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Callaway Superhot vs Supersoft – They are more similar than you think

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Looking for the best golf ball to suit your skill can become a daunting task. Such is the variety of golf balls in America, every other option seems to be better. Callaway is a renowned golf brand known for offering some of the best quality golf balls in an affordable price range. So in case you are wondering which one of these is a better option for you, we are here to sort it out. 

Callaway Superhot vs Supersoft is a debate amongst the best known golf balls for improving the performance of those with swing deficiencies and also for beginners. Although both of them appear to be similar in some aspects, they both work in different ways to greatly elevate your game. 

Our detailed review will touch vital aspects and cover all features of both these balls so that you end up with the best possible choice. We’ll also accustom you with the specifications you should have in mind while selecting your perfect golf ball.

Callaway Superhot and Callaway Supersoft are entirely different

You may think of them as similar golf balls sold under different names for better marketing. Well, this is not at all true in case of Callaway’s best quality golf balls. Some players may feel similarities in performance and design, but there are very vast differences between the two. Be it their basic construction, their overall performance, the distance they cover, their optimum speed, or their feels, you must know what takes them miles apart. 

Callaway Superhot is three-piece while Callaway Supersoft is two-piece

Looking at the basic construction of these golf balls, you’d notice enormous differences in their design. Callaway Supersoft is a two-piece golf ball. This implies that there are two portions of the ball including the polybutadiene core and the trigonometry cover.

callaway superhot vs supersoft

At the same time, Callaway Superhot is a well-built three-piece golf ball that comprises a special dual-core interior along with a soft ionomer cover. These golf balls are soft at the center and hard at the mantle.

Owing to this, these golf balls also differ widely in their compression rating. The Callaway Supersoft golf balls have a compression rating of 38 while Callaway Superhot golf balls have a rating of 55. This affects their suitability for golfers with different skill sets.

Callaway Supersoft golf balls are more suitable for long distance game

The soft feels for Callaway Supersoft golf balls make them suitable for best use in long distance golf game. Their performance in short distance game is also commendable. In addition, these golf balls avail sufficient spin to reliably excel on the putting greens.

In comparison to Callaway Supersoft, Callaway Superhot has ultra-soft feels and is much more suitable for short game because of the better amount of spin. If you require additional spin for your best performance, this must be your first choice.

Both these golf balls cover good amount of distance with different means 

This may appear to be too far stretched but golf balls do in fact have different mechanisms even if they achieve the same performance. Both Callaway Supersoft and Superhot are capable of covering extra distance and improving your overall performance in this regard. But they both have different features that make it possible. 

In Callaway Supersoft, there is an advanced core that greatly reduces any unwanted spin when you are going for long shots. Equipped with the special HEX technology and the best in class aerodynamic design, these golf balls decrease the drag by a large amount so that more coverage of distance is easily attainable. 

Moreover, these balls have low compression which further enables them to reach farther even in response to hits with slow swing speeds. More the amount of compression, farther your golf ball goes.

Callaway Superhot achieves the similar excellent distance by different means. These golf balls have a unique dual-core that works in the best way to conserve energy. The soft interior and the relatively hard exterior make it possible to greatly conserve the energy imparted to the ball during the hit and then release it through the very thin cover. 

This special construction takes the coefficient of restitution for these golf balls to the maximum. So there is no loss of energy while scaling the desired distance. Furthermore, the special HEX aerodynamic features significantly reduce the drag for longer coverage. 

Both these golf balls execute different amounts of spin 

The spin produced by Callaway Supersoft is excellent in different aspects than the one generated by Callaway Superhot. Callaway Supersoft golf balls produce enough spin to land solid and stop rolling immediately on the turf. While the spin executed may be excellent, these balls are relatively difficult to control in bunker shots and chips. 

Callaway Superhot golf balls produce enough spin to make the launch and the trajectory of the golf ball gorgeous. Meanwhile, the spin may sometimes be inadequate for best control on the putting greens. Overall, Callaway Superhot has a lower amount of spin than Callaway Supersoft. But you’ll see that these balls cover more extra distance while spinning comparatively less on longer shots. But remember that this also implies lesser control on the greenside owing to the reduced backspin. 

Supersoft is relatively excellent in availing tremendous control while having adequate spin on such a low compression golf ball. The adequate spin for these golf balls in short game is owed to their excellent cover material. You don’t hit the ball very hard on the pitches and chips. This means lesser compression for the core of the ball.

Even the cover of the golf ball has a large influence on the spin. Hard golf ball covers provide lesser spin even in response to slow swing speeds. This is because these covers then prevent the core of the ball from getting compressed as much. But know that the spin in these cases is also essentially reduced on pitches and chips. 

