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Best Putters for High Handicappers – Create Legacy in Low-Speed Strokes

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Being a sport that needs equipment variation pertaining to the required speed of the strokes – Golf is a game where players are pooled according to their Golf Handicap; the lower the handicap number, the better the player. Talking about the importance of varying strokes – it gains utmost significance as it becomes a deciding factor in how your game progresses, and ultimately where the level of your game stands. Low-speed stroke is one of the crucial types of strokes in the game of golf, where the player is needed to target the short-distanced hole and roll-off the ball accordingly; and special equipment curated for such strokes is a Putter. Therefore, here we have reviewed the best putters for high handicappers.

How are high handicappers differentiated from the rest?

Unlike from the literal term, a ‘handicap’ in golf is the numerical calculation of a golfer’s current ability. The classification of golf players into handicappers is such: ‘lower the handicap value, better the player and higher the ranking’ – for instance, if a golf player ‘X’ has his/her handicap value as 5, and another player ‘Y’ has a handicap value of ‘15’, then X is considered to be a better golf player than Y. Just like every sport has gender-divisions in the form of “men’s” and “women’s” – golf’s handicap scale has variations too! The USGA handicap allowed for men goes to a maximum of 36.4, while for women it goes to a limit of 40.4.

The journey from being high handicappers to a pro player depends a lot upon various factors – golf tools being one of the pivotal. Here, let’s discuss some of the best putters for high handicappers, which are surely instrumental in making a high handicapper grow into the game. Let’s look!

Top Recommendations for Best Putters for High Handicappers

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

best putters for high handicappers

Concentrating on providing incredible alignment, performance, and consistency, Odyssey Triple Track Putters are curated by a smart grouping of standard technologies. This product is developed from Callaway’s Innovative Golf Ball Alignment System – where the putting accuracy is enhanced through the three Triple Track lines; these use Vernier Hyper Acuity which provides an intensified alignment, maintaining the consistency.

Moreover, this feature makes it very adaptable and easy to use. One key highlight which makes it a better choice is its Innovative Multi-Material Shaft which saves weight by 40 grams, as a result, this weight is balanced between the head and grip end of the putter. This redistribution of weight in the putter improves the tempo and uniformity in the stroke. Another advantageous factor of this product is that it enables the player with a solidified grip and better sound at impact.


  • Four more head shapes available – providing further suitability options.
  • Very player friendly – easy usability.
  • Perfect for those who still lack putting skills.
  • Provides better alignment and consistency.
  • Ideal weight distribution.


  • Dependability of good results on the usage of putter and ball both.
  • Players looking for a soft face shouldn’t lookout for this product.


Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter stands out among the league through its incredible features – it has several models that give the players preferable options to choose from. When it comes to perfect alignment and consistency, this product gains prominence as the level of gripping it provides is commendable.

Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter

Distance control is an essential element in going for the selection of putter – and the Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter does possess it though its Double Milled Face – which also facilitates the player with enhanced and uniform impact and roll. This product exemplifies as a putter with a controlled putting stroke, provided by its Counterbalanced Technology which shifts the balance point nearer to the player’s hands; enabling a smoother putting stroke. One more intriguing facet of this product is the Dark Anti-Glare Finish which highlights the sight-lines – all through its new ultra dark PVD finish.

With its weight around 1.38 pounds, Wilson Staff Infinite Golf Putter proves to be a convenient option while seeking to improve the overall control in terms of impact, distance, and roll.

Sometimes, conventionality is a boon. This putter is moreover like a modern touch on the vintage – from its design to the approach, this product won’t make the golfers feel that this is something which is ‘too new’, and would also back their game with the unconventionality that this product offers. This amalgamation makes this putter a thing to watch out for!


  • Head with counterweighting swings – Bringing distance control and reliability.
  • Heel-shafted design – Giving a better feel and control.
  • Conventional half-moon shape – simpler in design, more compact, and with a non-reflective finish.


  • Testers feel it’s a product ideally meant for better putters due to the absence of visible technology.
  • Testers say the product lacks in sustaining the confidence in them – may be due to the traditional design and approach of the product.


Though a comparatively underrated product – traditional and modern players have something to look out for in this putter. Undeniably, its prominence lies in the counterbalanced design; this comes with an oversized grip. This product being budget-friendly is promising enough to be a popular choice.

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter turns out to be one of the favorites with its White Hot Insert emerging as the highly ranked insert on tour. The Head Shape Performance induced in this product makes it convenient for every player. With its new darker finishing, the look prettily complements with the White Hot Insert; smartly developed to upscale the feel, performance sound, and impact. Embedded with the New Laser Milling System, White Hot tends to achieve proper tolerance levels – syncing well with its several head shapes and new insert.

Considered to be curated for pro players around the globe, White Hot promises overwhelming performances. Equipped with heel weight replacement compiling a complete-shaft with the crank net socket, this product’s features enhance the player’s confidence and control on the game. The provided hosel accentuates the rise of precision, overall feel, and alignment of the club.


