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Best Putter Under $50 – Quality That Doesn’t Hinder Pockets

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To start off with this one, it should be known that putters that come under fifty dollars are definitely not too praiseworthy. Given the quality of material used in the construction of these putters and the harder feel and sound produced by them, are something which is not at all sought by a larger portion of the golfers, especially the professional ones. Though sorting out a list for selecting the best putter under $50 can really make us aware of some of the putters that offer some extent of quality while not giving burden to pockets as well.

Yes, there are very good brands that produce putters under the category of fifty dollars but if you want something world-class, then there is no other alternative of spending a comparatively bigger amount. To our rescue, very impressive brands like Wilson, Pinemeadow, etc., do make putters which cost less than fifty dollars – but the issue again remains the same – do not expect the kind of feel, performance, and impact provided by those high-end putters. Very categorically, you can experience the differences between their qualities.

For the players who have just started out (amateurs or beginners) and have put their first step in the world of golf, it is good to try things first and then make the decision of going regular with particular gears – this would enable you to spend less, try more, and learn great. So, if you have made up your mind for compromising some of the quality aspects (mentioned earlier) of putters then it is really a smart move to spend only around fifty dollars.

Before we move on to the list of putters, let us look at some of the factors that you need to look out for while choosing a putter – this is purely for making you aware of the basic features of putters that would help you in selecting the ideal putter in future. Of course, the qualities which we will discuss in the next section are pertaining to the putters with much higher quality, performance, impact, and yes – the cost.

Factors to consider while buying an ideal putter

The entire process of selecting the perfect putter for an individual golfer takes a lot! There are several factors that are considered while making the call – but before considering these factors, it is expected that the player has started to know his/her game and knows what exactly to go for. It is very crucial for any player to identify the style of his/her game and then analyze the gears which would suit them the best.

Coming to the aspects that go in considering a putter – there are many technicalities – physical and technological – that are analyzed. Following are some of the pivotal factors that play a big part in choosing a putter:

  • The Shape of the Head
  • The Weight of the Head
  • The Shaft length
  • The Stroke type
  • Head Balancing
  • The type of Grip
  • The Material of the putter
  • Kind of Weight distribution (if offered)

Having looked at the essential features to look out while buying a putter, now, we will sprint into the crux of this article and come across some of the best putters pricing under fifty dollars. Through this comprehensively prepared list, you will get a decent range of options, from various brands, that will ease your decision-making and assist you well in going with the correct putter. Let’s move ahead!

Recommendations for best putter under $50

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

Choosing the best putter under a tight budget – like fifty dollars in this case – is a bit challenging. But as long as we have putters like the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter, we can be assured of our choices. This putter from one of the world-renowned companies, Pinemeadow, is considered to be one of the best mallet putters available out there. From perfect weight to detailed finishing, this putter has a lot of amazing features and technicalities.

The length of this putter is 34” which comes with an appearance that offers good contrast against the green – this enables the golfer to have a lot more improved focus over the alignment line. Considered to be an ideal putter for fast greens, this beauty from Pinemeadow results in a lowered skid. Apart from this, the forward spinning of the ball is the factor behind providing better stability. If you look at the features given by this putter, it is hard to digest that this one is priced below an amount of fifty dollars.

To have a brief analysis of this putter’s advantageous factors, let’s look at the pros and cons of it. It would help you to have a comprehensive piece of information about this product from Pinemeadow.


  • Good contrast for better focus.
  • Not heavy – perfect weight.
  • Improved performance on faster greens.
  • Detailed white finish.
  • Extended stability and alignment.


  • Golfers who prefer to use heavier putters may show apprehensions in using this putter.
  • This putter might require the golfer to bring changes in the swing style.


The Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter is unarguably one of the best putters – the outstanding physicality and technicalities make it worth the use. Available under the price of fifty dollars, it makes this putter even more exciting to buy. But, if you are refraining yourself changing your swing style, then this might not be the perfect option for you, otherwise, no second thought should make way into your head.

Wilson Augusta Golf Putter

best putter under $50

In the category of considerably cheap putters, the Wilson Augusta Golf Putter stands out for sure. The key features that are provided by this putter are definitely worth the price. With a traditional look and just the right weight, this putter is favorable in all kinds of weather and offers a fabulous alignment. This putter has a head which is brass blade-styled, meaning that the putter is applicable for all the type of golfers. With a distinct stitch design and a steel shaft – this putter from Wilson goes a long way.