Surlyn covers are harder than urethane covers for golf balls and produce less spin. Callaway typically uses covers that are better than both urethane and surlyn. This special Callaway material offers considerable spin on the greenside as well while availing better performance than surlyn and urethane otherwise. 

These golf balls differ greatly in their feel

Both these golf balls offer amazing feels. As for Supers coming from Callaway, you must expect some comfort. 

If you need an ultimately soft golf ball, you must go for Callaway Supersoft for its best ability to be controlled while being put. You’ll be amazed by the stability of these balls while rolling such that their direction is unbelievably straight. For fast swing speeds, these golf balls would feel enormously soft. While they might feel somewhat hard to players with slow swing speeds. To experience the best soft feels through this ball, one must have swing speed around 100 mph.

The Callaway Superhot golf balls are different in their softness. You’ll receive lesser feedback when these balls reach the putt. Apart from that, you’d require relatively lesser force to cover the same distance. This is because these are less soft than Callaway Supersoft golf balls. There is not a very vast difference in softness but it’s definitely discernible. 

Of course these golf balls feel hard when you play them at slower swing speeds. And they also feel hard while playing on short irons. 

Callaway Supersoft and Superhot are best suitable for different types of golfers

While Callaway Supersoft is most adequate for golfers with swing speeds ranging from 85 to 90 mph. Callaway Superhot is better suitable for golfers with swing speeds around 100 mph. This is because of the special characteristic features of these balls that fundamentally differentiate them. 

With Callaway Supersoft, you’ll get excellent control while playing with long irons and relatively lesser amount of control on short irons. These are the ideal golf balls if you aim for high launches and glorious trajectories in your shots which also come to an abrupt end at the turf. 

Callaway Superhot will help you play to your best capability with the long rions. There’ll be impressive flights for amazing distance coverage and tremendous spin control for short irons. 

These golf balls differ in their performance off the driver 

For those with slow swing speeds, these golf balls perform quite well off the driver. You’ll gain more distance at the same swing speed when you switch to Callaway Supersoft. Comparing this to Superhot, you definitely get less spin off the driver while playing with Superhot. Supersoft may render you a higher ball flight owing to the extra backspin. 

While Superhot seems to be specially made for driving. This is mainly owed to two reasons. First, the less amount of backspin takes the ball to a considerable distance as compared to softer golf balls like Supersoft. This will also reduce your slices and hooks. 

Middle range handicap players and high handicap players will especially recognize the benefits of possessing a dependable drive. 

Supersoft and Superhot vary greatly in putting abilities

The enhanced softness of Callaway Supersoft avails some advantage in putting. It is common knowledge that softer golf balls encourage more focussed strokes. Soft golf balls are shot more aggressively and they never fall short of the total distance. Thus availing better control on the greens, these balls always achieve being put in.

Unlike Callaway Supersoft, Superhot does not have the advantage of extra soft feel for putting. This obviously drives some players away but if all the other features of Callaway Superhot appeal to you, you must go for this one without doubt. 

There are pros and cons of using Callaway Supersoft golf balls


  • Callaway Supersoft is superbly soft in feel and its creates the best resonance in abilities during long distance games and power shots
  • Supersoft definitely avails much better control over the spin on the greenside
  • One added advantage is the excellent reduction of side spin during flight
  • These golf balls are best in attaining excellent putting abilities on the putting green 


  • These golf balls have a very low compression which may at times dampen the sound during impact and create a dull experience for golfers
  • While the side spin for these golf balls is greatly responsible for their excellent flight, it may not be adequate for good performance in bunker shots, chips, and pitches

Look at the pros and cons of using Callaway Superhot golf balls 


  • These golf balls produce the ebay possible performance in response to slow swing speeds
  • You’ll get straight, consistent, and reliable flights for your long distance shots with this golf ball
  • The occurrence of hooks and slices is greatly reduced by the reduced side spin during the drive 
  • This golf ball’s thin cover allows excellent control over shots around the putting greens 
  • Even when used along with short irons, these golf balls attain impressive lift 


  • The cover for these golf balls is very thin and may at times dampen the response for high swing speeds
  • These golf balls are more suitable for moderate and high handicap players because experienced golfers may encounter excessive lifts for all their shots


Both these golf balls avail excellent performance. To best decide which one is more suitable for you, consider their performance on the greens. The two-piece construction and the ultimate soft feel of Callaway Supersoft makes it very well appropriate for slow and easy strokes. Not only in short game, these golf balls also serve particularly well in long game because of the very soft and low compression construction.

Callaway Superhot may be relatively firm but is also a low compression golf ball with its three-piece construction. This golf ball can hugely uplift your performance even if you play at slow swing speeds and high handicaps. While these may not be as well in control on the greenside as Callaway Supersoft, the distance covered and the flight executed by Callaway Superhot is definitely commendable. Your particular choice out of these two will depend upon your priorities in the game.

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