Why Is Golf So Hard?

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Why Is Golf So Hard? Golf is hard because it’s counter intuitive; for example to hit the ball farther you must ‘swing easier’.  The short put counts for the same stroke as a three hundred yard drive. 

You are your own referee so you need to resist the urge to fluff up a bad lie or use your foot wedge.  You need to master yourself which isn’t easy and remember the Golf Gods are ALWAYS watching you. 

Why Is Golf So Hard?

Golf is hard because our expectations are usually way too high.  Not even the professionals hit every fairway and green, or make every four foot putt.  

We play against the course and the course is designed to be a challenge.  You can make a birdie on a hard hole and feel amazing.  And then follow it up with a double or triple bogey on an easy hole. Often known as the “Post Birdie F*#! Up”.  

Why is golf so hard? Golf is a MENTAL game.  Our mindset is a huge factor in our results.  And mastering your mind is one of the toughest tasks ever known to man.  After a birdie you feel on top of the world.  And after a double bogey you feel lower than low. Avoid the emotional rollercoaster and stay cool and calm no matter what you make on a hole. 

However these emotional rollercoasters are also what make golf so addictive.  The greatest feeling in the world is making a birdie on the eighteenth hole, trust me.  Even if you had a terrible game, a birdie on the last will make it all better and you’ll want to come back and play again as soon as possible.

Playing against the course and the elements like wind, rain, heat, and cold makes the same course completely different.  Wind can blow from a new direction and completely change the golf course.  

There are many ways to lose a golf ball as well.  In the woods, in the water, in deep rough, out of bounds and on and on.  The list is long.  And you are your own referee.  Therefore golf demands honesty and self discipline.  There aren’t many games where you must call penalties on yourself.  

Golf demands a high level of hand-eye coordination which is not simple.  The club faces are getting bigger and more forgiving but the ball is the same size its always been.  And hitting the sweet spot every time is impossible.  

The ball is small, the hole is hundreds of yards long.  And once youre on the green the work is far from over.  Most people neglect how important the short game is to making a great golf game.  

There is nothing more frustrating than hitting the ball great up to the green and then three putting for bogey.  Especially if someone in your group hits the ball short and crooked but manages to consistently get up and down for par.  You will curse their name at least once during the game and a few times afterwards.  

Golf is hard because it seems like it should be easy.  The ball is stationary and so is the hole.  In other sports the ball is moving at high speeds.  But in golf it just sits there waiting for you.  Taunting you.  

The harder you try, the harder it gets.  You need to be calm and relaxed for four hours.  Which for most people is near impossible.  Especially after a bad shot or even a bad break.  In golf you can hit a great shot and get a bad bounce and wind up in a bunker or the bottom of a lake.  Try and stay relaxed and calm after that.  Good Luck!

How Many Beers Have You Had?

-Your playing partner

Similar to shooting pool, sometimes a few beers can help.  But a bit too much can be a disaster.  I don’t recommend having more that one beer per nine holes.  You don’t want to get dehydrated or start seeing more than one ball.  Golf requires precision and accuracy.  If you can stay laid back and relaxed and non-reactive to bad shots or unlucky breaks you will do great.  

If you’re trying to SMASH the ball off the tee, you will most likely end up in the woods.  Golf is difficult because it is counter intuitive.  Swing at eighty percent and the ball will have less side spin and will go straight instead of hooking or slicing.  When the ball curves you lose distance.  

“Whenever I hit my longest drive, it always catches me by surprise.” Remember that.  

And whenever you TRY to hit it long, you will usually end up to the right or to the left.  Side spin decreases your distance and will put you in trouble.  

“Swinging easy” is surprisingly not very easy.  Trying to kill the ball is tempting but its a huge mistake.  And probably the toughest mistake to fight against.  You cant force it.  As much as you might want to.

Playing with people watching is another level of difficulty.  Whether it be the fellow golfers in your group, or another group that has gotten to your tee to watch.  Eyeballs on you will make it more difficult.  Of course this is another mental issue.  Why should people watching make any difference in your golf swing?

With others watching you will feel the pressure and it will affect your swing, if you let it.  And even the professionals get nervous sometimes so of course you will to!  The pressure of others watching is in your head.  You need to just take a deep breath and make the same relaxed swing you would if you were all alone.  

Golf is also hard because you are your own referee.  You need to know the protocol for what happens after you hit into a hazard or your ball is on the cart path.  You should know the basics of dropping a ball, or hitting a provisional ball if you fear your ball may be in a hazard.  You should also know the standard rules of etiquette for playing. Never hit out of turn and respect the honours and order off the tee.  

Golf is about honour.  You must be honest and police yourself.  Which is very tough when you are just barely under a bush and you have your foot wedge at the ready.  Resist the temptation to kick that little white ball into better position.  Resist the temptation to fluff up a tough lie in the deep rough.  You need to play it as it lies and maintain honour and integrity, with yourself, your playing partners and the game.

When nobody is around and you know you could easily make your shot easier.  Just remember the Golf Gods are watching and on the golf course karma is absolutely real and will come back to bite you on the ass when you least expect it.  

So stay calm and enjoy the time away from the world. Swing easy, don’t cheat, and practice your short game. Enjoy!

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