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Best Putter Under 100 Bucks – Economical Yet Excellent

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Putters being a golfing instrument that is very crucial in targeting the short distanced targets, its relevance just can’t be ignored and remain an irreplaceable tool important for executing the low-speed strokes. Depending upon the individual game style, approach, golf stance, and comfort of the golfers, each and every equipment in this sport is analyzed and then put into practice by the players. Especially for the ones who are a bit experienced and constantly working upon their game’s improvement, the price of the equipment (including putter) is something that would get adjusted by them – not compromising with the quality and performance of their games.

Talking about the best putter under $100, the anticipated buyers would be the ones who are just starting out or amateurs, or the professionals that are just below the ‘intermediates’ tag (one may say that this is perceptional which is true). Ideally, a putter is chosen on the basis of various factors like grip, balance, material quality, etc. – and these factors are the ones that decide the cost of a putter.

Coming to your aid with the list of the best putters that are priced less than or equal to a hundred dollars, we will present a comprehensive list in the upcoming sections of this information piece – enabling you to have a very transparent idea about what to go for and what not to. Before jumping onto the list, let’s go through the next section, where we would throw light on the factors that need to be considered while selecting a putter. It is advisable to analyze all those factors in compliance with your game and then take your call.

Choosing An Ideal Putter – See It All To Get The Best

Depending upon the style of game one has, the factors for choosing the right putter can be determined. Nevertheless, there are certain general aspects for choosing the right kind of putter, that are:

  • Which method do you use: arc stroke, straight through, or straight back.
  • Go for the ideal head shape.
  • Select the perfect putter shaft.
  • Choose the best putter face. 

Now, we shall move ahead to the nucleus of your query – which is looking for the best putter under $100. Read about every option in an in-depth manner to come to the perfect conclusive choice. Let’s begin!

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter

best putter under 100

This option very categorically stands out as the best putter under $100 given its quality, performance, and durability. Cleveland, a very acclaimed and popular brand among the golfing community, had smartly come up with this putter which is very economical and proves to be a performance booster. There are several factors, perks actually, that makes the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter a must-watch for you!

The putters that provide roll consistency along with a softer feel – the entire Huntington series from Cleveland is precision milled putters that are presented with a large spectrum of variety – including different styles, feel, and technicalities. If you want to go economical and are apprehensive about spending more, this option emerges as one of the best for sure.

To highlight an essential of the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter – this putter is favorable to any player with whatsoever handicap value. This makes it a very adaptable and acceptable option for the ones who seek to restrict the budget under $100. Discussing further highlights and drawbacks of this product, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of it.


  • Conventional design and approach – making it look simpler with traditionality intact.
  • Uniform head design – made with a single-piece head design, this product provides stability.
  • Softer feel – these precision milled putters are the reason behind providing a softer feel and roll consistency to players.
  • Special design on the face.


  • This might not be a good option for those who have a more-than-arc putting stroke.
  • May feel underweight – Some golf folks can say that they feel the putter is way too light in weight.


The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter has everything that you might seek while buying a putter under budget. With the traditional aspect of the putter along with the presence of the required contemporary technology – this putter is emerging as one of the very economical and best-performing putters. Do consider this one for your putting improvements to soar high.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter

The second option which we will look at is this beauty from Wilson – a company that has managed to impress certain sections of golfers with its unique offerings. The Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter is an excellent option for the golfers who are looking to spend a bit less and refrain from spending over a hundred dollars.

Accuracy is a very important aspect in the sport of golf and the gears which are put into execution hold utmost relevance for the accuracy to get better. Though the feel of this putter is something which isn’t much expected by simply looking at it, you got to hold it and try yourself to discover the great feel which this putter provides.

For the fans of the mallet-style putter, this becomes an unmissable putter as the grip of this putter isn’t overly big or merely small – it’s medium-sized. With all these advantages offered under one product, it would be interesting to look at the pros and cons of the Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter.


  • Micro Injection face insert.
  • Comparatively good performance on fast, softer greens.
  • Grip size: Large
  • This mallet-putter offers an enhanced alignment
  • Conventional design – making it adaptable with simple operation.


  • Underweight clubhead – golfers who prefer a comparatively heavy clubhead might not look forward to this option.
  • The golfers who prefer having a standard-sized putter may show apprehensions in buying this one as it is a bit longer.


The Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter is undoubtedly one of the best out there which is priced under a hundred dollars. With the kind of features extended to the players, this mallet-putter is ideal for alignment. So, if you want to work upon your alignment and bring-in a fantastic responsive feel – go for this one.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Choosing the right kind of putter includes various factors and ‘good balance’ is one of them. For the range of putters that are priced below a hundred dollars, this putter – the Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter – is one fine option to look out for! Catering to the needs of distant putts, this putter with a white finish will assist you in the betterment of your overall performance.

Shaft length is one of the pivotal aspects for a golfer to seek in a putter and with a perfect shaft length given by this putter, golfers will see an evident escalation in having a sight which is less distracted, more clarity, and improved accuracy. Let’s look at some of the highlights of this putter along with the probable drawbacks. One must analyze them before taking the call of selecting the most suitable putter.


  • Improved accuracy – the reason behind this putter’s excellent accuracy is the perfect tour length.
  • Perfect shaft length – providing golfers with the stability of position and strokes.
  • Different design – this putter offers various colors with a much unique design.
  • Personalized headcover – the customizable headcover makes it a player-friendly option to go for.
  • Durability – this putter has a steel shaft structure that helps in attaining ascended durability.
  • Carrying this putter is easy – this comfort-extending putter will be a delight for golfers.


  • Requires more maintenance in comparison to its contemporaries – may result in getting chipped off at certain instances.
  • The amateur golfers or beginners may get a bit concerned over the weight of this putter that is a bit heavier.


If you are looking for a decent and attractive putter under the mentioned budget – the Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter may succeed in gaining your attention. A product that has fairly good features, this putter can assist you with a long-standing collaboration.

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR800 Putter

The next putter we will look into is the Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR800 Putter. Before going into the technical aspects of this putter, one thing we must appreciate about this putter is that the design and approach of this putter are traditional, but the technology offered by this product is useful in today’s world of golf as well. The golfers who really like to keep it simple in terms of the aesthetics of the putter, they will love this with its price under a hundred dollars.

A putter that enhances your stroke alignment, this one comes with a mediocrely sized grip – proving to be a great choice for the players who apply more hands while executing the putting stroke. Additionally, the amazing range of colors that this product comes with, makes the appearance of this putter very eye-pleasing.

Getting onto the pros and cons of this putter from Ray Cook, we will analyze the highlights and look at what this product has actually to offer.


  • Good lining up – giving the golfers a clear eye for aiming.
  • Contrasting colors for better visibility – this feature is very essential as it helps the players to have an unconfused sight – also it gives the putter a very attractive look.
  • Enhanced alignment – the mid-size grip of this putter will result in an improved alignment.
  • The traditional approach but contemporary technology is a great blend to offer to golfers.


  • Some golfers who prefer to have a heavier putter may feel it to be lighter.


If you are a fan of a mid-size grip, not too fussy design, and look forward to improving your alignment – the Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR800 Putter is a good fit for you. Well under your budget, this putter pleases the eye, your game, and adheres to simplicity for a better and dedicated approach in bettering your performance. And if the lighter weight is something that suits you, you might love playing with this putter. Try it out!

MacGregor Golf MacTec 04

As mentioned earlier, there are certain factors of putters that make it suitable for certain players – depending upon individual preferences. Ans surely, the MacGregor Golf MacTec 04 Putter has its own set of advantages to offer – let’s march ahead!

From providing ARC Tech Face Milling to an Integrated Alignment Aid – this putter from MacGregor has really some of the best contemporary features to offer – making it exciting for the players to learn about. The extended amount of Moment of Inertia (MOI) remains the highlight of this putter – and it proves to be very economical.

Let’s read about the varied range of pros and cons of this product.


  • Design that offers extreme MOI.
  • ARC Tech Face Milling pattern.
  • Provided better distance control.
  • Offering increased forgiveness.
  • Integrated Alignment Aid – improving alignment with dedicated patter.


  • Feel remains a concern – players have given feedback that feel given by this putter is not as great as expected.
  • Lower handicapped players may have suitability issues with this putter.


Undeniably, the MacGregor Golf MacTec 04 Putter is one of the finest when it comes to being under-budget and having a plethora of advantageous factors to offer to the players. If you have just started out and are not very well acquainted with better putters, then this might not be the option you are looking for. Otherwise, it is a feast to have.

Final Thoughts – The Conclusion

From discussing various putters that are priced under a hundred dollars to looking at the pros and cons of each option – we came across a piece of comprehensive information on which putters to consider. This decision will be backed by the factors that go into choosing the right kind of the putter – which we discussed above.

We hope you will come face-to-face very clearly with your style and preferences, and then determine the perfect option to go with. Happy putting!

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