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Its no secret that technology is taking over many aspects of our lives. From making reservations with a few clicks to fully automated driverless cars. But let me ask you a simple question: has any of this tech actually made anything better??

Honestly; If I can hit it a little longer and a bit straighter than the AI revolution and subsequent human enslavement will have been well worth it.

But can technology help you hit it longer, straighter and shoot lower scores??? YES.

But most of the real positive changes are going to come from working with someone who knows the ins and outs of the new technology.

Finding out your swing speed is great. But knowing how to pick the best loft for your driver with your specific swing speed is better.

We can get data about our swing but what we need is a level deeper. What the data means and what we can do to improve is where the value is.

Dont just go out and buy the newest driver. Invest a little extra and get help from someone who knows the tech and how to fit it to you and your game.

Just buying the most expensive new gear may help a little, but getting it fitted for you specifically is where the real benefits are.

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