best golf driver for high handicappers

Best Golf Driver for High Handicappers in 2020

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There is no doubt that golf is a timeless, ageless, and quite a worthwhile sport. So, there is no specific age at which you can start playing it. However, before you start out and make your buys there are a few things and guidelines to keep in mind about the equipment, golf drivers for one, which differ in ideality from person to person.

Ideal Requisites for the Best Golf Driver for High Handicappers

If you recognise yourself as one of the high handicappers, the requirements for the ideal golf driver for you are fairly different and specific to your style. For example, your driver needs to provide you or give you access to maximum forgiveness which is complementary to the distance that you will need off the tee. 

Needless to say, if you are more or less having a tough time with getting the hand of your style of golf, and are worried about your confidence in the accuracy of the shots, a huge step away from that anxiousness could be offered by certain beginner clubs. So that is one thing you must look for when making your choice. 

Then again, you must ensure if your driver offers you the ideal breakthrough technology in the way it is designed to further ensure that it will offer you the preferred forgiveness and distance! But this process can often be time consuming and due to the several options existing out there, you might even end up choosing the wrong kind of a driver. So, to ease your process of selection and do away with the confusion you might be stuck in right now, we have come up with the best golf drivers for high handicappers in the market.

Ten Best Golf Drivers for High Handicappers in the Market 

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha

best golf driver for high handicappers

First on the list is Callaway’s shiny black finished Men’s Big Bertha, a step up in the original Big Bertha series. It is a driver which is larger in the aspect of size and dimensions, and as per a lot of users and professionals, it is very forgiving than many other options available out there. The distance covered is exceptional and it even assured accuracy to a greater precision, as has been the experience of many golfers. 

The technology and thought that went into designing this driver is inverse proportionality between the velocity and weight: by reducing the weight that the driver holds, the makers have managed to increase the velocity that it brings. 

The Optifit hosel feature allows you to change the angle of the loft by a range of degrees, and thus have it as per your convenience’s way. It also consists of a highly composite head that ensures the above without compromising on the one 460 cc club head.


  • Inverse relation between velocity and weight which gives you an advantage 
  • Maximum forgiveness and distance coverage 
  • The enhanced bomber that gives you an edge over the others
  • Ease in launch and swing that gives you greater accuracy in your shots
  • The Optifit hosel feature that allows you to change the loft angle as per your convenience


  • The design might not seem as sophisticated to some golfers due to the Isaac Newton caricature 
  • The sound of the shot is often absorbed and does not bring through the impact quite right, which is another minor con that some users might not be okay with

Cobra Golf Men’s King F8

Next, we have the Cobra King F8 Driver which is known in the market for its high forgiveness. Through the weight which is displaced all the way to the lower side of the club head’s back, the centre of gravity shifts and makes sure that there is an increase in the amount of balance and control that you have over your shot. This allows you faster speed in your shot. 

There is an additional feature of customisation and adjustability in terms of your preference of loft angle, and it ranges from 9° up to 12°. Not only that, but the driver also comes with a SmartPad technology which gives way to a square face regardless of what the angle of loft is.

The Cobra King F8 Driver is one that comes with plenty of adjustments giving you many different ways of maneuvering the driver and improving your shots with it. You can tweak the driver to suit your advantage when out on the golf course depending on your skills and level of expertise. 


  • It comes with plenty of customizable features that help setting and driving your shot the way you want
  • The unique Smart Pad technology ensures a square face at your point of contact, which is regardless of the loft angle
  • The change in weight distribution adds to the speed


  • The screws holding the weights in the clubhead may fall out over time, but this can be fixed
  • The club could be delivered either with a faulty wrench or without one at all

Cobra King F9 Speedback

Third on the list is a Cobra driver which has always been recognized for designing and producing drivers that maximize distance and its King F9 Speedback does not disappoint either. The long bomber present gives way to greater straightest in shooting, which is a very big plus point especially if you are a higher handicapper.

Additionally, there is a good scope for adjustments in the settings which is much less complicated than other options with adjustability. In this, you have the feature of changing loft angle, at any degree from 9 to 12, distanced at increments of 0.5°.

However, the most interesting feature here is the ability to switch weights demo the sole of the club head, to the front and back. This will help you produce a much higher and impactful ball flight, as opposed to when you have the weight in the front that will help you lower the flight.  


  • Available in a large range of colours
  • The adjustability in weight for your preferable ball flight
  • Adjustability in the loft angles


  • There is no feature available to adjust the centre of gravity unlike other models
  • Changeability in the ball flight might seem like an unnecessary feature to some

TaylorMade Aeroburner

The TaylorMade AeroBurner is an excellent alternative to quite a few drivers for high handicappers as it proves to be the easiest one for achieving accurate hits due to its metal drivers.

As far as the appearance is concerned, the Taylormade Aeroburner has a white cover with  red alignment aids. This design helps you nail the shot by giving you a better sense of placement based on accuracy. 

The club head, for one, is wider than most others and has deep speed pockets that help high handicappers to improve on their game. It is available in lofts from 10.5° to 14°.


  • The metal body increases power in the shot, which is beneficial for high handicappers
  • Helps you nail the high shots 
  • The design and colours used give you a better sense of judgment


  • It lacks all the customisable or adjustable features that are present in other options
  • The spin might be too high for some users, but that is subjective to the golfer

Ping G400

The best feature about the Ping G400 driver is its forgiving high launch, and not to mention the accuracy in straightness. 

While the club head is comparatively smaller than others, it has a few adjustable features that were missing in the previous driver. Appearance wise, it comes in a matte finish and spines on the crown.