Now, let’s discuss the pros and cons of this putter which will enable you to have more focussed information on this product.


  • A grip that is favorable in all weathers.
  • Great touch and consolidated response.
  • Designed for both the left-handers and the right-handers.
  • Shaft made of steel.
  • The stitch design.
  • The oversized grip helps golfers to achieve further control.
  • Alignment is easier.


  • The head is not appearing to be square to the shaft to some golfers.
  • The players who prefer to use heavier putters may not like this one.


The Wilson Augusta Golf Putter has some seriously good features to extend to the golfers. As this putter is already under budget, money would not come into your way of making this putter yours. So, if you want a putter that is perfectly weighted and gives great alignment, focus, and ultimately performance – then this putter is made for you.

Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter

We have another one from Wilson – a brand that is known to give putters at a reasonable price with overwhelming features. The Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter is surely an instance that justifies the earlier sentence. Considered to be a semi-mallet putter, this one comes with a much larger but soft feel grip that has all the contemporary features. Weighing only 14.1 ounces, this product from Wilson has Microinjection face insert – induced with several dense areas.

With the overview of this product done, it’s time for looking at the pivotal facets of this putter in the form of pros and cons, which will provide you the smart insights. Let’s have a look at them!


  • Microinjection face insert.
  • Better consistency with enhanced feel.
  • A soft feel grip of a much larger size.
  • Improved accuracy through the beautiful vertical seam grip.
  • Feel is escalated by a comparatively larger diameter.


  • Some golfers might feel that the putter is too light for them.
  • A featured headcover is not provided.


As we discussed, the features provided by the Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter are too good to ignore. As the price is no more of an issue here, you can definitely consider buying this option for all the amazing provisions it offers. Only if you are a golfer who prefers to use a comparatively heavier putter, then refrain from buying this one as this putter weighs only 14.1 ounces.

Ray Cook Golf- Silver Ray SR500 Putter

So now we have our fourth option in the form of the Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR500 Putter. Undoubtedly, this putter gives some adorable features, and looking at the price, it makes it even more interesting. One highlight that differentiates it from the rest is its dashing appearance – all thanks to the awesome black finish with a bit of red and white detailing.

Talking about the technicalities of this product from Ray Cook, this putter provides an incredible feel – due to the mid-sized grip. Weighing only 360 grams, this putter has a double-bend full-shaft offset. Let’s have a glance at the pros and cons of this product for better understanding.


  • Striking look and appearance.
  • Improved feel.
  • Tour weighted and balanced – providing a softer feel.
  • Enhanced consistency.
  • Good alignment.


  • Weight of this putter can demand a change in the swing style.
  • Comparatively lighter weight may not appeal to the golfers who tend to use heavier putters.


The Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR500 Putter comes with some ravishing features that can make you feel that its price is much lower. If you want a perfectly balanced and weighted putter with attractive looks while seeking improvement upon consistency, alignment, and overall feel – then it is suggested to go on with this one. Also, if the lighted weight of this putter is not a concern for you, it becomes a must-buy.

Leagy Putters

If you are looking for a putter that provides the standard features under the price of fifty dollars, then you must have a good look at the Leagy Putters. With offerings like Microinjection face insert, harmonized feature, comfortable grip, alignment aid, etc., this putter is designed to cater to every golfer’s requirements. Coming with a standard head shape and soft grip, the performance is expected to elevate in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

To discuss the features of the Leagy Putters, let’s sum-up the information into the form of pros and cons – to have it all in one place.


  • Microinjection face insert.
  • Alignment aid for accurate putts.
  • New improved feel.
  • Standard head shape.
  • Extremely convenient to carry.
  • Enhanced consistency – weighs only 12.5 oz.


  • The lighter weight of the putter may be an aspect that might not please the players preferring the heavier ones.


Having a restriction of not spending more than fifty dollars, the Leagy Putters undeniably emerges as a good choice. With all the standard features intact, your game will be well-assisted by this tool. Only if you are a golfer that likes to play with putters that weigh more, you might not go for this one. Overall, Leagy Putters are a good option.

Conclusive Remarks!

Finding really good putters with a price below fifty dollars was quite a task! But when such great options emerge, it all looks worth it. We looked at some of the best putters available under a restricted budget and analyzed their features, advantages, and disadvantages comprehensively. Surprisingly, we have found some really good features in these putters that we thought are available only in higher-priced putters. We would recommend that you re-analyze the above matter, mark the features your game requires, and then make the final call of buying the perfect putter. All the best!

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