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How To Get Better At Golf Without Lessons – Where There’s A Will There’s A Way!

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Today, life has become so fast and quick that people find it difficult to take out time for the activities that they really want to pursue – and if it is a sport, just like golf, the things become more demanding, But this ‘demanding’ factor depends on how passionate and willing you are about bettering your game of golf. Not just the issues of shortage of time, but people also look at how to get better at golf without lessons because of the expense involved. Of course, not everyone can afford golf lessons! So, to find other ways becomes important – but we will try to do it, such is our love for the game of golf.

But what if you want to be a professional golfer and want to make it big at the highest level – is it still okay to improve your game personally rather than having golf lessons? This aspect may really depend upon the individuals – how grasping they are, how quick learners they are, how already skilled they are, how much time they can take out daily for practice – and things like these decide whether you will excel at learning without lessons or not.

If we talk about some of the international golf players, there are enough examples of players who have not taken any professional lessons and have still managed to create landmarks and milestones at the highest stages of the game. This is inspiring, isn’t it? Let us move ahead!

Now, if we flip the perspective and listen to some of the golf experts and players saying that taking golf lessons is very important for an individual’s game and skill development, then we are sure to face a dilemma! But considering this other side of the debate is also important, this gives us a much wider horizon to look at and ponder upon finding the best way possible. Seeking professional advice has never harmed anyone, instead, it has just added to the growth of the player.

Also, when an experienced golf coach (or expert) analyses your game, supervises your performance, and finds ways to lessen your flaws – can there be a better scenario for the budding golfers? But if the conditions are adverse and you just cannot go ahead with golf lessons, then we have some tips for you!

The tips that would follow this section are specially gathered into a list for the ones who cannot attend golfing lessons (for any reason). These tips largely consist of the drills that can be practiced by individuals at their convenience. Drills are the practices that are intended to work upon certain areas of the game – be it stance, swing, or any other aspect.

Practicing these drills will ensure daily improvements in your game and through this, your flaws can be worked upon efficiently with a result-driven approach. Now, let us look at some of the best tips and drills that would not let you miss or consider having professional golf lessons.

Know your goal – Having a purpose is important

Before readying yourself for practicing various drills, one important thing to have is the purpose! Every golf player must know the areas that are needed to work upon and the drawbacks to look after. If these things are not known, you cannot decide the direction that you must put your efforts in. For instance, if your swing is not proper enough and has a scope of improvements, then you must put those drills in action that are meant to enhance swing techniques. So, it is advisable to take a note of your flaws and challenges first and then decide which drill to practice.

Once you have a goal then there is no looking back! Now, we just need to identify which drills will be best for us. Also, once the correct drill is identified, you must follow the steps correctly; you can’t complain of no improvements when you do not follow the drills properly. So, take your own sweet time in getting the basics of the drills right. Practicing correctly will ensure that you are on the right track of overcoming the challenges. Get stable and understand the drill – ‘slow and steady wins the race!’.

Is the ball you are using complementing your game?

how to get better at golf without lessons

When it comes to selecting the balls, it is observed that many golfers are very ignorant about this. This may be due to the reason for not having adequate knowledge about every ball’s advantages, disadvantages, physical construction, and ideal usages. We must understand that every ball is made for a reason and has a different type of construction.

Mainly made up of a cover, mantle layer(s), and the core – the latest advancements in the category of golf balls are 5-piece golf balls, 4-piece golf balls, and 3-piece golf balls. Here, you must analyze the properties of every ball and then decide which ball to go with. If the ball is giving your game certain advantages, then grab them with both hands!

Always measure how far you are hitting! Keeping regular stats helps a long way!

If this tip was presented some years back, it would have been backlashed for the amount of effort required to put in while measuring the distance of shots. But now, thankfully technological advancements have pitched in and it has become very easy to gauge the distance of shots. Apart from having mobile apps (some charge nothing at all) that measure the distance, they also comprehensively keep the record of your stats, enabling you to analyze them. If you do not wish to use an app, there are many tools that can be taken into account for measuring distances of the shot.

One might ask why is keeping stats important? The answer is ‘monitoring of your game’s improvement’. Yes, if you do not know the distance your shot is fetching on a regular basis, how would you gauge your improvement. Not just this, keeping a good track of your distances will help you identify the areas where you are comparatively weaker. Once those areas are identified, you can take necessary measures and improve them through drills of respective advantages.

Drill with alignment sticks

Any golfer, irrespective of the skill level, would know the importance of alignment and its positive influence over the shot and overall performance. Getting the alignment correct is something very calculative because whenever a player is hitting the ball, he/she is not looking at the target – and for the purpose of getting the shot direction right, one must improve upon the alignment factor. Practicing for better alignment is comparatively easier. You just need alignment sticks for this! Let us see a drill that you can practice for the betterment of your alignment.

First of all, take your regular stance and settle the body position (shoulder line, hip position, etc.). Now, put one alignment stick over your feet. Moving further, place an alignment stick above the ball. Here these alignment sticks are your guide – you need to align your stance in such a way that your eyes, arms, and feet are parallel to the target’s left. Practicing this easy drill will help you attain an improved alignment that will make you better at aiming your shots.

Swing it before the mirror! A good drill to improve your swinging techniques

A great yet simple technique to improve upon your swing is by practicing your swing before a mirror. Of course, whenever you are playing over the greens, you are not able to see the mistakes that you commit while swinging. So, it is better to first correct your swing before a mirror and then enter the green.

Practicing your swing before a mirror ensures that you are getting simultaneous feedback! Your every movement involved in a swing can be easily seen and analyzed. While practicing before a mirror, once you have executed the perfect swing, go for checking the consistency with which you can continue with the same swing. This will give you a fair idea of whether your swing action is changing after a while or staying consistent.

Practice the below-100-yard shots more!

Yes, these are the ones that are going to fetch you low scores. Practice more with your target at a distance less than 100 yards because the maximum of your shots will be nearer to the green. With the same target distance, you must try different types of shots – this will help you get exposure to various options that can be used at your convenience.

Let’s Conclude

Not seeking professional golf lessons seems okay when your other drills and types of practices are strong enough. In this article, we came across some practically useful tips and drills that can be inculcated by golfers to bring important improvements to their game. These drills and tips will ensure that the fundamentals are getting enhanced with time – this is very crucial for beginners/amateurs or players with a high handicap. For the ones who are not taking any golf lessons, it is recommended to practice the drills as much as possible for faster improvements. Always remember that while practicing golf, more is less!

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