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Best Putter for Beginners – The Perfect Start to Your Golf Journey

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Folks, are you looking forward to embarking upon the road of this fantastic sport called golf? Then begin with selecting a putter that would enhance your game and make you a confident player, right at the beginning! A question that may rise up your heads is why putters are so crucial in the game of golf? And which is the best putter for beginners? Putters being a club used for low-speed strokes, it’s generally used for targeting the short distances where the player is just needed to roll off the ball to the hole, though in the right direction and with perfect speed.

Especially for beginners, apart from understanding the fundamentals of the game, it’s utmost crucial to choose the right kind of equipment – depending upon one’s nature of the game and which complements the player’s style of approaching a particular stroke – short distanced or the long ones. And as short-distanced strokes often emerge the game-changers, it is advisable to choose the best suitable putter.

There are a plethora of options available out there to choose the putters from, but we have curated a list of the best putters for beginners – which would widen your range of considering the options for buying the perfect one, and as they say – “fewer options lead to compromising”. Let’s have a look at these options and then discuss further in detail about the pros and cons of them. Let’s start!

Smart Suggestions for Best Putter for Beginners

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putters

best putter for beginners

If you are aiming to become a serious golfer and take up the game to an escalated standard – here’s a product just meant for you. The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putters are known for adhering to the players’ demands and tend to boost their games with super-impressive performances. One of the key highlights of this putter is the long-lasting blade which embeds an insert. Improving the club’s feel, sound, and ultimately performance, this insert also gives an enticing white-hot face to this equipment.

This has emerged as a great attraction for beginners as this putter has heel weight replacement – combining a complete-shaft offset along with the crank neck socket. To further amplify the overall feel and execution of this tool, its hosel escalates the alignment, accuracy, and feel of the club.


  • Provides a consistent performance within the face – along with sound and feel.
  • Enabled with full-shaft offset and toe weight placement.
  • Empowered with high tolerance – through laser milling and cutting of the inserts.
  • Sleek finish – through Callaway.
  • Reduced glare and increased durability.
  • Enhanced visualization – provided by crank neck hosel.


  • Golfers tend to take a bit longer in getting used to this equipment.
  • No oversized grip – unlike the players’ preferences.
  • High cost – affordability factor can make one rethink about going for this product.


Undoubtedly a great choice for beginners, and even for intermediates, the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putters have a lot to look out for. The feel, alignment, sound, and performance that it provides, beginners will have the ideal kind of start to their golfing journey. Putting aside the expense factor, this product really stands out and remains one of the top choices for the fellas playing gold.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters

Cleveland Golf has always impressed the golfers around the globe with their golfing equipment and tools. With this series of putters – the Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters – they have yet again managed to score those extra points in grabbing the attention of players. An ideal product for beginners, this putter has all the required essentials to assist in enhancing their games and mark a greatly possible surge in skill levels. Let’s now discuss the perks offered by this product!

Talking about the key offerings by this product – the one which really raises the eyebrows is the Speed Optimized Face Technology. Along with the precision-milled diamond-shaped face pattern, the Speed Optimized Face Technology enables the players with an overly soft feel and consistency in distance control. The nine head designs, categorically different from each, are designed while keeping the demands like types of strokes and playing style in mind. One noteworthy attribute of this putter is its low center of gravity which increases soft feel and the putts start going on-line with improved stability.


  • These are priced lower than competitors.
  • Speed Optimization Face Technology – Providing enhanced distance control.
  • Several head designs – Personalizing options for golfers to have a better feel and look.
  • Diamond CNC Milling Pattern – Enabling on-line roll along with soft feel.
  • Deep grooves
  • Strategic weight distribution – CG location provides improved stability.


  • Overly sharp lines and edges – golfers feel it goes a bit extreme.
  • Extremely soft feel – Players who are used to harder solid feel at impact say that the feel goes too soft and dead.
  • Limited option for left-handed golfers – Requiring a left-handed putter, this product has only model one available for left-handed players.


Being a beginner, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option then the Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters is the one! It might appear to have limitedness for left-handed golfers, but the induced technologies of this product are sure to take your game a long way – probably providing the most ideal start to the beginners.

Which factors to consider while buying a putter?

