best golf balls for slice

5 Best Golf Balls for Slice – It’s time to get a better direction

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It is not uncommon to find yourself in trouble at a new game. Be it basketball, tennis, or golf, it can be hard to get a sense of direction with your shots. If you find yourself slicing your shots very often, don’t think it will last. This problem is commonly encountered by new golfers. And there are effective ways to handle it. One of the best methods is to employ a golf ball that best avails better direction. We have brought you the best golf balls for slice.

These are meant to avail better accuracy and cover extra distance. All these balls attain this level of accuracy by reducing the amount of spin generated while driving them off the tee. 

With such a low spin, there is little chance that your ball will fly in an unintended direction. Besides tackling your problem of slicing, these balls will also render excellent performance on the course. Because slicing occurs more commonly in the long form of golf, our specially curated golf balls are meant to provide the best long shot performance too.

5 best golf balls for slice

Best in performance: Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball

best golf balls for slice

Bridgestone is a well renowned brand for delivering high quality golf equipment. One of their best creations is the E6 soft golf ball. Designed for the best possible accuracy with the best coverage of distance, this soft feel ball is tremendous in countering slice. 

The low spin tendency for this special golf ball will greatly reduce your tendency to slice a shot. This also creates better accuracy in delivering long as well as short shots. This ball is also capable of covering extra distances for your need of performing better in all aspects on the course. 

The inner core for this ball is quite soft such that the immediate resistance on impact with a ball is quite less. This reduces any stray motion that the ball may otherwise execute. The outer layer for this ball is covered by a special pattern of Delta dimples that decrease the ball’s resistance to air and avail more control on direction. 

You’ll see that the direction of this ball is considerably straight on being shot. Moreover, this ball will have enough spin to reach the target at speed. This ball stops quite fast as compared to other contenders in this list. 


  • These balls are best in quality and quite affordable 
  • The best in class construction for these balls guarantees enhanced accuracy and better coverage of distance 
  • Golfers with different swing speeds can play comfortably and deem exceptional results 


  • Some users report that this ball is more soft than required


This grand rubber manufacturer is also popular for producing the best quality golf balls in the American market. While delivering the best accuracy while covering maximum distance, these balls also come at a very affordable price. 

Best for extra distance: Polara XDS 3-piece Golf Ball

The makers of these special golf balls promise slice reduction by as much as 50 percent. This is owed to the special self correcting technology these balls are equipped with. This refers to a particular arrow on the ball that determines your actual direction of shot. The presence of a guiding arrow greatly reduces any error and deviation from the correct direction.

While these balls may not be professional in any sense. They are definitely the best choice if you are a newcomer who wants to play golf for fun. However, these balls still perform excellently on the course and are very much recommended for reducing slice. They avail the best possible control on the greens. 

Moreover, the life executed by these balls on strike is commendable. This is mainly owed to their special aerodynamic lift properties. Once shot in the right direction, they will head straight for the target without any deviation. Their trajectory will be higher and the distance covered will be longer owing to the height.

One must note that the XD mentioned in the name of these golf balls refers to extra distance. With a compression rate of 90, these balls are well-meant to cover any extra distance you want to target. This quality is further enhanced by the 366 dimples on their surface that improve the aerodynamic qualities. 


  • These balls reduce any deviation or slice by 50 percent and also improve the distance you cover with each shot
  • The self correcting technology for these balls further reduces the probability of slice 
  • These golf balls are quite affordable and fun to play with


  • These golf balls are not professional quality


This is a fun golf ball for newcomers who want to enjoy the game with their minimum skill set. While the slices will be greatly reduced, there will also be a great improvement in the distance covered. 

Best in accuracy: Titleist Pro VI Prior Generation Golf Ball

These special golf balls are meant to cover the maximum possible distance with the best accuracy. Players of all levels of skill sets and different swing speeds can depend upon this ball to render them excellent performance. The commendable performance rendered by these balls is a result of their low spin delivery even on long shots. The resultant flights are high and the trajectories cut through the wind. 

The next generation 2.0 ZG process core for these balls enables them to execute long distances for shots. This is done by a combination of low spin and high velocity. Greater consistency is exhibited in the achievement of this feat owing to the 352 dimples spanned across the surface for better aerodynamic qualities. 

The soft urethane cover provides excellent softness and availas more control on the greens. This layer has also been built to be essentially durable so that the ball lasts for long. The outermost layer for this ball consists of an ionomeric casting that serves to improve the speed and the effective control for the shots. 

