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Best Golf Driver For Seniors This Season

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Unlike a lot of other sports or games, Golf is one of the very few sports that are both ageless and timeless. It carries the spirit of victory and loss and displays a great deal of sportsmanship. There is no reason that any given generation or age category cannot enjoy it. 

In fact, Golf is growing rather popular amongst the seniors lately. With that in mind and without any further ado here is a pick of the best golf driver for seniors this season, in all your glory so far!

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Drivers 

Apart from the difference in the color of the shafts of men’s and women’s golf drivers, there are a few key variations that are designed specifically for each, although the technology behind both is more or less the same. 

Women’s golf drivers being shorter and quite lighter in weight, they are also much more flexible as compared to men’s golf drivers. Usually, this is done to support character specifics, namely women’s smaller build. While it may not always be the case, these slight variations are also for the purpose of playing into their generally slower swing speed. 

There are several other key differences between the two types, and since every person’s stature varies from another, it is ideal to first check out the parameters of the same.

Five Best Golf Drivers For Seniors – Men

TaylorMade M6

best golf driver for seniors

First on the list is TaylorMade’s recent release, the M6. It has a streamlined and glossy look, giving you the prime impression then and there. The loft sleeve is customisable and can be adjusted in increments or decrements varying on whether you are going for a high shot or a low shot. On the contrary, the weight put in its club’s sole enhances the angle of your launch, adding a lot more definition and direction to your shot.  

The choices made in terms of the design and look are also mindful in the sense that it falls in contrast with the Golf ball, giving you a clear perception for placement and judgement. 

The cutting-edge mechanism and customisation will offer you the right kind of distance and forgiveness as you please. 


  • Customisable loft sleeve for your convenience at a high or a low shot, offset and launch angle, as you please.
  • Aerodynamic design provides you with your preferred speed at your shot, “inertia generator”, as it were! 
  • Cutting-edge technology for your desired distance and forgiveness.
  • The twist-face fashioned club face that gives way to faster speed, lesser spin and greater precision in your shot.
  • The addition of weight in the heel of the club head ensures the required impact for the launch, as it grounds your club down. 


  • The added weight around the soul of the club head makes its design delicate and slightly vulnerable to damage. 
  • Seems a little costlier as compared to the other available options, but this is completely subjective to the user. 

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

Up as a second choice is yet again, TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Black Driver, which is specifically designed for the senior players. Put simply, it is a black polished straightforward driver that comes with a 12° loft angle which is ideal for launching long shots. 

It is fashioned in the way that it reduces the spin on the Golf ball and gives more accessibility and ease to the player. 

It comes with a well designed PVC face, with its length has been deemed as most liked amongst players, especially those in the category of seniority.


  • The 12° loft angle gives you a better hand at launching long shots
  • The technical fashioning of the driver is such that it reduces the spin on the Golf Ball
  • The length of the driver is favourable across the various age categories, and most importantly for the older players.


  • Despite the good bits, TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Black Driver lacks in the weight parameter, meaning it could be heavy for a considerable portion of the elderly population.
  • Having used the lightweight black matrix speed rul-z 50 shaft, one which is known specifically for its stiffness might compromise and distort your otherwise desired flexibility.

Callaway XR Driver Senior Flex

While designing the Callaway XR Driver Senior Flex, the one important factor taken into consideration is the swing speed. This is primarily for those golfers who are average in terms of their speed of the swing and not very fast-paced.  

It gives way to longer distance, which is possible due to the light weight of the driver and forgiving club face, ensuring accuracy as well.

In addition to this, the loft and shaft have a wide range of variety for suitable selection.


  • Best considerably for the older players with an average swing speed.
  • Light weight and forgiving club face ensures shots cover long distances and with accuracy.
  • Wide range of selection in terms of loft and shaft.


  • The only drawback here is the lack of control which may arise due to its lightweight.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

This is your best option in case you are a senior citizen getting into golfing just recently, or want to gift it to someone who is. 

To begin with, the PGX Offset Golf Driver is a matt black driver with a slick black finish just at the head. It is equipped with a neon/lime green indicator which gives you a sense of the centre of the club face and makes alignment with the ball and the ground much easier. Its fixed hosel offset gives way to a straight drive, more specifically in case you slice the golf ball. 

Lastly, the considerably bigger sweet spot facilitates off-centre especially for high-handicappers. So, if you are to hit the ball right in the centre, the drive will stay to the left of your set target.


  • It is an entry-level driver which does away with extravagant sophistication
  • It is very inexpensive
  • The green indicator and specifically designed club face helps you made precise judgements and shots.  
  • The sweet spot is larger than many other options of the best Golf drivers for seniors at entry-level.


  • Only ideal for entry level senior Golfers. 
  • The loft of the club face is only available at 10.5°, while sometimes a 12° option is preferred.
  • It is only available in regular flex, which could be a point of concern if you swing speed is comparatively slow. However, you can get a professional to replace it with a shaft of your choice, like those from the senior flex edition.

Callaway Men’s XR Driver

The Callaway Men’s XR Driver’s popular asset is the maximum forgiveness, as well as a considerable reduction in the spin of the Golf ball. It has been deemed as a very reliable and  consistent driver especially given its large range of possibility in repetitiveness in ball trajectories.

