best golf drivers of all time

Best Golf Drivers Of All Time – Gears Of The Legends!

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The game of golf is a matter of great passion, enthusiasm, love, and a way of life for many folks around the world. The ever-increasing quest to escalate the level of the game is the reason why we see a lot of innovations and advancements coming in the way of curating the golfing gears. Well, it has been quite some decades that the game of golf has been played professionally and at the highest competency level.

We have seen legends emerging out and playing some extraordinary class of golf – but we often forget that good players become the best when their gears are present to uplift their games. Same in the case of drivers or 1-woods; the incoming technologies have definitely bettered the quality of drivers, over some time, and given the players maximum advantage with which they had gone out on the greens and did wonder.

As we will talk about the best golf drivers of all time in this piece of information, we must acknowledge that ‘best’ is very perceptional. What works for one may not work for others. But yes, there are certainly some drivers that are regarded as the best ones because of their comprehensive qualities like construction, loft produced, distance fetched, material, and many other small but essential factors.

When all these features complement the players’ techniques and playing style (of course with ideal execution), better performances are an absolute consequence. So, it is for this reason that players are so choosy about their drivers (or any other golf gear) – some gears fit-in so well in a player’s game that it seems like a partnership going out there – in the form of doing great in championships and at various other levels.

A golf driver’s relevance is known by every player out there – be it an amateur or a professional one. Well, the driver is regarded as one of the most important golf gears found in the golf kit bag – and definitely the longest and the biggest one. The reason is the distance! Yes, drivers are basically used to attain maximum distance and give the golf ball the longest reach possible. This has a reason too – this brings on the chances for a player to lower his/her scores by making way for the short shots.

So, with an efficient driver, a player becomes very much equipped while sorting the longer shots. Talking about the constructional aspects of a driver, there are multiple factors that are needed to consider while buying a one – the material of the shaft, selecting the loft, the length of the driver, etc. The length of the driver is very crucial in determining whether that particular driver is meant for you or not. In the next section, let us have a brief look at the importance of choosing the right length of the driver.

Why is choosing the appropriate length of the driver important?

See folks, the length of a driver is somewhat a tricky aspect. Considering various lengths of the driver, we must understand that each of the offered lengths has certain pros and cons related to it. So, if you have the impression that longer drivers are better performing (which is true), you must also keep in mind the level of expertise and control that is needed to handle this length. Obviously, you would not want to go for a longer golf driver and lose out on its control. This is the reason why we mentioned that it is important to choose the ‘appropriate’ length of the driver, and not necessarily the longer one. 

Now, we shall another facet to the discussion of selecting the suitable length of the golf driver – the positioning of the player over the ball while giving it a swing.

Okay, now let us talk about how the length of the golf driver is important in determining the player’s position over the ball for executing a swing. The answer is adjustability! Yes, it is obvious that a player will adjust his/her position in accordance with the length of the golf driver. What if a longer driver is hindering the suitable position of a player?

This does not seem to be an ideal scenario, isn’t it? So, instead of going for a longer golf driver, one must identify the maximum length that is suitable and compliant with his/her positioning over the ball. This would ensure that the swing is executed as per desire and is not hampered by an unnecessarily longer golf driver.

Now, we shall move to the crux of the article – best recommendations for the all-time great golf drivers! Through the following sections, we will look at, analyze, and go through the details of the topmost suggestions. If you are a beginner or a golf amateur, it would be an informational section for you as it will make you familiar with some of the top drivers used in the game of golf. And if you are a professional, you can always try a different driver and analyze whether it is making your performance ascending or not. Let us march ahead!

Top Recommendations for Best Golf Drivers of All Time

Best Distance and Forgiveness – TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

When it comes to forgiveness, the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is definitely the one that stands out and roars its prowess. The highlight of this driver from TaylorMade is the mammoth 460cc clubhead – made from titanium – that promotes this extended forgiveness. This driver is said to be among the very best for the players with low golf handicap value – making it a delight for the professional players. Let us come across some of the important pros and cons of this driver to have a better understanding.


  • Amazing forgiveness – through the big 460cc clubhead.
  • Nice sound on impact with the golf ball.
  • The shaft is made up of graphite – its various options of flex are out there.
  • Enhanced distance imparted by this driver.
  • The driver launches a much higher trajectory.
  • It helps you keep the shots straighter – reduces the spin.


  • Golfers seem to be disappointed with the low-quality headcover.
  • Also, questions have been raised over the durability of this driver.