Whether you play at low or high swing speeds, these golf balls will serve you adequately. With a compression rate of 90, these are the best quality golf balls you will come across in this category. 


  • This golf ball will reduce your slicing significantly and greatly improve the distance coverage
  • You’ll see a pro level of accuracy and much less spin in comparison to other golf balls
  • Even the path of these balls in flight is very steady and straight


  • There are less expensive alternatives to this golf ball 


These golf balls minimize the amount of spin and significantly enhance the accuracy of your shots. Along with this, they render straughter flights and effective control on the greens. These balls may be expensive but the price is well deserved. You can find cheaper alternatives that will also reduce your slice considerably.

Best control on the greens: Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Along with accuracy, the best known quality of this ball is to provide excellent control on the greenside. For covering excellent distance and shooting in the right direction, these balls are equipped with special Smart-Core technology that significantly decreases the amount of spin generated in response to the player’s particular swing speed. 

Especially when you strike the ball to cover a long distance, the spin is significantly reduced. Alternatively, you are availed a much better control and effective spin when you are on the greenside or playing chip shots. For correctly responding to either of these circumstances, this ball has two cores. 

The overall structure of the ball is meant to offer counter-responses effectively well. The external ionomer cover for this ball has 432 dimples that execute straight shots with effectively reduced slicing and enhanced distance. The compression rate of 85 caters to this excellent performance. 

Besides, these balls have a very soft feel and great durability. Such that they’ll last longer than golf balls usually last. Moreover, they are quite affordable. 


  • These balls are the best in quality and quite affordable for their attributes
  • The shots rendered through these balls are straight and piercing and cover extra distance 
  • Each pack has 24 balls


  • Some users report that these balls are not as soft as golf balls ought to be 


These best in class golf balls are built to provide the best distance and direction to your well aimed shots. For a very affordable price, you get premium quality golf balls that leave no stone unturned in rendering the best possible performance.

Best for soft feels: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball

These soft feel golf balls are known for rendering a significantly low compression or up to 60. Furthermore, the energetic gradient growth core for these balls provides a high launch and covers the greatest possible distance at high velocity. Along with this, the ball maintains a low spin. This is what renders these balls an unmatchable accuracy and a great sense of direction in shots. 

The cover for these balls contains Rabalon HR+ and Pana-Tetra blend to create a thinner design that guarantees softness while significantly reducing the spin. Moreover, the 324 dimple pattern provides a special aerodynamic edge to these golf balls which adds to their flight capabilities as well as improves direction.

The advanced design for this ball also serves to reduce drag and take on more distance. While the low compression greatly reduces the spin for this ball. The velocity is significantly improved along with mitigation of slicing. This is also owed to the outer ionomer layer which influences the ball’s speed. 


  • These essentially soft feel balls are very durable and quite excellent in performance 
  • The reduced spin greatly decreases the probability of slicing
  • Furthermore, a higher spin is rendered on the greens for better control 


  • Users report that these balls may not be as durable as it is advertised 


Best in visibility, softness, speed, distance, and accuracy, this is the perfect set of golf balls to counter your slicing. Furthermore, these balls can be effectively used by players of all swing speeds and handicaps.

Know how to select the best golf balls for slice 

You’d have noticed that slicing is more commonly encountered in long shot golf games. This is mainly because of the requirement of more force. A greater amount of force reduces the accuracy of your shots. This is where one encounters slicing. It is even more probable when you have bad hand eye coordination and a high swing speed. Look for these important attributes in golf balls that will significantly reduce slicing and help you enjoy the game.

Make sure that your golf ball has incredibly low spin 

To effectively reduce slicing, one needs to play with balls that render lower spin on being shot. While selecting these balls, one must also note that they don’t compromise in other important attributes like distance and speed. While it may seem impossible to come across such supremely capable balls, we have listed the best of them above. Also make sure that the said golf ball performs adequately for your given swing speed. While low spin is an essential attribute for golf balls meant to counter slicing, some of them may avail high spin on the green side for optimum control. 

Select the golf balls that fit your budget 

Good quality golf balls are available in all price ranges. Go for the ones that are best suitable for this function and fit in your budget at the same time. There are fairly expensive balls for this condition. But there are also good quality balls that provide the same quality features in a comfortable price range. 


Get ready to level up your game with our excellent selection of the best golf balls for slice. All of these are meant to counter slice and offer commendable overall performance at the same time. Now it’s your turn to slice the game instead.

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