best golf drivers for women

Best Golf Drivers for Women Golfers Out There

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If golfers like Jin Young Ko, Nelly Korda, Kathy Whitworth, Annika Sörenstam and such have shown anything to the world, it is that women golfers are not easy to walk past in a game, in the least bit. Their skill sets and performance has been exceptional, and in it, a source of inspiration for so many other women golfers who aspire to be as renowned as them one day. 

The journey to get there is undoubtedly a tough one, but nothing that getting a hang of the right equipment cannot help you achieve. However, before making the choice, you must know what kind of equipment is suitable for you since every person has varying requirements from the other. So while we have here, a list of best golf drivers for women, you need to make sure that you understand the basis on which you make the buy and thereby know how to select the right kind of driver for you.

Top 5 Select for the Best Golf Drivers for Women

Cobra Golf 2020 speedback driver

best golf drivers for women

First up in the list of the best golf drivers for women out there is the Cobra F9 Speedback Ladies Driver, which is a fairly recent release that steps away from its previous shortcomings so as to bridge the gap up to the best drivers in the market. 

What helps make it to the top of the list is its feature of adjustability, which is preferred by a lot of women. This feature helps you get your loft angle up or down as per your convenience, thereby letting you ace a shot with lightning speed and over a large distance. The forgiveness range that this model allows the user, is not just liked by low handicappers but also high, which is evident of the versatility of the Cobra F9 Speedback.

Furthermore, it comes with a new feature, which is the E9 face, meaning thin and flexible enough for the ball to be hit with the right amount of impact. Its customizability and dual roll tech ensures the flight trajectory that you desire even if you are one of the slow speed swingers. This is also facilitated by the speed back aerodynamic design, which is complementary to the low placement of centre of gravity for your preferred launch angle. 


  • E9 Club face helps you with faster speed swing and covering larger distance
  • Adjustability in the loft angle is at your disposal for forgiveness 
  • Dual Roll Technology ensures your desired flight trajectory 
  • Speed Back Aerodynamic Design and low placement of centre of gravity helps you achieve you right angle for launching


  • There might be some durability issues but not aside from the ones that the others might also have

Callaway golf 2020 rogue driver

Next up, we have the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver which is another great option for women golfers in the sense that it combines the best Callaway Technology to enhance performance. This is the best option for you, if you are one of those mid to high handicappers because the forgiveness and distance which it offers you is remarkable.

However, the most striking and unique feature that this model entails is its Jailbreak technology. Similar to the feature that we saw in the previous model, this one improves on the flexibility which helps the ball to be launched with the maximum impact, almost like a trampoline. So in short, this adds to the distance you might be hoping to cover in much less effort. 

The generation of inertia is maximised as the club head speed stands improvised in comparison to other drivers out there. In addition to this, the Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Driver is considerably light in weight. The loft angle is fixed at 13.5°, along with the low center of gravity which makes this an ideal driver for most of the female golfers. 


  • Remarkable forgiveness and distance offered by the loft angle and low centre of gravity
  • The Jailbreak feature which helps you with the launch speed and swing
  • The high inertia generated helps achieve the distance you desire
  • The price drop since its release is considerable


  • It lacks the adjustable features that other models have
  • Not the latest in the market
  • Technology is not as sharp as the TaylorMade or Cobra models

Taylormade sim max women’s driver

Third on the list is TaylorMade’s SIM Max Women’s Driver which is a quite the high-end driver offering a high swing speed to the ball. So far, it is the most versatile driver for women or even if you are a mid handicapper, helping you get that extra distance and greater precision in your shot.

In fact, the Sim Max is the fastest driver for women golfers that uses the speed pocket technology to enhance the game performance. Similar to this is the twist face feature that gives you access to extra forgiveness and speed. 

You will be able to achieve your desired launch angle via the perfectly set 12° loft angle along with the lowly placed centre of gravity for the right kind of speed and distance relationship. 


  • The Twist Face Technology gives access to max forgiveness 
  • The Speed pocket technology feature allows you to hit your shot with great speed
  • Low centre of gravity increases the accuracy in your shot
  • The 12° loft angle is most beneficial for women 
  • Lightweight and easy to control


  • It might be expensive for some users, but if budget is not an issue for you, this is the right pick

Cobra golf women’s fly-z xl hybrid club

Up next, we have the Cobra Golf Women’s Fly-Z XL Hybrid Club with its offer to provide you with maximum forgiveness and longer distance coverage. This is one of the most suitable drivers for women as well as others who fit in the categories between mid handicappers to high handicappers.

Additionally, we have the back CG zone weighting feature, wherein the weight which is generally in the crown of the driver is transferred all the way to the back of it, so as to enhance the low center of gravity. In doing so, it helps you achieve a higher launch. It also reduces the spin on the ball and increases the swing speed. Needless to mention, the forgiveness offered is exceptional as well. 

Its offset design helps you correct the rightward tendency on the shot impacting your direction greatly. 


