bridgestone b330 rx vs pro v1

Bridgestone B330 RX vs Pro V1 – One of these has to be better

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Bridgestone b330 rx and Titleist Pro V1 are such strong contenders that it is virtually impossible to tell which one is better. Both Bridgestone and Titleist are well known brands for producing great quality golf equipment. In such a scenario, it is difficult to compare each of their best golf balls. While both these balls serve to elevate the performance of any average or mid-range golf player, we’ll help you decide which one is especially better for you.

Nowhere else will you get tour-quality golf balls for mid-range players with such promise. Bridgestone b330 rx vs pro V1 is not just a debate about golf balls. It is a comparison of two of the most reputable golf brands. Titleist has been recognized as a top name in the golf arena and bridgestone is its equally strong contender. Head on to find out which one you must pick up to best satiate your needs.

Have a look at everything Bridgestone B330 RX has to offer

These golf balls have been specially designed for golfers with middle-range handicaps who want to cover that extra distance to compete equally with their low handicap counterparts. Best for those with slow swing speeds, these balls are tour-quality and promise in attaining admirable distances. 

This is mainly owed to bridgestone’s special gradational compression core which helps in producing longer shots by lowering the compression in the best possible manner. The compression for different layers of the core is different. While many other golf balls may have incorporated such core designs in their structure these days. Bridgestone was the first to introduce this concept and gain accolades for the wonderful performance it bestowed. 

This results in straight and well-aimed shots that cover long distances at admirable speeds. You’ll get a mid-range launch angle, commendable flights, amazing trajectories, along with effectively reduced spin. While these golf balls are built to perform exceptionally well in long distance golf game, they perform wonderfully in short game too. Just that it doesn’t have as much stopping power as the golf balls specifically built for short game.

However, these golf balls perform sufficiently well in short game owing to their special SlipRes durable cover which has a high friction coefficient rating that allows the ball to stop when needed. In addition, these golf balls have an excellent design when it comes to the 330 dimple count. Smaller dimples are on the inside and are surrounded by larger dimples. This particular pattern helps in effectively reducing drag and greatly enhancing the distance covered by these balls.

Take a look at the best features availed by Titleist Pro V1

bridgestone b330 rx vs pro v1

There is a reason why Titleist Pro V1 has bagged such a big name in the golfing arena. This is owed to all their high quality equipment offering reliable performance. While there is a lot of competition, ProV1 is no doubt still considered one of the best golf balls for mid-range golfers. Not only this, even experienced golfers and pro players greatly rely on the excellent performance of this ball. 

The low compression rate for these balls allows more coverage of distance even in response to slow swing speeds. This is because these balls get compressed easily and thus attain more distance than ordinary golf balls would. Golfers with high swing speeds can also attain admirable distance with these balls. 

While this is one of the softest golf balls in this category, it also produces enough spin to change the direction of the ball with ease. This has an additional advantage of availing an easy stop in response to approach shots. The adequately thin cover for these balls further improves the spin without making you lose any control.

Both these golf balls cover excellent distance

Both these golf balls have specially designed cores that enable them to cover additional distance. The gradational compression core for Bridgestone had brought about a revolution in the world of golf balls. This special feature lets mid-range handicap players pay with tour-quality golf balls. 

The gradational compression for these balls ascertains that maximum accuracy is attained while achieving maximum distance with the lowest spin. The great length of distance covered is also owed to the durable and soft urethane cover for these balls. 

On the other hand, Titleist V1 too promises great coverage of distance owing to the special technology it is equipped with. These golf balls contain a special 2.0 ZG process core that serves to reduce the spin and greatly enhance the speed of the ball with every shot. Moreover, the thin and sensitive isomeric casing for these balls further improves the speed. 

One must also note the incredible flight availed by the special designs of these balls. Titleist Pro V1 Has 352 tetrahedral dimples that are spherically tiled on the ball’s surface to provide a much more penetrating characteristic to these flights. Bridgestone’s b330 rx also provides exceptional flight to the shots while maintaining accuracy and consistency. 

Bridgestone b330 rx is more durable 

Although both of these golf balls have covers composed of urethane, Bridgestone b330 rx is known to be more durable in design and structure. This unique cover avails the softest feel on the greenside while offering the most reliable durability. You may have come across many golf balls that claim to be durable in design. There are a few that really do. 

Titleist Pro V1 is comparatively less durable. The thin isomeric cover definitely assures tremendous speed but offers less durability than its strongest contender. 

Titleist V1 is well known for its exceptional control on the greenside

One commendable feature of Titleist V1 golf balls is the smooth, soft, and relatively durable elastomer cover. While offering incredibly soft feels on the pitch as well as chip shots, this cover ensures better reliability in putting too. Promising to improve your short game, these golf balls offer extremely dependable control on the green side.

The soft and durable urethane cover of Bridgestone doesn’t get as much spin in response to pitch and chip shots as Titleist Pro V1. The feel and performance on the greenside is definitely adequate but not as good as the contender we are praising.

