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Best Putter for Alignment – Ace Your Accuracy!

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For achieving a perfect golf shot, there are many factors that contribute towards its execution – the most sought out one is alignment. In the game of golf, alignment comprehends many aspects like the player’s stance, body position (forearms, hips, feet), shoulder line, stick attributes, and other apt accessories – and the list has quite a few other essentials offering individual advantages. When all these boxes are ticked, it marks your first step towards attaining the ideal alignment. To aim your shot accurately and with the required precision, absolute alignment is a must.

Alignment is something that cannot be rested on mere guesses, as it comes under the technical aspects of the game that are needed to be perfected for increasing your competency level, command over the game, and ultimately performance. Here, we would discuss various options that may lead you to select the best putter for alignment.

Generally used to target the low-paced strokes for short distances, a putter is a golf club made of various materials like steel, zinc, brass, copper, titanium, and aluminum – depending upon individual choices and preferences. The materials used in the making of a putter have a lot to do with determining the required weight of the putter.

Just like any other sport, golf also has a set of drills meant to achieve perfection in a specific area – like alignment. Before heading towards the list of putter recommendations, in the next section, let’s learn about some of the proven drills which golfers around the world practice for their alignment’s betterment. Especially budding golf players can look up to it and bring it into practice at an early stage of their careers.

Drills for Golf Alignment

“Practice makes a man perfect” – this old adage remains a timeless one and will continue to remain so. But, wouldn’t it be better if we state in like – “RIGHT practice makes a man perfect”? Definitely yes! Just like any other skill, the game of golf requires ‘smart work’ rather than just slogging through the concept of only ‘hard work’.

Though an experienced coach is always better to upskill your game, still you can know and go in-depth of some of the golf alignment drills recommended by experts: ‘The Train Tracks Drill’, ‘The Narrow Path Drill’, ‘Three Parallel Lines Drill’, ‘The Hip Bump Transition Drill’, ‘Takeaway Drill’, etc.

Now, let’s hop onto the crux and come across some of the best suggested putters for bettering alignment. The list in the next section is sure to give you a clear picture of which putter to consider for improving your alignment from an overall perspective. 

Top Recommendations for Best Putter for Alignment

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

best putter for alignment

This putter is a sure-shot top pick! From Odyssey, the world’s topmost golf manufacturers, this putter relishes wide acclaim from the golfer community around the globe. The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter has some of the best attributes that can upscale your alignment skills.

Right from having the near-to-perfect weight ratio and balance in the grip, this putter’s Stroke Lab Technology is the mechanism behind the consistent putting action. Another impressive offering of this putter is the smart weight distribution – to compensate for its low-weighing dynamic graphite shaft, the extra weight is distributed among the grip end and clubhead – providing a good instance of enhanced balance.

Though the absence of toe-line makes it loose on giving forgiveness, the center shaft version is balanced with the face. The following are some of the pros and cons of this putter – let’s go through them!


  • Enabled with the  Stroke Lab Technology.
  • The size of the clubhead is large – ascends the Moment of Inertia (MOI).
  • Weighs less – not compromising on the balance.
  • Microhinge placement over clubface.
  • Upgraded insert faceplate.
  • This putter has a stiff shaft – promotes alignment.
  • Greatly responsive in hands.


  • This putter has limited options for adding up additional weight.
  • A bit expensive – to buy this putter, you got to have deep pockets.


Looking as a fantastic selection, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter is efficient in assisting your pursuit of getting the alignment right, or at least better than before. The Stroke Lab Technology is the cherry on the cake of this putter – enabling betterment of your overall alignment. To sum up, this putter by Odyssey is an excellent option – you just need to spend a bit more to buy this beauty.

Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR500 Putter

Not hailing from a brand that has already established its name as one of the tops, the Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR500 Putter may have a little recognition but its reviews are overwhelming. There are definitely some aspects of it that are noteworthy and should be discussed. With its escalating fanbase, this putter looks promising in delivering good performance – also providing an improved alignment through its embedded features.

Enabling golfers with good touch and ball control, this is a moderately heavy offset putter which is specially designed to have the head position a little back from the shaft. The motive behind such curation is ensuring that the position of the hand is consistently ahead of the ball.

Now, we shall consider some of the important advantages and disadvantages of the Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR500 Putter.


  • Thicker grip – Giving a fantastic hold to the golfers.
  • Steady clubhead – Providing a reasonably good responsive feel, its clubhead looks solidified.
  • Enhances performance for long-putting – due to the comparatively heftier clubhead.
  • Promotes clearer sightline – the offset clubhead facilitates with clearer lines for alignment.
  • An economical putter – it emerges a good option for the ones not very well acquainted with mallet putters.


