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Which Are The Golf Club Brands To Avoid? Your Choices Make The Biggest Difference!

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Not just in golf but in life as well, we are known by the choices we make. It is said that “it is okay if one does not know the direction to go in, but one must know which one not to follow” – this statement is very much applicable in the game of golf as well. And in golf you should be knowing golf club brands to avoid.

This illustrious game that has seen many legends making their name big around the world also has some examples that did not succeed despite having the potential that is required to excel. So, the choices you make are extremely important, and when it comes to selecting the golf clubs, the vitality gets tenfold.

In this piece of information, we will look at some of the worst golf club brands that have not lived up to the expectations in terms of quality, performance, design, and overall impact. Before going into the crux of the matter, we must understand that deciding the qualities of the golf clubs solely depends upon the comparisons done between various options out there – some emerge as the best, some average, some bad, and some simply avoidable. Also, these comparisons are backed by the reviews of the golf experts who have analyzed them and the golfers who have tested them and have recorded the differences.

Of course, the judgment of pointing out the worst golf clubs is perceptional and open to debate. But it is only after gathering the popular opinion, we have curated the list along with the reasons that have made us think this way about those products. It is to be remembered that though these golf clubs are considered to be bad, their high prices may put you in doubt – and these overly priced aspects further push us to consider these golf clubs worst as they have almost nothing to defend or justify their costs.

The golf clubs that we are going to discuss are The Alien Wedge, Ping Doc Putter, Cleveland Vas Irons 792, Yonex Graphite Driver, and Flip Face Odyssey Putter. Though the entire list is a bit long, we will lay emphasis on these five golf clubs that have not managed to impress us, instead, they have made us disappointed. From their designs to the comfort these golf clubs provide, these products have not managed to garner praises and have faced backlash majorly.

The Alien Wedge

Very frankly, this golf club is way too heavy! If you use this one, you would feel the heftiness while giving it a swing. With no other advantages that this golf club offers, this becomes one of the most avoidable golf clubs. The Alien Wedge was intended to be used in the sand, but apart from offering reasonable vertical shots, there are no notable provisions by this golf club. The expectation was to aid the players with a high handicap value – assisting them with their slices. But to our sheer disappointment, this golf club has led itself down.

The Ping Doc Putter

As they say “extremes have never done well to anyone” – this just fits in with this product. The Ping Doc Putter is flooded with things that are not just important! Of course, an ideal club would be embedded with technology but when it is just for the sake of showing, it does not serve the purpose at all. With too many unnecessary things on the club, this one has some of the features that have no application at all. While makers had come up with the explanations, but it had no practical offerings. It is recommended not to buy this one and avoid it. Go for other better options that are available out there!

Cleveland Vas Irons 792

You must be taken aback by reading ‘Cleveland’, we were too! Cleveland is known for producing some of the best golf clubs like The Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedges and The Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Wedges. But with The Cleveland Vas Irons 792, they have surely done some damage to their own name.

The strange and unusual design of this golf club makes it very disheartening to the admirers of the Cleveland brand. With a grip that is not at all appreciable and has a lot of scope of improvement, this golf club’s other bad aspect is the inability to give forgiveness. And when forgiveness is compromised, you are ought to avoid this golf club for sure!

The Yonex Graphite Driver

Too much of an oversized golf club! The Yonex Graphite Driver is to avoid as the player would be unable to hit the ball with firmness. It is good to have a golf club whose size is a bit bigger, but when it gets extremely huge, you just can’t handle it. There are very few golfers who have managed to perform well with this one but when you see it from the general perspective, this golf club has to be off your preferences. We would recommend going with a moderately increased size – this would ensure that your firmness of the shot execution is not lost.

The Flip Face Odyssey Putter

Please do not get shocked by seeing the name of Odyssey! Yes, Odyssey is one such brand that is very much acclaimed and appreciated for the premium golfing equipment it produces. From design to performance, Odyssey has launched some of the best golf tools that have emerged as a favorite choice for many golfers around the world.

But here, with The Flip Face Odyssey Putter, they have failed to impress the golfers. First of all, this golf club’s bad design is its biggest problem. And due to this, the performance that gets produced if below average. Also, this club remains very much bereft of the basics of a good golf club – the unimpressive and non-performing flip face just does not add up to offer anything good. Though the brand Odyssey is very much known to bring out the best golf clubs, we would recommend avoiding this one in particular.

As mentioned earlier, there are other golf clubs as well that do not live up to the expectation and have failed to provide any impressive features. But the ones we mentioned right up there, remain the ones that are a must avoid. We have now talked about the products that you can easily give a miss, but we shall also look at some of the important factors that one must seek while selecting a golf club.

Factors to consider while choosing a golf club

golf club brands to avoid

There are certainly some features that can’t be overlooked while selecting a golf club. Each and every technicality that a golf club offers is important in deciding the assistance you will be getting in the course of your performance. So, some of the most essential factors that you must look out for are the thickness of the grip, the type of shaft provided, the extent of loft that the golf club would provide, and the size of the clubhead.

Also, don’t blindly consider buying a golf club based on the brand’s name. Just before this section, we looked at The Flip Face Odyssey Putter, and its unpleasing features. As they say “Don’t rest on your laurels” – you must relate it to the brand names. It is not necessary that a brand that has many great golf clubs under their belt cannot make a mistake and come up with a golf club that is not appreciable. Yes, of course, they can! So, we would suggest you to avoid looking at the brand names and only focus on the features provided by the golf clubs

Some of the best recommendations for buying a golf club

We have come up with these names after reviewing, comparing, and analyzing the performances of these golf clubs. So, the names we would recommend you to go with are The Ping G400 Driver, The Mizuno Golf MP-20 Iron Set, The TaylorMade SIM, The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo, The Callaway XR 16, and The Odyssey O-Works Putter.

We hate parting! But for now, let’s conclude!

If you are a beginner or an amateur or a player with a high handicap, one thing you must look forward to is getting your golfing gears right. This would ensure that you are on the right track of surging towards a better performance. And if the gears you chose are in compliance with your game, it’s great!

Throughout this article, we talked about various golf clubs that should be avoided by the golfers in order to refrain from getting disappointed and hindering their performances. We also threw light on the factors that led these golf clubs to be the disliked ones. Also, we had a very brief look at the factors that you must consider while getting a new golf club for yourself. Make it very clear, do not settle for anything less than considerable. If you are serious about your game and want to bring positive differences, then do not make the wrong choices in buying the golf clubs. Go for the best!

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