  • Face inserts – Promising uniform performance, consistent sound, and feel.
  • Full-shaft offset
  • Toe weight placement
  • Laser Milling – Providing tighter tolerance.
  • Sleek finish with Callaway – Reducing glare and increasing durability.
  • Crank neck hosel – Strengthening visualization at each stroke.
  • Varied alignment – For accuracy and stroke consistency.


  • Takes long to get comfortable: To get used to this putter, players often spend a much longer time.
  • Absence of oversized grip – Golfers do prefer an oversized grip, but opposite to their expectation, this product doesn’t have one.
  • Affordability: Due to its costliness, players must have a considerably higher budget.


Any golf player seeking a top-notch putter must consider the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter which comes with a ravishing presence, consolidating consistency, and utmost comfort. Laser Milling Cutting Process remains one of those pivotal features of this product which provides high tolerance – aiding players to improve their games with consistent performance. Be it pro players or amateur golfers, this product appeals to one and all, though the time taken to get used to the product is longer – which marks the only considerable setback apart from not being pocket-friendly.

TaylorMade Spider Putters

As the induced technologies in the golf equipment are changing players’ preferences, game approach, and playing techniques – the TaylorMade Spider Putters are an apt example of how modern players are revamping their contest by using conventional-yet-modern golf tools.

Talking about the features of this product, its highly adjusting perimeter plays a prominent role in gifting enhanced forgiveness and stability to the golfers. Grooves cut play a major part in deciding the attainable topspin – here in the TaylorMade Spider Putters, grooves cut at the angle of 45-degree ascends the topspin, ensuring a smoother forward roll. Not just this, but this putter offers enhanced alignment through sightline technology.


  • Good feel and distance control – Accumulated by impeccable roll and forgiveness.
  • Involves flow neck – For a surge in the comfort of using this product.
  • Face-balanced options
  • Interactive Spider – Provides analytics amid the game.


  • Different sightlines – this feature may not be preferred by everyone.
  • Address profile – Doesn’t guarantee to suit all the players; gets known during the course of usage.


It would be harsh to call this product a bit on the unorthodox side, on the contrary, its modern features are designed such that golfers would get well-assisted in the game. Though considered flexible by testers, it really depends on the individuals with unique tastes to embrace this product and continue with it. A really well-equipped putter, the TaylorMade Spider Putters is never short of promising escalation in performance.

Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter

It gets quite frustrating when a putt falls short, which is also somewhere a flaw that needs to be taken care of by the golfer. With Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter, these issues definitely take a backseat as the features it offers, are dominant enough to take your game forward.

The Speed Optimized Face Technology creates distance consistency on every putt – enabling the player to have an upper-hand over the league. Another noteworthy technology feature of this product is The Diamond CNC Milling Pattern which is designed to give a soft feel along with a true on-line roll – empowered by the deep grooves. This putter’s planned weight distribution provides a firmer feel and stability – this is ensured by the optimized CG location.

Offering 6 distinctive tour-proven head shapes, the Cleveland Huntington Beach Putter has the quality of favoring any golfer’s stroke, approach, and style. Moreover, the look of this putter is customizable – the golfer can use the multiple color options to enhance the putter’s presence.


  • Affordability – Huntington Beach Putters are of considerably lower prices than the competitors.
  • Speed Optimization Face Technology – For amazing distance control.
  • Numerous head designs – Providing personalizing options to players for better look and feel.
  • Diamond CNC Milling Pattern – For on-line roll and soft feel.
  • Deep grooves
  • Strategic weight distribution – Offering stability through CG location.


  • Some players feel that the lines and edges are aggressively sharper.
  • The golfers accustomed to harder solid feel at impact, experience the feel to be very soft, dead instead.
  • Single option for left-handed golfers – Only model one available; requiring a left-handed putter.


The comprehensively impressive putters – the Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters are one of those highly well-designed putters that ace at design, feel, performance, forgiveness, and consistency. These are always expectant of favoring the golfers with intriguing technologies like Speed Optimized Face Technology, Diamond CNC Milling Pattern, CG location, etc. – giving players the utmost comfort, soft feel, and stability. In case you are a golfer with color preferences, this putter provides a range of options to choose from.

Every golfer’s playing style and approach towards the game is unique – identify it and aptly select the putter!


Golf is a sport in which players discover their style, flaws, strengths, and every other playing aspect during the course of encountering various stages. A game like golf can never have a ‘one fits all’ kind of execution – especially when it comes to selecting the tools and equipment. Choose what suits you! Adhering to suitable equipment becomes very crucial as your entire game and the performance you render, depend upon how well synced you are with your golf tool. Be it putter or any other golfing equipment, each and every gear must complement your game and should be precisely in compliance with your playing style.

We had a look at some of the finest options of putters available for high handicappers. From offerings of top-most brands, we analyzed the pros and cons of each putter – giving you a clear picture of the putter which might suit you the best! It’s great to go through these amazing options, but before that, know your game and its strengths and weaknesses – also identify the areas you need to work upon, identify the best putter that can uplift your game. Happy golfing!

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