Probably the best available in the market – the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is backed by some solid technicalities that make it emerge as the favorites of golfers around the globe. If you are seeking to concentrate on improving forgiveness and attain greater distance, this driver is the best option for you.

Embedded with Jailbreak Technology – Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver

The features that make the Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver exceptional are the modern Jailbreak Technology and the X-Face VFT – these amazing innovations are very well embedded in this driver, giving an enhanced distance and reach; and of course, the increased ball speed. Also, one of the most attractive factors of this driver from Callaway is that it provided a much better Moment of Inertia (MOI) than the rest – resulting in an ascended forgiveness while escalating the overall performance of the player. Let us point out some important highlights in the form of pros and cons!


  • Jailbreak Technology
  • X-Face VFT
  • Extended forgiveness
  • Increased Moment of Inertia (MOI)
  • Triaxial Carbon Crown
  • Boeing Aero Package
  • Amazingly lightweight


  • Expensive product – some golfers might not want to spend this much – though it is worth it!
  • Ordinary look – people have not gone crazy with its appearance, especially the head colors.


The Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver is surely one of the all-time best! With induced innovations like Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT, this modern driver is surely worth its high price. If you are looking for a complete all-round driver, then this is the one for you. And if the look of the driver matters to you, then you might develop some apprehensions about this driver. Otherwise, it is a complete winner!

Best to deal with the slice – PGX Offset Golf Driver

best golf drivers of all time

First of all, you can very much trust the brand name under which this driver is being manufactured – Pinemeadow – it is one of the most acclaimed and appreciated golf manufacturing brands. The PGX Offset Golf Driver has a superb offering in the form of the Anti-Slice Technology that helps the players deal with the slices. With a big 460cc clubhead, this driver enables the golfers to have a much larger sweet spot. Talking about the looks of this driver, it has a captivating matte black finish – ensuring a dashing appearance. We will now list down some pros and cons of this driver to provide you with broader information.


  • Anti-Slice Technology.
  • Super-massive 460cc clubhead – a large sweet area.
  • Enhanced distance and reach.
  • Trust of the well-known brand – Pinemeadow.
  • Amazing matte black finish for attractive looks.


  • The loft size is not offered with many options.
  • Durability is under the scanner for a long time.
  • Unrepairability is another serious concern of this driver.


The PGX Offset Golf Driver has some unmissable features for the golfers out there. Just one concern, if the single loft option given to you is something you are okay with, then this driver can be definitely bought. Anti-Slice Technology being the highlight of this driver, you will be dealing with your slices in a much efficient and effective manner.

For Best Distance and Speed – TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)

Here is another one from TaylorMade – and very categorically, this driver will never fall short of impressing you with its outstanding features and technology. The TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc) comes with the Speed Injection Technology – making the clubhead a stiffer one for better performance. Along with this technology, this driver is a great one in terms of bettering your accuracy with straighter shots. With a consolidated feel at impact with the golf ball, there are more points that we must look at through the pros and cons.


  • Speed Injection Technology
  • Large 460cc clubhead
  • Improved accuracy
  • Aerodynamic Carbon Sole Design
  • Very much forgiving driver
  • Higher flight trajectory
  • Enhanced distance and reach


  • A pricey product – as quality comes with a price!
  • Some golfers have expressed that they have experienced some loft adjustability issues with this driver.


Undoubtedly, a great buy for you! Studded with Speed Injection Technology, the TaylorMade M6 Driver is one of the top-recommended drivers that has all the qualities of a top-notch driver. If you are okay with the price and your pocket can bear with it, give no second thought and just buy it to experience sheerly great golf driver performance.

Best Adjustability and Flexibility – Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver

The best provision by this driver is the enhanced flexibility along with stability – all thanks to the Centre of Gravity technology that enables the players with customized distance. From the flight to the spin, a player can adjust these efficiently with the Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver. The face of this driver possesses the Speed Channel that boosts the ball speed and ultimately results in greater distance and reach.


  • Amazing flexibility and adjustability
  • Speed Channel on face
  • Centre of Gravity technology


  • Durability remains a concern.
  • Price may become an issue for some golfers.


If you’re a golfer who is looking to have some control with improved flexibility and adjustability – the Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver is definitely meant for you. Apart from its durability, we don’t see any other major concern with this amazingly equipped driver.

Let’s Conclude!

In this article, we enabled you with a detailed explanation about the best recommendations for the all-time great performing golf drivers. We came across the top five and discussed their pros and cons. You must first analyze your game and then check the compatibility of each driver before choosing one. Go for the best!

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