The length of the driver is 45.75 inches and is available in 9°, 10.5°, 13.5° which is a rather wide range. Its titanium build makes it a sturdy pick, while the speed step crown basically acts as the club face’s double ridge on the inside leading to a significant reduction in misjudgement or turbulence.


  • Maximum forgiveness and reduction in spin of the ball will serve you the greatest asset
  • Offers an extra 5 to 10 yard distance per swing.
  • The options available are over a large range and are customisable.
  • The speed step crown reduces the changes of misjudgement and turbulence.


  • Even though Callaway Men’s XR Driver comes with a regular flex shaft, it might be stiff for certain players.
  • Depending on the user, the driver could also seem bigger than other available options due to the large loft.

Five Best Golf Drivers For Seniors – Women 

Cobra Woman’s F Max Offset Driver

First on the list of best golf drivers for women seniors is the Cobra Woman’s F Max Offset Driver. As the name suggests, it comes with an Offset hosel design which gives way to a higher launch. It further ensures a larger draw bias for straighter shots with greater precision and accuracy.

The ultralight configuration-lighter shafts will help you reap maximum maximum club face speed and the swing weights will help you score a longer distance especially if you are one of those with slower swing speeds.


  • The fixed back/heel CG weight facilitates maximisation of forgiveness and straighter drives
  • The crown alignment feature not only acts as a visually appealing element but also makes it easier for you to align your club face, facing straighter shots.
  • The forged titanium 6-4 face helps you in delivering shots at a greater speed and across a linger distance than many other drivers.


  • The light weight might be an issue but not one that cannot be fixed. 
  • Some users might find the offset design unnecessary

Pgx Offset Driver (Ladies, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies Flex)

As opposed to the previous one, PGX Offset Driver is a much more budget-friendly option out there. Besides, if you are one of those who are fond of sleek black finishes given to the golf clubs, this is an added benefit to PGX offset drivers!

It is not only lightweight and easy to control, but the club is perfect for straight shot launching, especially if you are a senior woman golfer. As the name suggests and quite similar to the previous option, the PGX provides you with an offset design. Its club face happens to be slightly closed but has a massive sweet spot on the other hand.


  • It is a very budget friendly and an inexpensive drive
  • The offset along with the complementary forgiving design is perfect for straight shot launching.
  • The large sweet spot is definitely a plus point. 


  • Since the loft is only available in a 10.5°, it may not be best at launching the highest.
  • The height of your driver could be one of the problems, depending on your preferences. 
  • Without a head cover protecting the golf club, this value-for-money type of a driver could present some issues pertaining to the paint chipping off over time.
  • Again, the offset might seem like an unnecessary feature to some.

Taylormade Women’s Rbz Driver

The TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver is a stylish and a sophisticated golf club, while also being quite inexpensive. Very simply put, it is quite large and sleek, and was originally fashioned for senior women golfers with slow swinging.

It has a White Tie 55 gram shaft, and is better known for effective high launching and distance covering. You will find that the loft offered here might be 13° or even higher, which is customisable as per your preference for forgiveness. The speed pocket technology that enhances longer shots is a concept that originated from this very model.


  • The relevance of its speed pocket technology to date.
  • Not only does it look sophisticated but it also offers a good distance. 
  • The adjustable loft gives way to customisation as per your preference of forgiveness. 


  •  For some golfers, the TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Driver’s loft angle might seem too high

Senior Women’s Majek High Launch Golf

The Majek High Launch Golf is one of Majek’s several initiatives to bridge the gap between the generic golfing market and the senior women golfers’ market. 

This particular driver has a fairly large club head and offers you a usual 12.5° loft, which is wonderfully ideal for stabilising a woman’s high launch.

Additionally, the shaft is very light in weight as well, and does not compromise on the flexibility either.


  •  Assures a light weight shaft with quite the flexibility.
  • The loft of 12.5° gives way to stability for a high launch.
  • The distance achieved is satisfactory especially if you are a golfer with a slow swing speed.


  • Since the manufacturer is fairly new in the industry, there might be a few quality issues
  • The shaft might still be heavy for certain golfers.

TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver

The TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver has managed to stay popular and relevant ever since its release. It is extremely affordable, especially given the fact that it has a lot of mindful technology filled in itself.

The weight in the soul of the centre is considerably low, which will be helpful to you in case you want to higher your levels of forgiveness. Like several others, this has a fairly lightweight club head and shaft as well, which is beneficial in terms of generating club head speed.


  • The loft sleeve is adjustable and customisable.
  • Both, the club head as well as the shaft are light in weight helping you with faster speed of the ball.


  • Technology is a few years old, however, it is still quite relevant.


It is quite obvious that what is preferable for one might not be ideal for another. And considering the fact that the aforementioned suggestions are for the senior players, it comes down to personal choice and convenience. 

These might differ from the preference of the loft angle or sleeve, shaft, club head, or anything at all. In cases like these, it is best to go for the options that allow you enough access for customisation and personal adjustments rather than spend away on different sets of golf drivers. 

With the range of different products mentioned for you under both, men’s and women’s category, you can go ahead and pick your choice based on what matches your needs the best!

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