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Best Putter for Bad Putters – Transform From ‘Bad’ to ‘Best’

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Here, when we talk about bad putters, we basically mean golfers with high handicap value. This segment of players is generally the ones that have just started out or have been struggling with the execution of perfect putting. Well, being a bad putter should not be regarded as a matter of discouragement but an opportunity to learn smartly, work upon the essentials aspects of putting, and ultimately emerging out as better golfers.

If you are considered to be a bad putter, certainly there are several issues that surround this fact. One of the issues has to be the kind of putter you are taking into account, as in any other sport, golf is a game where its gears hold a high value in deciding your performance and the success that is desired. In this article, we will see some of the top suggestions for the best putter for bad putters – giving you a comprehensive outlook towards considering the putters that can indeed enhance your game, putting in particular.

Very briefly in the next section of this information, we will see why mallet putters are perceived as better putters than the blade putters, to give you an insight for choosing the best putter for you. This topic can really complement your decision-making and you can end up considering a putter that suits your game in the best possible manner.

Blade Putter Vs. Mallet Putter

There are some evident facts out there which claim to highlight the differences between a mallet putter and a blade putter. While the mallet putters are considered to be more advanced in terms of the technology it serves, the blade putters hold a much more traditional approach – making it a putter with conventionalities. Talking about the size of both the putters, the mallet putters are considerably larger (they come in various shapes and sizes) than the blade putters. Being heavier amongst the two, the mallet putter is known for giving an improved balance, stability, and judgment than the traditional blade putters.

Alignment is a very important facet of putting, and due to the science and technologies that mallet putter offers, it is considered to be better than the blade putters – enhancing the overall stability and forgiveness as well. These facts don’t mean that blade putters are out of fashion; players with a certain style and preference still opt for blade putters. For traditional players or the golfers who like to have simpler putters, blade putter becomes the immediate and the most obvious choice.

The decision of choosing between the mallet putters and the blade putters should be made very smartly. From the type of stroke arc to the type of feel you prefer – a golfer must try out different options to come to a wiser conclusion.

Now, let’s come back to the core and discuss some of the top suggestions that would assist you in getting the most suitable putter. These recommendations will have detailed insights about each putter along with their advantages and drawbacks – for you to analyze the putters better. Come, let’s see!

TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation Spider Putters

best putter for bad putters

This recommendation is something that can really transform the way you putt! The TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation Spider Putters are well-known for providing high forgiveness and roll consistency, which enable the players to enhance their putting abilities in a much more evident and comprehensive manner. Apart from these qualities, if the appearance and looks are what you seek, these putters from TaylorMade present a good range of head styles – making it a captivating putter to look out for; this range also provides various individual functionalities that make you clear about which one to go for.

Higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) remains one of the most pivotal features of these putters. As higher MOI results in offering greater forgiving ability, golfers will see this putter as sheer delight. On top of it, the induced Groove technology turns out to be a winner by providing proven better consistency and putting control to the players. Let’s jump onto the pros and cons of this product.


  • Higher Moment of Inertia (MOI).
  • Enhancement of roll and distance – this is achieved through the improved Revolutions Per Minute (RPM).
  • Several head styles – making it customizable according to players’ preference and playing styles.
  • This putter offers higher forgiveness.


  • Adaptability time: Players might need some time to get adjusted to these putters.
  • Harder face – Though this depends on players’ individual choice, some golfers feel the face is much harder than required.
  • Comparatively priced highly – surely, these are not the putters which are cheap. Still, if your budget suits these, go for it.


Good stuff in the business, the TaylorMade Golf Prior Generation Spider Putters have some seriously great things to offer – from technology to appearance. Straightforwardly, if you have pockets that allow you to get them, there are no two ways for it.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter

A counterbalanced putter, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter provides a perfect weight-balancing capability to the players. A bit lighter than the other putters, this one provides an excellent balance by having more weight in the grip and the head. If you consider your putting abilities to be bad, this option can really create wonders for you, such are its technology, performance, material, and overall look. The mastery achieved by engineering this putter is by far one of the most impressive ones – and this is something which you always expect from a brand like Odyssey that doesn’t settle below anything world-class.

Talking about the material used in the making of these putters, we can say that graphite has been majorly used in constructing this – which is a fact that gains many rarities. With such a great offering by this product, they have made sure that the putters’ appearance is not lagging behind. For this, the manufacturers have put out this product with various customizable styles – giving an overwhelming range of options for the golfers to select from.

Though the perks of this product have an upper hand, there are quite a few probable concerns as well. Let’s hop onto the pros and cons of this putter, and analyze the product further.