  • A customizable angle of loft lets you decide on your forgiveness and launch direction
  • The large sweet spot helps you launch the ball at a greater height and faster speed
  • Cannon-like sound on hitting your shot is another factor that might be a point of appeal to some


  • Unlike the loft angle, the centre of gravity does not have any scope for changeability or adjustment
  • Again, customisation in the ball flight might seem like an unnecessary feature to some

Wilson Staff D7

The Wilson Staff D7 is known in the market especially for the exceptional distance coverage and fast speed that it offers. A lot of thinking has gone into its design based on the rightness in the kind of weight used in it rather that the lightweight feature that other alternatives usually go for, and their success in doing so is evident in their sell score. 

According to several users and professionals, the driver offers the maximum distance and forgiveness in the swings, which is ideally expected by a beginner or a high handicapper. This is also possible due to the increase in the length of the shaft.

Like many other drivers, this one has an adjustable hosel as well, all the way from 8° to 14°, which makes the club head much more versatile. 


  • The right usage of technology to distribute weight
  • Adjustable loft angles for preferable forgiveness
  • Increase in the length of shaft for better sense of direction 
  • The unique features help you increase your swing speed from slow to moderate


  • If you are looking to improve on your distance, then this may not be your best option

TaylorMade SIM Max D

Known for designing and producing the best golf drivers for high handicappers, TaylorMade’s SIM Max D also serves the same purpose. This model has the highest launch angle in all of the SIM model series, and that is complemented by the largest face as well which makes the high handicapper or a bigger one to hit their shot easily.  

The asymmetric shape of the sole helps generate inertia, with respect to speed as well as distance. Even the weight in the sole of the ball helps garner maximum forgiveness, along with the club head which is designed in a way that it maximises the swing speed with which the ball is being hit. Another interesting feature to this is the twist face which helps you with forgiveness as the change in angles help you straighten your shots. 

Additionally, it has the built-in draw bias which is specifically unique to the SIM Max D. This means, it has a club head in a way profitable to right handed golfers who tend to slice.


  • The speed injected club head is a special feature that offers maximum speed and wider area to hit the ball, which is ideal if you are a high handicapper
  • Twist Face gives way to maximum forgiveness 
  • It comes with a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket which will help you increase the swing speed and hit the shot over a larger distance


  • It might be a little too pricey for some users, especially if you are only a beginner or a high handicapper
  • Lacks adjustability in the weight

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Turbo Driver

Next up on the list, we have the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo which is deemed as one of the best golf drivers for high handicappers by many professionals and customers. It accustoms itself to the players with swing speeds on the slower side, and returns the shot with not just a much higher launch or forgiveness but also longer distance.

A higher Coefficient of Restitution (COR) is offered by the turbocharged cup face, over a much larger distance through the increase in speed of the swing. Moreover, the HiBore crown and light hosel helps lower the centre of gravity and launches higher with more forgiveness. In complement to this, the deep weighting technology used increases the generation of inertia for the same purpose, which is smartly counter-balanced with the length and design of the shaft.


  • The unique Turbocharged Cup Face helps speedy swing and longer coverage of distance
  • HiBore crown and lightweight hosel maximizes the forgiveness while also offering a higher launch
  • The same is facilitated by the deep weighting which increases the generation of inertia


  • Lack of adjustability in weight
  • Lack of adjustability in the loft angle
  • The offset design may not be required or preferred generically

Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver

The Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 is an interesting option for the fact that it has a lot of innovative technologies inbuilt in itself. For an instance, the Diamond Face Technology helps speed up the launching of the ball while also managing to lower the spin on it considerably. It also gives way to maximising forgiveness as per preference. 

The 8-1-1 Titanium construction, meaning lightweight initiator allows for repositioning and adjustment of the weight in the club head. A customisable 9 gram weight at the sole of the club head produces higher inertia and offers forgiveness for the off-centre shots as well. 

Like seen in several other options, the adjustable hosel gives your scope to adjust the angle of the loft by 2°, all as per your preference. Lastly, the Sound Diffusion Bar reduces vibrations but gives off an impactful sound which is liked by a lot of golfers.


  • Diamond Face Technology speeds up launch and swing, and also reduces spin
  • scope for maximizing forgiveness for launching off-center shots
  • Adjustable hosel that helps you get a better sense of direction


  • The adjustable loft is a little difficult to handle and get used to
  • The size of the club could be small for some golfers

Srixon Z 585 Driver

As we come to the end of the list, we have the most affordable option amongst the alternatives present out there. The Srixon Z585 driver is a simple but sleek driver that helps its forgiving nature. The feature of slight draw bias is in-built and helps you do away with slices. Additionally, the Ti51AF Cup Face offers a faster speed to the ball, thereby covering a much larger distance. Its lightweight carbon crown helps you relocate the weight as per your preference which is helpful if your shot hits off-centre. The model is available in two loft angles, 10.5° and 9.5° with an option for regular or stiff shaft flexes as well.


  • The Ti51AF Cup Face offers maximization in speed and distance covered
  • A lightweight carbon crown helps with the forgiveness
  • The in built slight draw bias helps reduce the chances of slices


  • Though there are different buying options available in the model, it does not have an adjustable weighting or loft
  • The asymmetrical shape could take a little longer to get used to


Though the list has been compiled with the generic high handicapper in mind, every person prefers their drivers differently, and so, you are the best judge for your choice. 

If you look for an option that offers you maximum adjustable features, you will be able to bank on it and improve on your swing speed, distance, forgiveness, and thereby your overall game!

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