft two-piece golf ball that covers admirable distance while spinning at the best rate. Great aerodynamic capabilities are rendered to this ball owing to the shallow dimples and excellent overall design. Such that flights of the shots are exceptionally long and well meant for covering large distances.

The shots gain high velocity in the air and offer minimum resistance to the air. The distance coverage is also helped by the ionomer blend in the cover for these golf balls. As the spin generated on being hit decreases, the flight becomes considerably straight. These balls are even more durable than you’d expect.


  • These balls are adequate for beginners and those who want to display their best performance at the given swing speeds
  • The overall performance is commendable and quite well suited for covering exceptional distance 
  • These great quality golf balls are also very reasonably priced


  • Some users report that these balls are not as soft as they had expected 


This is a very trustworthy brand and these golf balls are known for executing the best in class performance for their price. Beginners and slow swingers can very well adapt to using these balls for delivering the most commendable shots. While these balls may not be as soft as you’d expect, they certainly render very admirable performance.

Most affordable: Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

These are the most affordable variety of golf balls for the given swing speed that you can lay your hands on. With compression as low as 70, these balls have an admirably soft feel and render considerable improvement in performance to slow swinging golfers. The less compression also ensures that the ball releases more energy on being striked. 

The excellent design includes 352 dimples on the surface that effectively improve the lift of the ball and decrease the amount of drag encountered during flight. This means the ball is able to cover greater distance when in the air. While the spin is considerably reduced during flight to enable straight motion, it is equally enhanced on the greens to enable better control. 

The outer core for these balls contains Dupont Lithium Surlyn which incredibly enhances durability and the overall performance. This also makes these balls more resistant to being damaged. Moreover, the bright pink coloration of these balls enhances their visibility. This set of fifteen balls is available for a very genuine price. 


  • The bright pink color greatly enhances the visibility of these balls 
  • They deliver excellent performance for a very genuine price 
  • Beginners and slow swingers can easily adapt to the execution of these balls 


  • Some users report that these ball do not meet the adequate professional qualities they had expected 


These are literally the most affordable balls for golfers with swing speeds around 95 mph. While they may not execute the best performance out of all. Their performance is certainly admirable and quite excellent for their price.

Know how to select golf balls for 95 mph swing speed

Go for good quality golf balls that are reasonably priced 

One must go for golf balls that provide the best required qualities at the most affordable price. Although all golf balls may seem particularly inexpensive in front of the other golf equipment. One must remember how frequently golf balls get lost and ought to be replaced. Also pay attention to the durability of the balls you select.

Select the balls with the best aerodynamic capabilities 

Go for the golf balls that have incorporated effective aerodynamic features to best improve the performance in flight. Select the golf balls that deliver the best possible velocity and straightness of motion in response to the given swing speed. 

Note the performance of your golf ball on the green 

Your ball must have low spin when it is played in the air and it must have adequate spin on the green for effective control. 


We have brought you the five best golf balls in this category. Go for the one that best caters to your particular requirements and never let your slow swing speed hold you back.

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