  • Counterbalancing technology – the way the balance has been distributed is good.
  • High-level construction – this product is very well-engineered – simply to give the best.
  • Customizable appearance – many style versions are provided, to be chosen by the golfer as per the preferences.
  • Usage of graphite.


  • The grips’ size is not as large as expected.
  • Price may look a bit of a concern for some – though it is worth the cost for sure.


It would not be wrong to say that The Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter is one of the best in the business. With sheerly classy construction and strong features, this putter may turn the tables for you – in terms of performance, quality, and compatibility. Larger the short – if you have a budget that allows you to buy this one, let no apprehensions take you over!

TaylorMade Golf 2018 TP Black Copper Collection Putters

TaylorMade is one of those companies that believe in giving a variety of options in terms of technology, features, aesthetics, and feel. This is evident from the TaylorMade Golf TP Black Copper Collection Putters that come up with two blade options – Soto and Juno. The most beautiful aspect of this putter is its copper finish – giving an incredible appearance to the putter while providing the material strength as well.

Any golfer would not deny from the fact that he/she likes to have a putter that is adjustable in nature – and this is exactly what this putter is all about. To fetch an improved scale of forgiveness by matching the stroke through adjustability – a couple of ten-gram inserts are fit into the heel and toe of the putters. This feature of the putter has garnered a lot of acclaim and appreciation – changing many golfers’ perspectives around the world.

Let’s sum-up upon this product with the pros and cons of it – providing you with the important pointers for you to gauge its consideration.


  • A very good offering in the form of a SuperStroke grip option.
  • Quick rolling of the ball – this putter’s face is curated such.
  • Captivating look – all because of the beautiful copper finish.
  • Heel and toe with ten-gram inserts.
  • Multiple blade options are provided.
  • Great adjustability factor – golfers around the community deeply acclaim the adjustable nature of this putter.


  • A pricey product – with such great features, this putter comes with a heavy price tag.


One of the best in the market, the TaylorMade Golf TP Black Copper Collection Putters is undeniably a sought-out product. If your putting is lacking stability and you seek to have a further adjustable option, then this putter is meant for you. The price of this putter may look a bit expensive but if you can overcome this, this is a must-buy for you.

Odyssey O-Works Putters

The inserts used in the putters make a great impact on the overall putting performance of any golfer. And the inserts applied in the Odyssey O-Works Putters do leave a noteworthy impact – because these inserts are backed by the Microhinge technology.

Talking about the grips that have been offered in these putters, there are two interesting options – Pistol Grip and SuperStroke Grip – which give the golfers good options to choose the grip according to their suitabilities. Also, the super-attractive red-colored putter really makes it please your eyes.

Now, we shall look at the brief pros and cons of this putter from Odyssey – to gain a better understanding of this putter.


  • Microhinge technology – these empowered face inserts boost the putting performance.
  • Good grip options to choose from – SuperStroke Grip and Pistol Grip.
  • Both types of putters are available – Mallet and Blade styled.
  • Two-ball alignment aid – for greater and improved alignment.


  • Expense – the cost can be a bit of a concern.
  • Traditional golfers might not approve of this putter.


The Odyssey O-Works Putters emerges as a very good option for the modern golfers who would tend to compromise traditionality for going with advancements. With an overwhelming range of options with great technology to improve putting performance, these putters from Odyssey are unmissable! Just get its expense sorted and go for it.

Scotty Cameron Newport

With an amazing weight distribution executed – the Scotty Cameron Newport is a delight to have. The embedded features like dual-weighting, responsive face insert, and a milled face, is sure to make your attention grabbed.

Feel remains a great criterion for golfers in putter selection – and the feel produced by this beauty from Scotty Cameron is its highlight. Being very adjustable in nature, this putter enhances the ball roll – giving utmost smoothness to the one who hits the stroke.

Let’s see the factors which would help you understand the features of this putter!


  • Adjustability
  • Dual-weighting system
  • Mid-size pistol grip
  • Milled face
  • Face insert which is responsive


  • A costlier putter option – this product comes with several advantages, making it a bit expensive.


All the great things already discussed in the above section, the Scotty Cameron Newport is undoubtedly a good pick! If you are okay with the pistol grip and are looking to improve upon the adjustability issues with the putter, then this option is for you. So, if your pocket allows you to go for it, then have a ‘go-ahead’!

Let’s Sum Up!

Especially for the players who struggle with putting, it becomes very important to identify the areas which are making them lag behind – and here, different features offered by various putters come into place. Each functionality provided by these putters is meant to target different areas which the player seeks to improve.

We looked at some of the best options available to enhance your putting abilities and decrease your handicap value. Depending upon the features, you must analyze the scale of compatibility of your game with the putters’ offerings. Once that is done, then it becomes quite easy for you to select the most appropriate one. Choose the best and excel in putting!

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