Even if you are a beginner, it is always great to gain acquaintance with the features one should look out while buying a putter. Though the factors depend on individual players who have ideally known the game and their golfing gear preferences, beginners are advised to try things out on the green, analyze their strengths and flaws, experiment with different kinds of putters, and then opt with a futuristic mindset. The following are some of the important considerations while selecting an ideal putter:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Balance Point
  • Head Design
  • Long Putters & Belly Putters

Odyssey Two Ball Triple Track Putter

Beginners should have a keen focus on getting right the certain golfing aspects like forgiveness and alignment – and to cater to these needs, here’s the product which would aid the players in upgrading their games right from the start. Discussing the important facets of the Odyssey Two Ball Triple Track Putter, it is crucial to lay emphasis on the key offerings by the product like the design of the Triple Track range which helps the Triple Track golf balls in having an all-in-one putting approach.

Enabled with Odyssey’s Stroke Lab technology, this putter supports the performance upscaling of the in-motion swing path of the putter. Considered a pretty good putter for the beginners and the mid-level players, this putter is backed by some serious technicalities for your game to go on the paths of sheer improvements. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this product from Odyssey, to have better insight for decision-making!


  • Very categorically, this putter aces at assisting in providing near-to-perfect alignment.
  • Direction & Distance Control – Providing great stability, this putter helps players in minimizing mishits.
  • Large Shape – With the comparatively larger shape of the putter, it gradually boosts the players’ confidence and the command over the game.


  • Limitedness – This Triple Track putter gains effectiveness only when it gets paired with the Callaway Triple Track golf balls.
  • Not preferable for players who like blade-style putters – the large clubhead is the reason behind it.
  • The shape of this putter looks like the TaylorMade Spider putter.


Beginners who seek to perfect their alignment and work upon forgiveness can make a definite choice of buying the Odyssey Two Ball Triple Track Putter. Enhancing the chances of success on the green, Odyssey’s Stroke Lab technology emerges as the highlight of the product – providing consistency, forgiveness, and stability.

Wilson Infinite Putters

The entire series of Wilson Infinite Putters is something that provides beginners with distance control. An important feature of these putters is Counterbalanced Technology which offers controlled and smoother putting strokes by shifting the balance point closer to the hands. Putting stroke must be a point of concentration for the beginners as getting it perfect can prove to be very fruitful. Further talking about the key features, these putters come with a Dark Anti-Glare finish that emphasizes on accentuating the sightlines.

With the curation of an oversized design, the beginners are enabled with a much more stable feel and a limited rotation during the stroke – this is facilitated by a penetrated pattern of the new grip. Experts have experienced that beginners can achieve the betterment of their game with the technology provided by this series of products by Wilson.


  • Counterweighting swings head – Providing reliance through distance control.
  • Good feel and control – Enabled through Heel-shafted design.
  • Half-moon shape – traditional in design – giving compactness along with a non-reflective finish.
  • An economical range of putters.


  • Absence of visible technology – though beginners can take this tool into practice, it is meant for better putters with more than a little experience.
  • Lacks in giving the initial confidence – its traditional design is the reason behind this belief.


If you are a player that looks for simplicity in terms of look and feel, this product emerges as one of the best choices. Though the intriguing innovations like Counterbalanced Technology, Double Milled Face, and the oversized grip make these putters competent, golfers generally prefer to have some visible technology.

Ping Sigma 2 Anser

The Ping Sigma 2 Anser has some serious attributes for all the budding golfers. First of all, the dual-durometer face insert (True Roll face pattern) provides a much softer feel, and the advanced putter fitting comes with an Adjustable-Shaft-Length Technology. Along with these offerings, the beginners would get a front layer which is much softer, giving accuracy.

With a perfectly balanced head weight, beginners can get used to attaining control from any given distance. Embedded with new innovations, this putter has required traditionality too in the form of heel-toe ballasts which improves MOI evidently. The Ping Sigma 2 Anser gains acceptability from a larger pool of golfers because of its mid-hang balance that enables moderate stroke rotation.


  • Adjustable Shaft
  • TR Technology
  • Face with a softer feel
  • Putter’s attractive looks
  • Dual-Durometer Face Insert
  • Balanced Head Weight


  • High Price
  • Not as putter-friendly as expected – due to an assumingly underperformed Fetch’s ball-retrieval feature.


A good product with an amalgamation of new technology and traditional aspects, the Ping Sigma 2 Anser can prove to be a good option for aspiring golfers. Players who have just started out and want to spend a bit more can opt for this product.

Let’s Conclude!

Budding golfers always look out for the golfing gears which aid their game and make them a better player than before. Selecting the perfect tool is undeniably the first correct step towards upscaling your game. To help you out with it, we saw, discussed, and analyzed several putter options for you to choose from – be it the technicalities, perception, budget, or traditionality. Before choosing ‘the one’, it is suggested to dive your attention into every minute detail of the aforementioned products.

Come on budding golfers! Select the right putter and excel in this beautiful sport called golf.

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