Bridgestone b330 rx is more affordable 

While Titleist Pro V1 is amongst the most expensive golf balls in America, Bridgestone b330 rx is quite more affordable. In comparison, Titleist Pro V1 is quite expensive. Considering that one loses golf balls while learning on the course, this may not be a good recommendation for mid-range golfers.

Bridgestone b330 rx, on the other hand, is quite more affordable. This is despite its equivalent characteristics and performance. It is also more durable than most golf balls, leave alone Titleist.

These two balls may be close in their overall performance, but they are quite different in construction

Bridgestone b330 rx is chiefly manufactured as a tour-quality three-piece golf ball while Titleist V1 is just meant for extra distance. With a compression of 110, B330 rx is definitely soft but not as soft as Pro V1 with its 90 compression rating of 90. And while the SlipRes urethane cover of Bridgestone is unbelievably durable, the urethane elastomeric cover of Pro V1 is quite durable and soft at the same time. 

Moreover, Bridgestone has 330 dual dimples in total to impart the best aerodynamic capacities to the ball in flight. Meanwhile, Tieleist has 352 tetrahedral dimples arranged in the best way to enhance the flight, accuracy, and contour of the shot trajectory. 

Know that Bridgestone b330 rx has a soft gradational core, while Titleist V1 has a next generation 2.0 ZG process core. Both of them work excellently in imparting long distance coverage. 

Know the pros and cons of buying Bridgestone b330 rx golf balls


  • This is the best amongst the tour-quality golf balls meant for mid-range golfers 
  • This ball is known for covering great distance at high velocities owing to its special gradational compression core 
  • The gradual alteration in compression in different layers proves very beneficial in attaining extra distance
  • Even golfers with slow swing speeds can greatly rely on these golf balls to attain maximum distance and the best performance 
  • The SlipRes urethane cover for Bridgestone is also quite durable and promises one of the highest friction coefficient ratings possible for golf balls 
  • Essentially, this is amongst the most durable golf balls you’d come across
  • The special arrangement of dimples on these balls is very successful in reducing drag and also in improving the trajectory of flight
  • Moreover, these golf balls are quite affordable 
  • Many senior golfers recommend this ball owing to its excellent roundness and the unmatchable control it renders
  • Customers also comment on the incredible consistency these golf balls show in their flight
  • If you are an amateur, you can very well rely on these to make you feel you own control
  • One can avail the highest quality imbibed in the most expensive golf balls for a much cheaper price 
  • These balls are also known to behave unbelievably well around the greens 
  • Bridgestone B330 RX is very well suitable for short game too
  • This ball will give you some of the best chipping feels ever


  • As compared to other golf balls in this category, Bridgestone b330 rx is not as easy to control around the greens
  • The ball feels essentially hard on the greenside and avails lesser spin
  • Many people report that these balls are not as easily available as other golf balls in this category

Know the pros and cons of Titleist Pro V1


  • This is amongst the most popular golf balls known for covering excellent distance 
  • It is fit for use by both mid-range golfers and experienced and pro golfers
  • The low compression rate for these balls avails greater coverage of distance even for slow swing speeds
  • These balls feels soft and are known to avail adequate spin for the best control on the greenside
  • Even the stopping ability of these golf balls is commendable
  • The special dimple design for these balls helps you attain the best aerodynamic capabilities along with most dependable flights
  • The cover for these golf balls is made of urethane elastomer and is quite durable 
  • This is essentially the golf ball that all other golf balls aspire to be
  • You’ll not come across many golf balls that avail such incredible feels around the putter and the greens while also covering extra long distances
  • The softness of these balls is quite perfect unlike most golf balls that either feel like a sponge or a stone 
  • Even high handicap players report amazing performance upon using these golf balls 
  • Many users report that these golf balls pierce the wind as if by a sword
  • These balls may not be as durable as Bridgestone B330 RX but they are durable enough to stay tough for longer than you expect


  • This is one of the most expensive golf balls in this category
  • Golfers who are still lowering their handicap may prefer low compression two-piece golf balls for their softer feels

Bridgestone B330 RX vs Pro V1

Bridgestone B330 RX is essentially a tour performance golf ball duly made from around 300000 ball fittings. It is best for golfers who play with swing speeds around and under 105 mph. If you crave that extra distance with every shot, these golf balls are perfect for that goal. Moreover, the soft core design is built to maximize compression in order to cover maximum distance.

Titleist Pro V1 has incorporated the best in class features that Titleist has to provide. These golf balls have a large and dependable core which is made to deliver high-end performance very much admired by experienced golfers. The special urethane elastomer cover for these balls avails the best possible performance for both long distance and short distance shots as well as while putting. 


It is certainly difficult to go for one amongst both these equally worthy contenders. But we have brought before you every possible difference between them so you can choose better. Now that the major work is done, select the golf ball that best suits your game and never look back. 

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  2. I’m extremely pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for ones time just for this fantastic read!! I absolutely enjoyed every part of it and i also have you bookmarked to see new stuff in your site.

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