  • Absence of provision of weight adjustments.
  • This putter cannot boast of being a widely acclaimed product.


Still in the stage of finding its way to the league of the top-notch, the Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR500 Putter should be given some time to establish itself – not necessarily meaning that the product has nothing substantial to offer. The discussed perks of this putter are finding its golfing audience evidently. If you are a fan of the heavy clubhead which comfortably syncs with your budget, then this putter may turn out to be ‘the one’ for you.

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

The brand ‘Odyssey’ is always a name of trust when it comes to golfing equipment. From having worldwide acclaim to being favorites of a much larger audience – Odyssey enjoys the unanimous appreciation by manufacturing world-class products; emerging as a delight for golfers – professionals and amateurs both.

Considered to be one of the most efficient putters for enhancing the player’s alignment – the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter has a sleek and simple design – promoting great balancing of weight over heel and toe. The price of this putter may look a bit costlier but to the buyers’ relief, the product provides equivalent value for money. Reviews and word-of-mouth really give the impression that this putter can upgrade any golfer’s alignment skills.

Moving to the key pros and cons of this putter, let’s have a brief yet insightful study of the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0.


  • Great weight-balance – the ball strike sound looks very satisfying.
  • The crank head hosel is designed in such a way that it gets fitted into the shaft very well.
  • A wide range of sizes – this putter offers a length of 33, 34, and 35 inches.
  • Got big hands? This one’s for you! This putter’s thicker grip is very comfortable for the golfers with comparatively larger hands.
  • Thinner faceplate – this modern-style faceplate is moving upward on the scale of being responsive.


  • Some would say it’s too light: the players who prefer to play with heavy putters may not opt for this product.


A bit heavy putter that gives really good weight balance, the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 emerges as a very good choice for the golfers who are seeking to improve upon their alignment. The price may look on a costlier side but it looks worth – when we come across the advantages of this putter. A good pick for sure, do try this product if you don’t have pocket-issues and look forward to ascending your alignment skill levels.

PING Sigma 2 Fetch Putter

The stability of the putter is very important for the golfer’s alignment to be perfect. Apart from the ideal physical aspects of the player like shoulder line, hip position, etc., the attributes of the putter which are being taken into use gain prominence. So, as a golfer that seeks enhancement of the alignment, you must look for a putter that provides stability – and here comes the Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Putter into the picture. Let’s go to the pros and cons of this product to have a clear idea.


  • Dual-Durometer Face & Pistol Grip Options – These features are not exclusive for the Sigma 2 Fetch.
  • Provides better alignment
  • Improved Putter Stability
  • Enhanced Moment of Intertia (MOI)
  • Ball-retrieving feature – Isn’t it always a bonus to relish?


  • Costlier – this putter is an expensive option that might need you to save some bucks.


Undoubtedly, the Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Putter has something good to offer – in terms of improving stability, confidence, and alignment for golfers. Go for this product if you can spend a bit more and seek to make the most of the features of this putter. As the testers suggest, the technologies provided by this putter are helpful in the betterment of alignment and overall performance as well.

Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter

This mid-mallet putter from Seemore is for the ones who would have apprehensions about using the full-sized mallet putter and do not seek to use the ordinary-sized mallet putter as well. Having advantages like enhancing ease-to-aim, minimizing the rotation of the clubface, straight shaft, and other prominent pros – the Seemore FGP Black Mallet Putter may not be the most renowned brand of golfing equipment but it does have a great alignment system which is appreciated by some of the current game’s greats.

Looking at the brief advantages and disadvantages of this putter will give you a much clearer perception of considering this product. We have listed down some for you! Have a glance at them and then decide!


  • A mid-size mallet with consistency.
  • Great Alignment System – enabled by RifleScope Technology (RST).
  • Appearance at the address.
  • Lessens the clubface rotation.
  • Provides a straighter shaft.


  • A comparatively expensive product – though the technologies offered are noteworthy.


If you are a golfer who likes to play with a mid-size mallet and have a good budget, then go for this one. The RST feature is a great provision that would categorically enhance the alignment ability of the player. And the straight shaft it offers is a bonus for sure.

We Have Seen The Best Options – Let’s Summarize!

We discussed the vitality of alignment in the game of golf and how this aspect can prove to be a game-changer. Considered as one of the most required skills to excel in your game, perfect alignment is achieved through several factors – including bodily factors and the selection of apt accessories.

Having gone through some of the best and performance-driven putters for alignment, we comprehensively threw light upon the technicalities of the putters – keeping the factor of upgrading the alignment skill level in mind. From the big-branded putters to the ones that are rising in popularity with the increasing fanbase, we considered the entire range to give you a transparent recommendation. Even from the budget point of view, we compared the putters’ provisions in terms of how economical they are.

Choose the right putter and march ahead!

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