  • The offset design helps correct rightward tendencies
  • Ideal for women golfers as well as mid handicappers and high handicappers
  • The forgiving scope is high
  • Helps cover a large distance 
  • Reduction in spin of the ball with an increase in its speed


  • The offset design may seem unnecessary to some
  • The adjustability is a missing factor

Taylormade women’s RBZ

Another TaylorMade model that makes it in the list of the best golf drivers for women is Women’s RBZ. This is exceptionally ideal for those women who are new to the sport or are high handicappers, especially due to the high launch angle that it offers. 

Even the appearance is considered, it is a very sophisticated looking driver that comes with a matte black finished head and enhanced alignment crown to help you with visualisation of your shot. Additionally, it has a 460cc titanium head, which serves as holder of the center of gravity, enabling the ball to make a flight for as long as desired. Naturally, this happens with greater speed and distance.  

Like the other alternatives from the list so far, TaylorMade Women’s RBZ also has a speed pocket technology located in the sole of the club head, directing maximum energy towards the ball. It further reduces the spin on the ball as well, enhancing the speed instead for aiming straighter shots. 

What is unique to this model is the adjustable loft sleeve so that you have more effortless control on the height aspect of your launch.


  • Adjustable loft is a unique feature so that you get a control on the height of your shot
  • Reduces spin on the ball and increases the speed instead
  • Ensures straighter shots


  • The forgiveness might not be as impactful as in the other alternatives

Honourable Mentions for the Best Golf Drivers for Women

Taylormade 2018 women’s kalea ultralite driver

The TaylorMade Kalea driver, even though an older version as compared to others on the list, is one of the best drivers if you are one of the slower swinging golfers out there who need that extra distance. It is still a very relevant model which has the advantage of being lightweight. 

It offers high launching and maximises forgiveness to a great extent. Complementary to this is the speed pocket technology which gives you that extra speed on the ball.


  • A very affordable option
  • Ideal for slow swinging golfers who desire that extra bit of distance
  • The lightweight shaft gives you more control over the handle


  • Lack adjustability features
  • Not the newest model in the market

Callaway rogue draw driver

Next up in the honourable mentions we have the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver, which has been deemed as an effective driver for women. Many professionals have even said that it is a very effective driver when it comes to reducing penalty from a slice or hitting the ball off the tee, which is one of the most frustrating pickles you can find yourself in while playing this sport!

It reduces the spin on the ball and helps you cover a large distance in less time, meaning, it speeds up your swing.  It also offers quite the forgiveness when it comes to hitting off-centre shots. Additionally, the extra weight in the sole of the club head helps you strike the ball in a fashion which is more square.


  • Reduces penalty from a slice or hitting the ball off the tea
  • Reduces the spin on the ball
  • Helps you correct errors in direction and thus cover a larger distance with more speed


  • This is quite the expensive model
  • Does not have the adjustable features
  • Does not help fix the slice problems altogether so it ultimately depends on your swing

Srixon golf ladies Z 355 driver 15 HL ladies flex

Though lesser-known, the Srixon Z 355 offers quite the forgiveness and speed. Its 15° of launch, which is adjustable, helps you increase the flight time of the ball, thereby also covering a much larger distance. 

The 6-4 titanium  club face helps you get a sense of the impact with which the ball is hit, and is therefore ideal especially if speed is not one of your strongest fortes. 


  • The adjustable loft helps you manage your forgiveness
  • The titanium face impacts the speed and force of the hit for the better
  • Stabilises your shot and increases your swing speed due to generation of high inertia
  • It is quite affordable for its features


  • Might not be as lightweight as other alternatives
  • Not the latest model out there

Cobra golf 2020 F-Max superlite offset driver

Lastly, we have the Cobra F Max Superlite Offset Driver, which is a good option if your primary concern is the weight and control that you have over the driver; it is one of the most lightweight drivers which affects the speed of the clubhead. 

In addition to that, what makes this model unique is its ability to generate extra moments of inertia – a helpful factor especially if you are one of the slow swingers. The distance it helps you cover is also quite fair, and is best for high handicappers as well. 

In fact, even if you are a senior woman golfer, the Cobra F Max Superlite Offset Driver will impress you with its setting of weight improving your game. 

Like a few alternatives from before, this one also comes with an offset golf club, meaning it will help you fix any cases of a slice. This model is extremely forgiving, and further helps you fix the straightness of your shot.

The crown alignment gives you a better perception of the launch and therefore the shot, and the lightweight club head and shaft add to the advantage of control which you have over your shot. 

Lastly, since the Cobra F Max Superlite Offset Driver is not the newest model in the market, the price is very much affordable, if not profitable for the features it entails. 


  • The offset design reduces the chances of a slice
  • The lightweight shaft and club head give you better control over your shot
  • The crown alignment feature enhances your judgement
  • Helps you cover a larger distance with quicker speed
  • Great scope for your preferred forgiveness


  • Lacks the adjustability feature that other alternatives have


Though this list offers you a set of the best golf drivers for women, there are certain aspects that are subjective to you as a user. For example, how much should you spend on a driver based on your experience so far, which is the best available flex for you, what all adjustable features are necessary for you and how can they benefit you etc.. 

To get a better clarification over those, you must go either approach a professional who can help you out, or go through the articles available for the same. At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make because the shot is yours to hit!

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