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What Hand Does the Golf Glove Go On?

Welcome to Golf! What hand does the golf glove go on?

It goes on your left hand (for 90% of golfers out there)  

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If you are one of the unique lefties out there in the world then the glove goes on your right hand.

Now you don’t absolutely need a glove but it helps a ton. If you don’t have one, you CAN play without one. Just like you ‘can’ play without tees, or golf shoes. But trust me you’re better off playing with all the equipment you’re allowed.

And if you are a beginner the glove is going to help your grip and the strength of your grip. And may even keep you from getting a blister or callus on your palm.

Wearing a glove even when you’re a beginner is important and beneficial.  Your glove hand is your dominant hand.  It does the most work out of the two hands. Take some practice swings holding the club with your glove hand only to get a feel for swinging one handed. This is a great drill to practice.

Without the glove your hand will get sore by the end of the day and you may get some blisters. And yes a sore hand and blisters aren’t good, but whats worse is hitting the ball shorter than you should be. Or loosing grip of the club at the last second and missing the ball or completely duffing your shot.

Your left hand is the guide and the other hand will help add in some power.  But be careful because too much power from your right hand may have you hooking or slicing the ball.  

If you’re a beginner make sure to get the right size glove.  Not too tight and not too big.  And make sure its comfortable because you will use it for half of the game.

You absolutely need the glove with your driver and irons.  But with your wedges inside 100 yards, or less than a full swing you may like to keep the glove off to have more feel for the club.

The more delicate shots need more feel.  So taking the glove off is a great idea.  

When not wearing the glove just let it hang from your back pocket.  Stuff the wrist and velcro part into the pocket and let the fingers part hang out.  

You don’t need to wear the glove for the whole game.  Take it off when not using it so it can stay cool.  Some gloves are more breathable than others so they stay dryer easier.  

Getting a high quality glove is worth it because the game is long and premium equipment does make a difference.  And gloves aren’t getting crazy inflation in price like drivers and shoes.  A very expensive glove might be twenty dollars and a cheap on might be twelve.  

Spend the extra and get a good glove.  And this will also help you to make sure you take care of it.  Don’t throw away the casing it comes in.  This will be a handy glove protector to keep in your bag.

If you have a locker or somewhere to keep your glove its better than in your bag.  Your golf bag is dark and doesn’t have much airflow so a glove wont dry out properly.  

The life of your glove depends on how well or poorly you treat it.

Same glove can last six months or two years depending on your care.

And yes you should care for your glove.  Just like you care for the rest of your equipment.  Keep everything clean and operating to its highest potential to help play your best.  And keep the longevity of your equipment so you’re not constantly buying new equipment.

The most famous player to play without a glove was Fred Couples.  Watch his swing and see how smooth he swings.  Never forcing or attacking the golf ball.  If you can swing like this you don’t need a glove.

So you’re going to want a good glove because you don’t swing like Freddie Couples.  If you did you’d already be on tour.

Golf is a difficult game but you shouldn’t make it more difficult than it has to be. Wear a glove. Make sure you have the best equipment possible for your skill level and budget. And a glove should be high up on the list of essentials.

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